Remembering Cokie Roberts, U.S.-Iran tensions boil over, Lewandowski testifies

Former ABC anchor for "This Week," Cokie Roberts, dead at 75; tensions mount between U.S. and Iran after the Saudi oil facility attack; former Trump aide Corey Lewandowksi testifies on Capitol Hill.
21:25 | 09/17/19

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Transcript for Remembering Cokie Roberts, U.S.-Iran tensions boil over, Lewandowski testifies
Yeah. Good afternoon we have lots of needs to get to. But first we have a heavy hearts here today in our Washington bureau. In fact around the capital city Washington grieving the loss of the legendary journalist Cokie Roberts. Can be passed away this morning from complications with breast cancer she was a fixture in Washington for decades and an absolutely brilliant icon here at our network. Here's more from Robin Roberts on cookies extraordinary life. She's been a fixture behind the news desk for over forty years. We're following two major stories tonight reporting on the stories that shaped generations. President Clinton's problems would Jennifer flowers would not just her word of this tape recordings journalism was her calling but. Politics will that was cookies passion as a reporter and author she trail placed her way to an industry where women were just breaking through. Her full name was Mary Martha Kerr ran Morrison. Claiborn Crawford's but anyone who knew her. Affectionately called her cocaine. Thank you for having me and please comic OK well I welcome I'm yeah kid born in Louisiana in 1943. Cokie Roberts was the daughter. A long time US representatives hale Boggs and Lindy Boggs. Who collectively serve the people of New Orleans for 46 years. The other women who were in Washington when I was growing up we watch prime everything. We watch them run their political conventions campaigns. Through her parents she enjoyed a front row seat to history and politics. Which shaped her interest in Washington. Learning the world of congress the way other children learn to walk and talk as a young girl she considered to joining the family business. But in college her interest in journalism was strengthened. By her future husband Steve Roberts but her love had close ties to Washington were never far behind. President Lyndon B Johnson famously even attended her wedding in 1966. She began working as an anchor and Washington it's when he won. And shortly after headed to New York to work as a reporter. It was essentially reporting an writing very brief little stories and I loved it. Before landing at national public radio as a political commentator. From ABC news. But in 1980s. She found her home right here the American people don't want this to go on but he. Now the UN I didn't inhale and I didn't you know I didn't I was never drafted and had. ABC news working as a contributor on this week cookies razor sharp mind your definition and I. Now when they see it senator matched only by her infinite kindness but the cameras stopped rogue. Cameras here invest the very important person. And always. Always the smile like giggle. Her sense of humor. And this week with a comparable prior. Co anchoring the show with Sam Donaldson from 1996. To 2002. From there she would become a staple of ABC news political coverage. Interviewing residents politicians. And first ladies. Embodying. The idea of journalistic integrity. And female empowerment I hate to saint who heads a female thing women does work together a lot. Much more so than their husbands much more so than men. I'm she would write several New York Times best sellers were counting the untold and remarkable contributions of women in American history. When I started out in the world of work it was illegal for women to become generals or admirals. So there's a huge change in the years that. But I've been plowing this tent at the and I received countless awards be cited as one of the fifty greatest women in the history of broadcasting. And hold more than thirty honorary degrees. Inspiring students with words at commencement Auld across the country you must. Look at the institutions of government politics business the it can't be in journalism. And hold them accountable to the people they are supposed to assert. In 2002. Battling breast cancer and bravely facing going on the air wearing away. I felt. First going on the air in a wig that I looked really goofy. And I am and election night 2002. After the it was my best way it was the human hair rig methods synthetic wig and I thought it just slipped off. So I don't know it's so it is part. Cokie always the inspiration. For those who have the privilege and we're blessed to work by her side. She made each one of her fellow colleagues better I always striving for the best. And by always remembering and reminding us all to keep the compassion. In journalism. Thank you for your support it's important Cokie Roberts. The beloved mother of two grandmother of six. And a legend to us all. I'm joined now by air Martha Raddatz and Martha I know it gives and he. We've been talking today about how Cokie and shattered glass ceilings and broke these barriers but threw off put friends and Stanley first. Always end my a favorite quote from cocaine was when she was first diagnosed with Brad breast cancer and going through treatment. At the time and someone said does this change your perspective. On life she says not at all because I have always had the right perspective that Stanley his first. She was when I first met Cokie was at national public radio. And where they call their founding mother. Which is a wonderful wonderful thing to say an a wonderful example for other moms and other women to see. A founding mother there and how successful she was not only in her career. But with her family mean she leaves a Finley that like all of us really worship cupcakes. Absolutely and she took time to minter a new generation of I'm reporters and expensively female reporters I've felt like that she took time to. To sand creek you know as an encouragement. To invite you about the lights and a compliment from Cokie meant more than anything else to me. I now and and I. I I love seeing how particularly with the younger women in ABC and it national. Public radio she was such a strong mentor and I I I love what Terrence into the issue was truly a and national treasure she she really was and I know for the rest of my life and I hope I can pass on to others as well. How much her advice. How much they shoulder to lean on the all of that meant to me and her courage. Last month when she came on this week for her last appearance and she emailed me afterwards that she was exhausted and didn't mean to be a distraction because people