Rep. John Lewis: GOP 'Changing the Rules' to 'Suppress the Vote'

Georgia congressman gives a passionate speech regarding racial progress, right to vote.
3:00 | 09/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Rep. John Lewis: GOP 'Changing the Rules' to 'Suppress the Vote'
-- -- -- America. I first came to dissident. In 196 to one. The year and Barack Obama was born. Above 113. A result of freedom riders. -- -- A bus ride from Washington. -- -- Trying to -- A recent Supreme Court ruling. Abandon racial discrimination on buses. -- est La. We just said. The waiting room. -- -- -- didn't. Quite hear it and Charlotte, North Carolina. A young African American. -- -- the debt issue will shine at the Greyhound bus station. He was arrested. And taken to jail. All -- same date. Which rabbit. Barack real slap them -- -- about 25 miles from here. Reminds me -- Albert Bigelow and I tried it into a white waiting room. Rivera met Bob hey Gamal that -- -- and -- line and a pool a -- police are puzzles playing up. NFL's weaponry wanted to press charges. -- -- know. -- come in peace. Lull and non violence. We're spared -- struggle was not against individuals. But against unjust laws and a constant. Our goal in orbit for -- freedom but. Since -- America made a lot of progress. We are big differences I -- the and we were in 196 to one. And -- 212 minutes and eight. Result the world. -- true drama is over American. -- reelect the president Barack Obama. At noon. This added to -- -- what. Dick Cheney tomorrow -- and Washington as -- hit. I am one other people who beat you. I want to apologize. Will you forgive -- Positive step. -- apologies. Use our Brian. He gave me -- -- I'll hook them back. -- -- story Brian. This grant and I -- -- won't go back we don't want to go back. -- -- -- Do you want to go back. And what do you want to keep them out -- movement followed. And -- and don't vote does perhaps all of moles lakers. It is the most problem more nonviolent. -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- Not normal AngloGold he must know and -- -- my mind. They had the prestigious local -- suggests. That while blacks. One occasion Amanda asked him that the number of bubbles and -- -- On another occasion one almost panels that snapped a jelly -- and a jock. All the need them from casting their ballot. Today it is unbelievable. There are Republican -- a person are trying to stop some people from voting in. There -- strange and dad -- and the role. President -- and -- -- impose that requirement -- -- to suppress the vote. The Republican leader and -- the main problem even brag. That he has faith new voter ID -- the border ally governor Romney to win this state. That's not right that's not. And that -- not -- -- -- movement the made in Texas. -- how wrong. Florida and Wisconsin. -- Georgia and slide down my. Please don't fall. -- leave you just before the minute peoples -- Suffer -- and that make them miles -- -- chairman. -- -- -- -- -- a slide that right to vote. We. Who flock to gather up. About. -- Democrats. -- not be silent. We must stand up speak up giants beat out. We -- monster that -- Like now about how global poll that we must prompting double -- Texas five I was Laker right. -- -- -- -- -- -- promise that we will read let the men who would lead America followed. Barack Obama --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Georgia congressman gives a passionate speech regarding racial progress, right to vote.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"17175321","title":"Rep. John Lewis: GOP 'Changing the Rules' to 'Suppress the Vote'","url":"/Politics/video/rep-john-lewis-dnc-speech-2012-gop-changing-17175321"}