Rep. Doug Collins delivers impeachment opening statement

Collins criticized the impeachment process stating that the “clock and the calendar are what’s driving impeachment. Not the facts.”
10:13 | 12/04/19

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Transcript for Rep. Doug Collins delivers impeachment opening statement
For everybody here is not been here before this a new room new rules. It's a new month. We do got cute little's. Stickers for our staff so we can come in because we want to make this important this is impeachment because we've done such a terrible job of it in this committee before. What's not need. Is basically what's just been reiterated by the tear what's not news. It's the facts what's not new is it's the same sad story. What's using him before again due to my. Part of my openings that causes us what was it sent by the chairman. We worry we went back door rebuild mr. Mueller. We're also saying quoting him saying the attention of the American people should be on foreign affairs I agree with. Jim completely except I guess the American people did not include the Judiciary Committee because we didn't take it. We can't have hearings when I knew any thing didn't build deeply into this issue we passed election bills. But did not. It into the end up part of what mr. Mueller talked about taking you don't report and having hearings about that would in good. So I guess the American people doesn't include the House Judiciary Committee. In other interesting on we also just heard uninteresting. Discussion we're gonna have a lot of inching discussion there about the constitution in and other things but we also talk about the founders. We'll tracing is the chairman talk a lot about the founder from the quotes and again this is while we have been hearing about the founder of main concern about Barnum plus forty also didn't quote. With the founders being really really concerned about political impeachment. Because you just don't lock the guy. You have a lot can since November 26 saying. The chairman Pitt's talked about impeachment since last year when he was elected chairman for two years on November 6 seventh eighth before he's even more and is chairman. So don't tell me. This is about new evidence in new things in news stuff we may have a new hearing room we may have new mightily we have shares are culpable but this is nothing new folks. This is. So what do we have here today you know what I'm thinking. A look at this. And what is interesting. Is there's two things are to become very clear this impeachment is not really about facts if it was. I believe the other committees would have sent over. Recommendations for impeachment dollar putting on this committee because it becomes badly I guess they want to blame Adam ship's comedian is to you know when this committee or gone bad. Tom what's already drafting articles don't leaving boom. Darted getting ready for this we part of when after this with the Ukraine after numerous failings of Mueller Colin and almost the list goes monuments the list goes on. But the American people are toxic failing to seals legislate but if you wanna know what's really driving this there's two things call the clock and the calendar. The clock and account. Mostly Blalock if you or not they truly value look at. O'clock. That's what this committee valiant. Tom they want to do it before the end of the year plot look at the chairman's that it just the second goat goes we're scared of the elections next year. We're scared the alleged that will lose again. So we gotta do this now the clock and the calendar what's rotting impeachment not the facts. We understand if that's what the witnesses you'll say today that. Are we have here today what is really hashing over today and for the next few weeks if America will see why most people don't go to wal school. No offense to our professors. But police. Really we're bringing you in here today to test wells up in most of regarding written about all for the beeping that we already know. Out of the classroom that maybe you're getting right reviled and to discuss. Things that you probably haven't even had a chance unless you're really guilty they are watching the hearings the last couple weeks you could have possibly actually digested the atom chip report from yesterday or the Republican response in any real life. WB theoretical all we will all the American people. Is really don't look at is the site hum. Are we doing. There's no fact witness is planned for this committee that's an aged in bank. Frankly there's no plan at all except next week an ambiguous hearing all the presentation from the hips they the other committee that Jennifer report. And Judiciary Committee which I'm not still sure what they wanted to prevent all. And nothing else. No plant I have the German before we left the Thanksgiving to stay in touch let's talk about all we have because mr. Walsh on a broad outline almost starting this morning. Cricket. Until I asked for a witness the other day and was just say that Indo. There's no whistle blower and mother wails proved today that he's not or she's not afforded. The protection about Kennedy it's not a note. Statute is just something that wasn't discussed by Adam Schiff. Also don't have a atom chip the wrote the report he said yesterday at a press god I'm not going to I'll stand. Staff to do that. He's not going to would you like to me if you're going to come begging to us. You know here's the problem it's sums it up very simply like this. Just nineteen minutes after