Rep. Kinzinger Weighs in on Solyndra

The Illinois republican says Secretary Chu is not giving straight answers.
2:08 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Rep. Kinzinger Weighs in on Solyndra
We've got now on Capitol Hill congressman Adam -- a Republican. And Illinois we love Republicans in Illinois to that on the on the program apparently today I wanna start by asking a question about -- hearings are on the house energy and commerce committee what did you learn yesterday. And where does this scandal and his secretary issue gonna have to lose his job and -- I don't know where to send a we have a lot of work to do we have a lot of research left to do I commend the secretary for coming in front of the committee. But look what it comes down to is the really basic fact 535. Million dollars was given to Solyndra despite multiple warnings -- along the track -- slender it was in bad financial shape. That they may be facing bankruptcy. And this continued to be rushed out the door so at the very basic what we're looking at as an obvious 535 million dollars of taxpayer money that was lost. A you know look beyond that the secretary was asked repeatedly. Are there any other loans that are in the same situation right now that's -- -- that are threatened that have the potential of going you know being lost to bankruptcy. And frankly we didn't get a straight answer when it and we -- followed up saying hey you don't have to tell us which companies if you're worried about revealing that information publicly. Just tell us are there other loans you're watching right now after he admitted that he's paying attention -- this every week and he simply -- -- -- that so. The scary thing to me -- how many more loans out there how much more taxpayer money is there. That potentially could faults of bankruptcy and that's a pretty scary proposition. Well -- if if he went public if he told the committee what those companies where -- and essentially -- those companies. Well and that's why -- been asking for the name of the company and we we made that very clear cynically is you don't have to reveal the names of who you're looking -- anything along that line. Just tell us of the existing loans out there. Are there any more that you worry about right now and bankruptcy that you have concerned with and how many and he just simply wouldn't give us that answer and that's something that looked as an oversight committee. On this program -- and those representing the people but the United States like we have a right to know the answer to this question and you know again and beyond that the secretary said hey with hindsight basically it probably wouldn't have done this again. But I'm refusing to apologize it's just the risk of doing business that's a lot of money to just risk doing -- -- Before we let you -- wanna get your thoughts on the super committee they're meeting obviously have been through the weekend. What what is that threshold in your mind is there any situation where you can see yourself supporting new revenue like the 300008400. Billion that's being talked about right now. Well look I think until we have a final product it's it's not worth NASA talking about what -- the reality as I've seen Republicans come to the table twice once in defense spending. Once was talking about closing loopholes when he talked about wholesale tax increases there's not a single economist out there the law -- a bad economy you need to raise taxes on people. There may be one or two but the vast majority don't. I want to see a final product look I hope -- again I've seen from our side that we've come to the table again and again and done things that have been difficult to do. I wanna see that kind of cooperation the other -- the American people. Are going to be screaming if we can't even work this thing out so we have got to come to a final package. You know look I commend the folks on the the super committee to please work through the weekend and come up with something because the American people -- that we needed as a nation. All right congressman Adam can. When one last question congressman if it comes down to and we see -- sequestration the Pentagon is gonna be among those most adversely impacted what are your thoughts about that is that's something -- -- -- to see happen. I'm very worried about it on air force pilot not continue to fly in the Air National Guard veteran of Iraq and everything you look. Defense cuts beyond what we -- even done. Are going to be devastating in the Holler hollow out our military like 7 NEWS -- a few years we're gonna have to plus of the military and inexpensive costs again could you want -- would would -- what I'm -- or less for a second as a would you try to undo them on the floor of the house. Well we'll take a look at what ends up happening and I hope there's a package -- the super committee but I hope we don't go to sequestration because that would be devastating to our men and women in uniform. All right congressman Adam -- a Republican from Illinois is going to be an interest -- weekend. Up on Capitol Hill and beyond of course thank you so much for being here really appreciate it thanks -- take care have nicely done. So some of these are some of the best top athletes we've never gotten I should note to thank you offer for playing as part of this do you have any favorites what do you think I'd like to -- -- and the godfather was the clear winners -- apologists just who helped write or -- -- -- -- an obvious. Have only -- deep dish -- -- I don't know something pizza. Making me hungry here.

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{"duration":"2:08","description":"The Illinois republican says Secretary Chu is not giving straight answers.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14984133","title":"Rep. Kinzinger Weighs in on Solyndra","url":"/Politics/video/rep-kinzinger-weighs-solyndra-14984133"}