Rep. Gingrey Criticizes 'Un-Affordable' Care Act

Republican lawmaker says Congress will "chip away" at health care reform.
3:00 | 10/21/11

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Transcript for Rep. Gingrey Criticizes 'Un-Affordable' Care Act
We're pleased to be joined by congressman. Still get angry Republican from the state of Georgia and congressman about a week ago this this time maybe a couple hours later we had a word from the White House they were abandoning a piece of the Obama health care law the class act would be jettisoned -- it was just on workable. What does this eighty was a longtime critic of this law about that the -- at the entire law is functioning. Well it's estimated that they've missed named the law is not the Affordable Care Act -- seek un Affordable Care Act. And and it starts with this of section in this class provisions. Other class act off for. Well assisted living -- insurance provided by the federal government which would put in that and in the -- -- dark of night on the senate side. Under reconciliation as a tribute. Ought to Ted Kennedy who was -- literally die and that the -- But this class act He was it was half -- well program -- -- in no way. Well what's fiscally viable and we have told secretaries to be -- -- repeatedly. As she -- appear before the energy and commerce committee of war or -- chancellor. -- this that this was non viable. -- and finally would last week as you mentioned they that they haven't shut the door but they left the crack open and that's why the bill that not at all who's standing. Member in the house -- my colleague from Louisiana and I introduced. HR 1173. To repeal -- class act and it needs to be repealed because any anybody the president himself. -- -- open that door back open in here again itself fiscal smoke and mirrors I'm glad that the secretary finally realized that. Congressman you're a member of -- pretty strong doctors caucus there in the House of Representatives. You all oppose the president's health care law. In the all of the Republican presidential candidates. -- pose -- health care law. But short of getting you know sixty Republicans in the senate and twenties -- do you think we're sort of seeing -- -- -- people losing steam for repealing the health care a lot before it goes into effect. No I don't think we're losing -- -- you are right -- -- short of getting sixty and even if we. And I do believe we'll cycle but the majority in the senate. And maintain our majority in the house that is the Republican majority in -- I think will. Will believe and have the White House but the situation of course of -- -- -- wall law requires. As you point out sixty votes in the senate. -- in even if He had secure Republicans that possibly. That don't -- to would not go along with -- so the likelihood of actually repeal that's why -- -- media the candidates. Off in the debates particularly well governor Romney -- and look on day one of my presidency on -- -- issue waivers took all fifty states in the territories. All from all of -- the the burden really of obamacare. Things like god the though all the plus -- of Medicaid. 233%. Of the federal poverty level -- -- in the states billions of dollars so. Again -- -- -- maybe the supreme court of course will strike this down. In the spring of this upcoming year 2012 even before the fall election so. We're gonna do everything that -- about to continue to fight this bill we voted to repeal of and the house Harry Reid. Voted against it and his democratic colleagues in the senate so wasn't repealed. But we're -- to chip away as we did this class program -- the independent paid payment advisory board the 1099 reporting issue which was -- This this bill as -- that -- bill Orin -- as they had is one lousy bill. Congressman we played a few moments ago piece of sound from the vice president of the United States talking about how great He believes will be on the rise what did you make of that comment for you saw the other day where He made the case for this. Aid package to states is that -- responsible argument to make you think the vice president is right when He says that. You know Barack the vice president is an affable likable individual I don't know him well back. I think he's He is well liked -- as colleagues all was well liked -- colleagues in the senate. But He definitely has a tendency toward a little foot and mouth disease and in this is just one more example of bad and I think He needs to be awfully careful that we all do in regard to our rhetoric and -- verbally and in May be saying things that are have they -- we don't really have the actual statistic that we can. Back get off there's -- -- -- Bob of our. Section of the Atlanta journal constitution. That runs lately and believe me it makes us. Pay attention ought to make sure that we make accurate statements. But did that cross the line when He said that and He basically said Republicans we're gonna vote for something that was gonna make rates go up in this country thing is that a little bit much. Well it is a little bit much is not as bad as that house member from Florida that said. The republicans' health all plan was to kill seniors -- -- seniors that. Of course He was not reelected and I think that have a lot to do with it but -- it was over the top there's no question about there. All right congress until Gingrich Republican of Georgia thank you -- -- -- -- for being on -- -- really appreciate your -- thank you glad to be with you.

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{"id":14788040,"title":"Rep. Gingrey Criticizes 'Un-Affordable' Care Act","duration":"3:00","description":"Republican lawmaker says Congress will \"chip away\" at health care reform.","url":"/Politics/video/rep-gingrey-criticizes-affordable-care-act-14788040","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}