realize she was having health issues and I said the only distraction is that every one. Loves you so much. I said and I admired her because if she was going as far as going through it she went through I'd probably just lie in bed all day Cokie was determined. To. Keep. Contributing yeah. Every single day and have her voice heard which we all set up and listen to but more than anything that smile that laugh. That kindness. There are so many times on those round tables are often those anti most full of men. Yeah where's she it would bring exactly the right anecdote or that. Fax from history that would ground the conversation that would help me understand some of the. The biggest cultural stories. I think and that's and that was her gift as well that she worked at. She she knew so much not only had she experienced and lived it through to a good portion of history. But she continually. Learned every single day more and more she I'd told her she knew more about politics. Icy hot and all of us coming here I mean she really did and she brought that she earned everything she got she earned it she was never said oh Cokie let's. That's have you do this it was. And she thought Ford she didn't just turn it she fought for you could sit on that roundtable with her. And you know when she wanted to get hot and if you somehow missed you're here and no really fashion I think anyway didn't even last month when she was clearly having been having health problems. I'm in her voice was fragile she looked a little fragile I know our viewers were concerned. But boy she got her points in there about stats that Cokie. We all eleven are mourning today. Yeah and it's not just us here at ABC in fact politicians from around Washington. A former president's putting out statements of support. And grief I want to read some of them view from the bush family deeply sad and that Cokie Roberts is no longer with us she covered the bushes for decades they called her talented tough and fair reporter and a friend. The Obama is as well put out a statement. They roads she was a TrailBlazer. Like we are talking about they called her a role model to young women at a time when the profession. Still dominated by men. It's true that she was there for and shifting landscapes of forty years and she did mentoring young journalist every step of the way. And her family put out a statement as well that we will read for you because her Fam is a part of our larger ABC family. Says that we will miss Cokie beyond measure her contributions for love her kindness. And we are hopeful that Coke he now goes to join her parents. I personally was very grateful that Cokie was always willing to talk publicly about the church and about her faith. That meant a lot to me and I think Martha effort brings on her personal stories to this conversation is loud. But Cokie I think would want us to continue talking about the news of Washington and there is a lot to it we're gonna get to it. Right now when it turns my colleague at the Pentagon. Louis Martinez who has been covering up all the ins and outs. The aftermath of that shocking explosion an attack in Saudi Arabia Lilley thank you for being with me. Tell me what does the US no heightened Howell and is there really more evidence that these missile attacks came from Iran. Yes analysis more information is coming out about why the United States believes that these U eighties and a cruise missiles came from Iran toward south to a Saudi Arabia. Information that we have now for me as officials is that they have information that pinpoints. That the missiles and you're eighties were launched from southwestern Iran on cruise missiles fly low to the ground we know that you ladies can be directed to by high or low. I'm and it's always possible that they flew low in this case so that they can evade Saudi Arabian. Radars as they went towards her targets we're also learning that US officials believe. That they can recreate exactly what kind in the missiles were used because they found lots of debris. At these sites that were attacked. Indicating that these were rainy and made. Missiles and UA vis that that we now know as many officials and a telling us who originated in Iran. And so they're they're gathering all this information and they're trying to see if they can make it public that's one of the things. On that's going on here but the saudis have themselves are also carrying out their own investigation. Are trying to get this information. Mendez and we heard yesterday they're calling on international organizations like the UN to come in and investigate this because they want to see where this all goes from here. And blew it seems like the president has walked back some of that. Locked and loaded rhetoric from a few days ago but do you feel it tensions are still high between the US and Iran. Yet there's no doubt about it malice meaning that tensions are still gonna remain high even though we saw that language yesterday from the president as he does kind of skill Mac things. I have the same time you know you got US official indicating yes this than these items become. Paulie from Iran. On there is a method a method to it this is a complex attack. We never seen such a brazen attack by a Ryan towards another country I mean this is a direct attack against Saudi Arabia. Any hit them where it hurts in the most which is there oil facilities this is the world's largest oil refinery as we've got to come to learn last couple days. I'm so no doubt about of the detention during high and that the United States really wants to see where Saudi Arabia goes with this. I'm they want Saudi Arabia to step up to pinpoint the finger at Iran that they are the ones doing so far Iran has kind of taken it. Just to that point saying that he's uranium weapons that they are or were not launch from Yemen but they're not directly saying that they were from Iran. And so by the United States wants him to move to that's have been in that'll lead the next steps for the United States. You know we were tear depending on this of planning building lots going on and so we know it options have been presented to the president over the last couple days. I'm but I think a lot depends on where things go with Siberia themselves and where they want to take this situation is obviously. Tensions remain very high and it can be much in very difficult situation. Depending on which course of action is taken. Lillie think Kim. To Capitol Hill now where the president's former campaign advisor quite living nasty has been in the hot seat in France and House Judiciary Committee. I want to go to our Catherine folders and actually haven't I want to ask you about. Who oust was asked to. Today in the White