Rep. Joaquin Castro discusses impeachment report

Democrats are determining how their plan to wrap up the impeachment probe will play out by the end of the year.
4:42 | 12/03/19

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Transcript for Rep. Joaquin Castro discusses impeachment report
We're joined now by one of the members of the House Judiciary Committee. Congressmen know Joaquin Castro the democratic Texas also the brother of one of the presidential candidates running their congressman thank you so much. For joining us our curriculum actually I'm on the intelligence committee as opposed to future committee you are on the intelligence committee you just submitted similar days are fantastic. And I. It's -- tell us about what you hope the Judiciary Committee does with the document the chairmanship just laid out what is it that you want to see them draft in terms of articles. Well what what we've just had was obviously about two weeks and before that even longer of collecting all of this evidence and we're presenting an out of the Judiciary Committee. They are the ones that will come up with specific articles of impeachment. To lay out on the house floor for a vote. So you know I leave it up to them to make a decision legally about what exact articles will be brought forward however I would think that it possibly includes. Bribery extortion. Obstruction of justice and obstruction of congress. Those four are among others. And is it your sense that they that they intelligence committee is done holding hearings fact finding hearings in this process. I can't say that for sure I think the bulk of our work is probably done but as you all know what new information has continued. To developer heard people of continued to want to come forward. And if that's the case and I think the chairmanship has indicated a willingness. And the committee's indicated a willingness to cure them out. Congress are there some debate in your party right now and members of the intelligence committee and Judiciary Committee is about how broadly. They should be drafting dead the articles of impeachment to come. All were do you stand on that do you think that information. Conductive the president outside of this Ukraine episode should be included. That's a. Great question and there is a bit of a divide. You know many of us thought that the president had obstructed justice before. On doing things like firing teams called me to save himself in the rush investigation. So ultimately that's something that the June Judiciary Committee he's gonna have to make a decision on before they send the articles of impeachment forward. But I do think that they should take a serious look at including. Some of the president's what I think has been perhaps illegal conduct before. Any is there any doubt in your mind. As you look at this 300 page report which you had a hand in. American people now digesting a lot of those findings talking about them over the Thanksgiving holiday. Any doubt that what you have there amounts to high crimes and misdemeanors. I at this. Point I don't have a doubt I know the American people. Need to continue to see all the evidence for themselves to make their own decisions as to other lawmakers. But what we have is a president. Who even in his own words basically offered a bribe or extorted a foreign leader or. For a personal political favor that would benefit him pulling politically in that point one election. Which also have as it is a pattern here just as president trump invited Russia to interfere in its 46 election this was his second attempt now. To get a foreign government to interfere. In our next election so to me it's pretty clear. It to you it's clear to some of your colleagues are perhaps it falls short. Of an impeachable offense something that event that the president should be removed from office for any consideration. To a censure him in this case rather than a push to remove. I haven't heard. That you know when we took a vote on the impeachment inquiry that was a fairly even though was a partisan split. There were the all clear was a clear majority of folks. There wanted to open the impeachment inquiry. And I believe would all the other evidence that ultimately when we get to the stage. Of voting on articles of impeachment. That that will also win by a large majorities. I finally I finally congressman how important is it in your view. To get this all wrapped up by the end of the year is that they should that be a top priority and on that what do you think about some of these court cases that are still pending should Democrats wait for those to get those witnesses in front of the committee for. Just yet need to be honest with you were making that assessment right now in terms of Bob how fundamental to this issue. Some of these witnesses saw her because as you know some of these court cases just in the last few days have gone in our favor. And now we're going to be able to get information that we didn't have access to get that you get access to witnesses that we didn't have. Access to so we're making that their determination this week. All right congressman working Castro. Texas on the House Intelligence Committee which just concluded. There impeachment investigation of 300 page report turned over to the public today congressman thank you so much for your time appreciate very much thank you.

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{"duration":"4:42","description":"Democrats are determining how their plan to wrap up the impeachment probe will play out by the end of the year.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67471626","title":"Rep. Joaquin Castro discusses impeachment report","url":"/Politics/video/rep-joaquin-castro-discusses-impeachment-report-67471626"}