Rep. McMorris Rodgers on ABC's Top Line

Congresswoman says House is moving on Obama's jobs bill, talks women in Congress
3:00 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Rep. McMorris Rodgers on ABC's Top Line
All right we are very fortunate to be joined right now by Cathy McMorris Rodgers. Congresswoman from the great state of Washington member of the Republican leadership here -- house thanks for joining us thing to do with you. OK let's start right with what the president had to say he's making -- you guys you saying you're voting on. -- whether or not to keep in god we trust as the as a model of the country. And other kind of trivial matters to do a lot of naming a post offices around here what what what what he said the president's criticism. Would say the president is -- one is on the campaign trail he needs to get back to DC and help us do the job here. Of getting the economy going to House of Representatives has taken action last. Three weeks on portions of his jobs bill issues that he brought up. In his jobs bill and said that we. I needed to be taking action on and this is the third week in a row this week we're focused on small business lending opening up the lines of credit to those small business owners that needs. Credit and having tough time -- loans last week we were. We're focused on it an issue that's 3% holdings a week before we -- -- the free trade agreements. We are looking for those areas of common ground opportunities to work with the president actually move forward get this economy going again America. As Americans back to work. But this disconnect here on -- when we see that there's such urgency out there are such -- -- we -- 9% plus unemployment. Such anger with with the Washington in frustration with the economy. And in there there's no real discussion of anything here in the house of the senate. Of bills that can actually pass -- -- you guys are passing things that no chance in the senate. They're not even passing anything over in the senate I mean what. -- -- since I just this just some bills that are going to pass hopefully pass the senate to free trade agreements are on the president's desk 3% holding we had. The president saying yes this is -- -- supported now the senate is make some changes the house's past. Fifteen jobs bills that are over in the senate how many of those -- costs them. Well I I would like -- to see them have the debate in and and and actually start. Getting something through the senate is it's it's very frustrating to us that the senate is doing next to nothing we need this and it. To get to work we need the president to come back from the campaign trail. And get to work this is this is a time Americans are are fed up with -- The politics of party politics they want us to be here to give and take between the parties and actually get move legislation forward -- -- It's very difficult from the house perspective when the senate isn't doing anything. Debit -- congresswoman -- ask you about some breaking news out of the house energy and commerce committee this morning. They've subpoenaed now formally be White House documents related to the Solyndra loan. In fact when Emerson want to go after the messages on the president's Blackberry. When you get your reaction to that and and and why if you do you think this is so important. Well it's important because we -- talking about billions of dollars. Hundreds of millions of dollars that were given 21 company. And and we believe it is very important that we know how that decision was made whether or not there was some. Relationship. Or. -- what what role the administration played in the White House played in actually authorizing that line of credit to a company that now has gone bankrupt. And these are precious taxpayer dollars -- need to be spent wisely and and we're trying to get to the bottom of -- and sometimes the only way we can get people to cooperate with the the committee is this subpoena even the subpoena them rather than. Having them come in and cooperate so that we didn't really have a choice in order to get to the bottom -- it. Should Israel take on the big. I'm sorry -- -- haven't. -- just Rupert but I -- -- of our our next guest congressman want to ask you about women in politics and in -- with the election coming up. -- curious and if you see the Republican women -- -- any particular challenges in running for office. That perhaps democratic women candidates don't face. Weldon Republican women had a great year aren't -- to and we had a record number elected to the house we have nine new. Republican women in the house we won three governor. Races the Republicans actually won the women's vote in 2010. And I know president Obama's very nervous about that because he did well with women in 2000 an -- The going into 2012 his numbers do not look good among women women are very concerned about the health care bill that was passed a year ago. And concern about the federal government taken decision making from themselves. Women as a head of the household as it comes to making decisions related to help health care and also two out of three businesses -- started by women right now. Very exciting but they see firsthand how the federal government is making it more difficult on them to start businesses. There's going to be a real battle for the women's -- -- not 2012. Did you don't call for the -- powerful women are portrayed in the media our next -- -- -- gonna talk to us about about this issue you know that. Offense so much more attention paid them when they look comments about hairstyle. Did you find this -- you're a member of the Republican leadership here -- think it's a problem. While acting head. There are -- times when I feel like we get focus on things other than actually what the woman's bringing to the table but. I'm excited to see so many women in these positions and at a time when. When most Americans view congress is out of touch and women are seen as being trustworthy. As being better listeners is actually. Being willing to solve problems and work across the aisle to get the job done so it's an exciting time to -- you want people. For -- go free -- -- teams appear on the hill. How was he received in what is your reaction to this allegations of harassment the. Is raising lots of questions at a critical time in his campaign we have a long way to go on the presidential race. And you'll love I'm me I'm anxious to get to the bottom of it is that as everyone to think he's adequately address these questions I believe you'll have to. All right thank you very much comes and Rodgers appreciate it.

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