House blocked two other former senior aides from testifying and chairman Nadler called it an app salute cover up. And yes it was part of this hearing the White House the committee also requested back. The former White House app secretary rob Warner in the former White House deputy chief of staff. For Dearborn show I have this feeling pain they were also witnesses. In Mueller is an investigation while the White House sent a letter on Monday night as saying that. The two of them are actually immune from compelled congressional testimony those words that the White House used because they work senior advisors to the president now. Portland ASCII of course the president's former campaign manager. He earned a Tuesday's today he's testifying out it's significant because he's the first person to appear publicly before the committee. Who wasn't. Staffer at the White House from his former campaign manager and also with us thank Mary Alice the White House. A sent a letter to the committee saying that they directed flew announced he not to discuss any conversations he had. With the president to essentially asserting executive privilege. Yeah but nonetheless Democrats have been really grilling him about some possible conversations that he had with the president that are in it that Muller reports. And a lot of focus on whether or not he can made any message from the president to a Jeff Sessions it was attorney general back then. Fiesta one of the main focuses of the full report happened have to do with. Only now he is that the president. According to an alarm house went down ski to deliver a message to death. Jeff Sessions to essentially limit the scope of the more investigation now in the beginning of this theory that you could. Certainly don't you had a bit of a strategy here in the chairman's coming out I was reading from the report and then myself trying to stop obesity can count report. I am trying to prevent him and it was a little bit of a circus in there but look he's not gonna talk about these conversations I won't say about one of the Democrats on the committee. Congressman Hank Johnson Georgia actually managed to get. A little bit of new information out of my house either saying that he chickened out in delivering this message to Jeff Sessions. But he told Johnson that he didn't didn't elaborate because he was on vacation as a family and that's took priority. Catherine thank you I know you'll continue to bring us all the updates from that hearing around thinking out. And that the campaign trail where senator Elizabeth Warren drew quite the crowd in Manhattan last night. Our play for you a little bit of her speech. It wears yeah. We're a team. We win when winning. Up or leg is Bryant. We're yeah. For. Now want to bring in our campaign reporter Shea and Haslett is there in New York you are happy event last night shy and and you heard the senators say. That she thinks Democrats will win by moving full words not. Backwards. Did you think that that was a swipe at the former vice president. Yet that. That's specific word backwards it's hard to think that any other way. And what you're really hearing more news pats came out language not being afraid she's used it in the past few days and she said on the debate stage there went I didn't. But you know you're really sharing your amp up. This message that her big ideas are worth it. And I think that's a way to try to convince voters that like she said. They shouldn't be afraid. To vote for things that people are painting as. Too hard to day and the Wayne saw her do it last night in this big speech that we're talking about when he thousand people lasting needed. In Washington Square Park what she link it back today's horrific factory fire that happened in the early 19100 that really that killed mainly women and he had a pretty strong over feminist messages. Eye to the crowd there about how it was women who worked. From the inside on politics and on the outside organizing trying make change and change labor alive after that fire in Warren. Spoke to this. You know wait it directly compared that to her own strategy we don't often hear her talk so clearly about her own strategy but. She sees herself as the one who can work from the inside and she sees as grassroots movement that she's trying to build as well we'll work the change from the outside. And that message again and again was about the women the women who fought the corruption. So we heard today actually. At her and then following that speech this afternoon in New York City would act. Meteorologist a women's reproductive rights organization she held a town hall there. And so we asked certain is this are you using this moment has signaled the importance of energizing. Women in twenty tiny so we'll hear what she sat. All things. I don't think anyone's been surprised I'm a woman it's how we. Say you are saying that it's kind of a catchall message that she wants everyone in the play but we talked a lot of women who really picked up on the feminist. Tom the first speech and of her event today and one woman who was inspired enough that she actually switched to she thought she was voting for can be. For Elizabeth Warren today so here's that she said. Yeah and that's a great dress she's learning tool but on him again. Not a gently with all those. Democratic leaders there and that was quite the image is shy and thank you from your reporting from the campaign Trout we're looking forward to the rest of it. Going into the rest of this week and this weekend. And believe you today with the voice of Cokie Roberts tacking about her and her career in her own words thank you. I knew going out into the room where the opportunities are JS. That you. Have to keep pushing it because that we need to and we need you to be there in the journalistic world. It's Mary Martin in covering Mars and they've been times Roberts wow now that's. That is certainly some name its Catholic. The stories you will town will be special and different because of who you are. Do you want to make waves not just ribbons and going to public service. You can look at the world around you and learn from it every day. Is there any really. Yeah.

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{"duration":"21:25","description":"Former ABC anchor for \"This Week,\" Cokie Roberts, dead at 75; tensions mount between U.S. and Iran after the Saudi oil facility attack; former Trump aide Corey Lewandowksi testifies on Capitol Hill. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65676675","title":"Remembering Cokie Roberts, U.S.-Iran tensions boil over, Lewandowski testifies","url":"/Politics/video/remembering-cokie-roberts-us-iran-tensions-boil-lewandowski-65676675"}