Rep. Bruce Westerman reacts to Las Vegas massacre

Westerman says solution to violence goes "deeper" than legislation.
8:33 | 10/03/17

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Transcript for Rep. Bruce Westerman reacts to Las Vegas massacre
Good afternoon I'm ABC's John parkinson's afternoon and joined by congressman Bruce western and of Arkansas. Republican from Arkansas and they were gonna talk about a couple of issues when talk about the president's visit them when the ago. In response to hurricane Maria Rossi in the talked to about the loss the issue through this week. And what talking about when a congressman's. Pet projects you're going through congress right now. And we'll start off with that and that is legislation here to rethink how we are paying for and fighting. US. Forest fires on US national force. Down thank you for me to be with you today and you know the force are issued the major issue that is wanna take a minute and in my condolences to the folks in Las Vegas, Nevada all the families are still. In mourning and who have been affected as horrible tragedy and let them know that my thoughts and prayers and people of Arkansas thoughts and prayers are with him and as well as the folks in Puerto Rico that are. Suffering from them from the hurricane video we've. We've got a big issue with Porsche cars in our country and burned over a half million acres of Timberland this year. It Avery Havoc on the force service budget we don't hear a lot about it the hurt pain. Usually have the next financial. Loss of life and property damage when they occur but a lot of people are suffering from these forest fires and under the force service budget definitely suffered from. And you talk about that for service budget and from what I understand. There's and religious proportion an amount of that budget that is spent. On just the firefighting itself whereas you're trying to get it so that the focus is also on preventing these forest fires right what's with the intent behind them. Honey do you know we continue to see the amount of the force service budget to choose from are fighting increased rip over 55% this year. And a four services seven point one billion dollar budget. And honey over half that's going to fires we needed to be proactive on the management's two arteries reducing the risk of force fires. Not only would drop down the cost of fighting fire with overtime home labor force more healthy which me for putting less carbon into the atmosphere. We're creating better wildlife habitat for we're creating. An opportunity to have cleaner water and hazardous to win win situation and manage the force to be held. So what does it look like right now here on Capitol Hill. You've got some action understand going through committee tomorrow. Do you see here and you and sort of time went to get this on the floor together can. That are yet we pass this bill out of the house in the past two years. Would part passing out resources comedian Steve that the yanks need hoping to get in on the house floor in October muted over to the senate. Others more traction in the senate right now the administration is definitely. Pulling for this legislation to give get past so that the main obstacle thanks going to be the senate. I think we'll get strong bipartisan support in the house and hopefully. The senators especially those out west this season the impacts of these devastating force cars. We'll take this Villa and passes. So nice you mentioned how it has tolerant sent the last couple of times. I'm wondering if there's anything that you notice from. You know maybe the current crop of singers over there than it makes you feel like it has better prospects. Or. Really what was it can take takes him across lines and of it you're McCarthy for instance has talked about. All of the legislation house is central to the senate that really can't quite get the present. Test and we've got over 200 sending bills. Sitting on the dock over in the senate. And there it's good legislation is legislation while health wants to pass. This is. It passed with bipartisan strong bipartisan support in the house before there's no reason that democratic vendors shouldn't get on board yes. Of course we need sixty votes to get cloture to bring the bill up for a vote and I'm optimistic it will negate that. It's you know earlier in the interview you mentioned how Ukraine and thinking. All the victims in Las Vegas earlier today we heard from the leadership is well and and his signaled that over the next couple weeks and will be time for. Congressional Republicans and Democrats to start thinking about some legislative solutions to address on these issues and that this country. What's on your mind as far as tackling this as legislative. Challenge. Yeah I'm open to looking it. All things we can do legislatively but I think in the big picture. You're talking about a matter the heart when you're talking about what you can be. To legislate. I'm not sure that any amount of legislation or restrictions would stop. A guy like this thing you know lone wolf that anybody is out there obviously premeditated. Very confusing as to what his motive was not much are we think we know yet what his motive is that we need to understand the situation better. And then you know work togethers congress to try to. Provide the protection and security that Americans and it. As you see though that the current trends we've seen. Three of our country's most for deadly shootings occurred in the last five years and the one that's outstanding from as Virginia Tech which was less than a decade ago. So did you see that there is a problem here before congress to address. Maybe not just the mental health issues but just access to these types. Well I think there's a problem both before country that's bigger than government. The we need to be addressing this on the local level we need to be addressing it in our houses of worship. This is something nothing should make a thriller reflect on how we got to this point where this is becoming more and more common and again. If somebody is it's bent on doing is probably built on whatever equipment or method of destruction and they can you know we solve. I think people run over with cars we've seen. Lots of different expressions of violence. That I think goes deeper than what we can legislate or regulate. Now as we mentioned earlier the president is in Puerto Rico today with the First Lady maligning trump and they just touched on a short time ago. You know sort of what we're vehicles like I think it's very important for the natural resources committee and forestry issues that they've gotten on down there. What is the devastation life have you been in contact with and yet officials down there and and survey of any sort of and response that that they need from congress what sort of supplemental coming up. Here and I haven't been following it in the news I haven't been in contact with meaning officials down there like he said. Puerto Rico is a territory the jurisdiction over that territory Thompson's natural resources committee remember last year we had a big deal. Comesa there were. Economic and infrastructure problems and Puerto Rico before this hurt pain and it is piled on top so. There is a lot of devastation down there were waiting on the assessments on how much. Emergency spending life that we needed entertainment it helped them out but it you know it's our our duty is. Federal government and is the rest of America they offered thanks for help or Rico that we needed to Texas and Florida and any other state these disasters. Are you frustrated since taking at least you can residence on their mothers and it's taking too long to get that need to. It's difficult to reach the injure the well it got to look at its you're talking about an island the start with the you don't have been interstate system and you don't have. Logistics in place to get. So plaza there is quickly heated and in other areas. But Vermont things. Eight is getting their own kids it's just getting it distributed throughout countries were the problems are no they had a problem was there. Electrical grid and their power generating system down there it's a state run system it's taking longer to get that back. And operational so. Probably we'll get the necessary eight loosening its personnel there to for Lee that's needed I'm glad to see the president's making history. You mentioned that you're waiting on the administration to send congress a request is there any sort of timeline in mind that contribute catching win on policy that might be up here. Very possibly could be here this week. In that that the administration when they get to replace it over to. And congress has the votes to there's economic and other things. Congressman thank you so much for joining us today thank you for listening on down there home please tune into ABC news all the along on our digital wallet. More like he's more lifetime and ABC's John Parkinson on Capitol Hill thanks for joining us.

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{"id":50264037,"title":"Rep. Bruce Westerman reacts to Las Vegas massacre","duration":"8:33","description":"Westerman says solution to violence goes \"deeper\" than legislation.","url":"/Politics/video/rep-bruce-westerman-reacts-las-vegas-massacre-50264037","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}