Reince Priebus Talks 2012 on ABC's 'Subway Series'

The RNC Chairman dishes politics with Jonathan Karl over pizza.
3:00 | 10/24/11

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Transcript for Reince Priebus Talks 2012 on ABC's 'Subway Series'
Mr. previous welcome to the pizza edition of the subway series that's an interesting pizza and we're here with the pizza we have the seasonal pizza first ever. To enjoy this -- -- out. It's a -- Wisconsin style pizza it's and it it -- pretty good bill so you've been busy nine million dollars raised and lives. Yeah and we've we've done well we've turned the corner I think that that the donors are coming back to the NC I think that if you look. Closer better numbers you'll see that were running I think they're very functional operational party but -- -- such as -- broke. I'm really a good resource to be relevant and we're doing better and I think we're going to be there. By the end of the year anyway and probably months in November and December and obviously picture's going to be here forest. So -- you've been as you watch these debates. 11. Republican but it is Jerry Springer style approach to -- politics. What happened to Reagan's eleventh man I mean these -- -- written that. They're just each well I mean women and Reagan head. A primary when He ran against George Bush had other votes that -- in and its prime minister is nothing new. I come from Wisconsin while I don't know -- think a little over -- I don't think so I actually think the primaries are good thing for our party I think that if you look at what Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton went through. This is child's play compared -- that and -- -- fighting each other city. John them and they're fighting through the end of June right because I've heard concerns expressed privately. From friends of yours -- If if this goes along in you know Romney's marching towards towards the nomination. It it -- that there's a risk that Perry all the money he's raised in Oklahoma will will will go out just with it was a negative barrage that's like he's done very effectively taxes. And could have lasting damage to your nominee you know concern at all. I think I think this thing's going to be you know -- -- going to be some punches wrong. But I don't think this is going to end up becoming primary and it's so -- out of control and sabotaging. -- wrong candidates and I think everyone's on the same page. As has been said numerous times on stage at the end of today -- of those people on stage and spread the collective that the president can somehow pull this off with what he's done -- Economy look in and he'll do something that's never been done in the history of modern politics though. I don't think it looks good forum I just think it's a matter of us getting nominee. Which will be you know probably sometime in April and may and will move forward and defeat this president. You think the doors now aptly -- mean we -- that the Republican nominee when those people yeah no no question that -- Necessary there are -- of the candidates are out there. And that Jonathan -- but that's what happens when people. Are absolutely desperate to defeat this president look there people who support Mitt Romney there people who support. Passionately -- period Herman -- on the line. -- -- Paul that doesn't mean. That there is dissatisfaction. With whomever ends up winning. That price adjustments and look I've got my favorite that's also leave no doubt a lot about Mitt Romney running for five years never really cracking -- -- 5%. Among Republicans you think -- If He gets the nomination there's no doubt this party will unite behind me -- and percent whoever that nominee so mean there will be on -- percent. Unanimous support within the Republican party for -- and because this president that we. Everyone understands -- to be defeated in these social. I think that He has -- love affair big government and I think that the people of this country -- we -- government here back on track and -- -- but he's not so. I think he's in -- in government but it but you won't. Those a year you're not -- noted that. You know here's what I'm saying I'm saying they in this president. Can't stop spending money and thinks that stimulus plan of the way to spend their way. Out of economic trouble and I don't think the answer is to take other people's money and massive amounts when -- Gordy had one example one in for a stimulus that didn't work. Then come back with another big stimulus and spending more taxpayers money to spend ourselves out of economic disaster. For the solutions that gala last thing that you've had to deal this -- -- of the primary now. What happened I mean why He now we're faced only exactly be saying thanks a million. We're doing everything straight you're welcome you -- Nevada but you still have what exactly what you didn't want to happen well that's not what have I. I follow on January through -- in addition to being totally positive -- -- as interest statement note this is a total pot. You know floor well wait a minute wonder -- forty. Fifty states including six territories. Followed. Line by line. The RNC rules forty to fifty solo let me focus on the fiftieth Florida what happened and how -- partnership well mean my walking -- -- the convention. -- a lot the convention but they -- -- rule. We will automatically lose half their delegates. In which He that it had another of arson and has -- discretion is no -- -- that there's no. You know there there's no whom that's an open in two months the nominees and -- thing about it. They're gonna lose half their delegates that's a pretty serious penalty than anyone now we -- the delegates -- -- show up on the floor votes -- happen. There's no such thing I mean there for -- going to be half the size we got on the convention that threat the threat gonna lose half their delegates and I can view them reentry. Delegate strength. Now the other four the other three primary states you know there there early our thoughts so they're also knows -- delegates even though. It's not necessarily their fall but that is both -- now on any discretion on do. The penalties the penalties there penalties ones and that's Oilers to --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"The RNC Chairman dishes politics with Jonathan Karl over pizza. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14805600","title":"Reince Priebus Talks 2012 on ABC's 'Subway Series'","url":"/Politics/video/reince-preibus-talks-2012-abcs-subway-series-14805600"}