Rep. Goodlatte Pushes Balanced Budget Amendment

Congressman says a House vote on a balanced budget is long overdue.
3:00 | 11/15/11

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Transcript for Rep. Goodlatte Pushes Balanced Budget Amendment
Begin today's program up on Capitol Hill were pleased to be joined by congressman Bob good -- Republican of Virginia who's got a balanced budget amendment that's expected to reach the house floor. Later this week and tell our viewers -- -- -- how this would work there -- a lot of different versions of the balanced budget many viewers as it is a pretty clean -- -- pretty straightforward one. Yes that mine is that with a couple of minor tweaks is identical to the 1995. Version. That passed the house with 300 votes including 72 Democrats and failed in the senate by one vote. And it's very bipartisan we've been working with a lot of Democrats across the -- and dozens of them won't vote for question is. Can we get the fifth year so that we need to get to 290 votes for balanced budget amendment first time it's been voted on the house in sixteen years. That is to that point congress and -- just ask you about that I just read that that. Steny Hoyer is is actually telling members are encouraging his members on the democratic side. To vote against this in what do you think here -- what expectation you have about being able to get those fifty Democrats. But in talking to the minority whip mr. Hoyer about this all year long. He said that he's concerned that because the balance budget member requires a super majority. Not to balance in other words in years when there is a a need to not have a balanced budget. Like national emergency of some kind he worries that you won't get the the bipartisanship he needs but now he is whipping against what is clearly a very bipartisan bill polls show that 80% of Americans support this including. 74%. Of Democrats in one poll taken. In June of this year so. Really -- -- is an issue more than any other issue in the congress where members deal directly with their constituents the Republican conference was given the choice of a different alternatives including two different ones that I have they chose the one that has the best chance. -- passing and that's the message we have for our democratic colleagues this is an opportunity for real bipartisanship. And to really connect directly -- your constituents. And all the other forces that are in play here including the wishes of of members whipping in their leadership can be ignored because constituents understand this issue. Better than any other they have to live with it themselves. -- state legislatures have a balanced but requirement and that's why we think a lot of Democrats will join us on this. Look -- -- -- as you know a lot of folks don't know though that part of the budget deal that was reached earlier this year on the debt limit would allow. A way out of the draconian cuts to sequestration cuts that we're all expecting -- the super committee is an able to come up with -- if this if the -- -- never actually passes the house and the senate. But what -- your sense of of the likelihood right now the super committee coming through with something. Talking of talk taxes being on the table even from Republicans are you seeing anything in what's emerging from the super committee that you think you could support. Well we -- certainly very interest in what they're doing because we want to. Reduce this deficit as much as possible. We want to deal with the entitlement reform which is not on the table it -- any significant extent with the sequestration. And therefore there's a real opportunity they are also two take a major step in reducing the deficit. The Republicans have put a plan on the table. It's one that I think deserves careful consideration and I hope that the Democrats. On the committee at least some of them will respond to it because you have to have seven votes you gotta have at least one member. Of the other party. Vote for any package in order to force the house the senate to vote on it and you're exactly right if for any reason they do fail passage of a balanced budget amendment. We'll -- The effect of the sequestration. And doesn't eliminated but it does make it less painful if the balanced budget amendment passes. Now congress and you thought you feel like you personally and be bound by the so called Grover Norquist pledge. When it comes as supporters of the super committee comes out with if there's additional revenues in there that are any taxes increases that something that you need to oppose because of that pledge. Well first of all -- each member of congress have to look at this in terms of their relationship. With their constituents and any any -- put on the table has to be given careful consideration. Not just in terms of what it does right now but what it will do. In the long term we are facing major increases in taxes. -- -- January of 2013 just a little over a year from now. And this is an opportunity to Alter that path in a significant way so you can look at is a tax increase but you can also. View it as. An agreement that avoids major tax increases in the in the future and instead defines a different pathway that involves lower taxes -- -- have -- 2013. To south would you be open something that has the -- that I think all members of congress ought to give all of. These. A careful look and then they have to decide for themselves does that really mean. Tax increases or does it mean a different pathway that avoids tax increases in the future. Because I wanted to politics for 12. Your State's governor. Republican Bob McDonnell being talked about a lot now in circles as a potential VP nominee. -- to get you to weighing in you think he's he's a good choice for the venture for the eventual Republican nominee. Bob McDonnell would be a great. Participant in Republican ticket going in the elections in. -- -- twelve he's been an outstanding governor he has great bipartisan support approval rating. Approaching 70%. He came in -- -- a limited agenda dealing with a budget deficit turned into a surplus. And he did it without raising taxes I think that he gets. A lot of approval on. Many fronts that would make him an attractive part of any Republican ticket. I think -- helped the Republican nominee when the state of Virginia. Oh very definitely then deciding factor. Very definitely I also think that we -- we have a great opportunity. To win back Virginia last time was the first time in forty years that Virginia did not go for the Republican candidate I think the views of the electorate in Virginia about the president and his performance are very different. In the expectations they had when he carried the state. And I -- -- with other candidates on the ballot we are likely to carry Virginia as well but Bob McDonnell would definitely ceiling deal. All right congress and congress and now Bob a lot Republican from Virginia thanks so much for being here really appreciate it. Thank you Rick and --

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{"id":14957527,"title":"Rep. Goodlatte Pushes Balanced Budget Amendment","duration":"3:00","description":"Congressman says a House vote on a balanced budget is long overdue.","url":"/Politics/video/rep-goodlatte-pushes-balanced-budget-amendment-14957527","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}