now. Inauguration day point seven tingle lost imposed friend the headline on the campaign to impeach the president has begun. Mark that. Who would later become the attorney for the it was Russell Moore pleaded in January 27 day in the canoe has started the impeachment will follow ultimately. And later this year Al Green says that we don't impeach the president you'll get real. Afflicted. You want to know what's happening here we go. Why did everything that I say up to this point about no black witnesses nothing for the Judiciary Committee which spent two and a half weeks before this hearing with the even hailed under Clinton. Two and a half weeks weakening bond you're nines out until after 48 hours ago. Coldplay and how the ball along with pretty do what you don't side. We can't even get that straight. So what are we doing for the next to it I. I think it would German descent in the regular vigorous hearing on the report but nothing else if we're gonna simply not have back into the win we are the rubber stamp. Hiding out back the prayer rubber stamp the chairman talked about forty years ago. What a disgrace to this community. To have the committee of impeachment. Simply take from other entities. And rubber stamp. Easily one of the things that actually matter about pat witnesses and actually hearing and actually haven't as a due process but Coke bottle like. Just a couple of months ago the Democrats got all sort of dressed up if you wouldn't that we're gonna have. Have due process protection for the president and good fairness throughout this. This is the only committee with the president would even have an a possibility. But nobody forgets to you the law professors. The president has nothing to ASCII. You're not gonna provide anything he can't read. And his attorneys have nothing out put witnesses inhibit the NB fact witnesses who can be. Actually cross examined that's fairness in every attorney on this file knows that this is a sham. This you know well socially year. Is quotes like this. There must never be a narrowly voted impeachment impeachment supported a warmer major political parties are imposed by another such an impeachment liberties device has bitterness in politics for years to come. And will call into question the very legitimacy of our political institutions. The American people are watching they will not forget. You have the votes you may have the muscle which you do not have legitimacy of a national consensus for the constitutional imperative. The partisan candidate top will go down in infamy in the history of the nation. How bout this one. I think the key point is that the Republicans are still running a railroad job would no attempt at fair procedure. And today when the Democrats offered amendments offered motions are committed to say we should first discuss and adopt standards so that we know we're dealing with standards for impeachment it was voted out ruled out of order. When we say the important thing is to start looking at the question before simply have a vote with no rarely part first that was voted down and ruled out of order. So frankly the whole questionable material should be released on what is secondary but that's all we discussed the essential question here it is. Which is to set up a fair process as to whether the country. But this country to an impeachment proceeding that was ruled out of order there are few Republicans refused to let us discuss it. Those are all chairman Nadler before he was chairman. I guest when he years makes a difference. It's uninteresting time. We're having a fact listen basement you eternal one sided presentation of facts about this president. Today rule present the other side which you get so conveniently left out remember fairness does dictate that. Well maybe not here. Because we're not scheduling any thing else. I have a democratic majority whose poll tested what they think they'll call what the president they think he did. While that's not following facts. We have I just eight. Deep seated hatred of a man who came to the White House and did what he city was going to do it. The most amazing question I got in the first three months of this jealous president from reporters was let. Can you believe he's putting for those I did I think yes he ran well. He told the truth and he did what he sent. The problem here today is. This will also be won the first. Impeachment. The chairman mentioned there was develop one that before he resigned before a minute warning Clinton. It was the lax even by some Democrats are public were not really disputed. In this when they're not only disputed that Canada can give each other but. There are no setbacks here at that they're not any think that presents an impeachment here. It's over president carrying out his job in the way the constitution solving he sees fit to do it. This is where were at today. So the instinct thing that I come to what most everybody here. Is this may be a new time a new place and we might be also scrubbed up and looking pretty for impeachment but this is not an impeachment this is just a simple railroad job. And today he's into the ways to town. Because this is where we're act so are closed today were listed in the starlet Mueller didn't telephone call. You know where this started charter were tears of Brooklyn in November point six thing when alone all. So we are here no plan no eyewitnesses simply being a rubber stamp for what we have but hey we got law professors here. What a start of a party.

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