Rep. Rangel Criticizes Super Committee

Rangel, who supports the Occupy Protests, adds that voters are "mad as hell."
3:00 | 11/10/11

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Transcript for Rep. Rangel Criticizes Super Committee
Turning right now to a very special guest congressman Charlie Rangel. Democrat of New York the former chairman of the house Ways and Means Committee and a veterans day tomorrow we should mention a proud -- not serving the country in the Korean War mr. Rangel thank you so much for being here. I wanna start -- out what we're hearing out of the super committee -- the Republicans have offered them 300 billion dollars in additional tax revenue. What is your response to that is this at least the indication is the possibility for compromise. The whole concept of twelve people doing what -- congress should be doing is one that it is unacceptable. To me. The secret vibrations that we get that a leaked from -- Republicans is and the Democrats. It's not the way to run -- country. We really have to come together to deal with this fiscal crises and but the politics of the election behind this is enough to fight about besides -- Economic growth and getting people back that worked so. I'm just saddened about this process I've been an economist -- forty years. And never thought that something like this can happen to our great country. I want to ask -- at what really think the president should be playing in all the -- talking about it had taken a leadership role. We just heard now talks may be breaking down with the president's leaving this weekend he's going to be -- -- -- Australia Indonesia Hawaii. Do you think he should may be postponed that plan and stay in Washington and try to get this thing worked out. And all the friends of -- intends to do in these countries he still the president campaign and no campaign. If these things there in a national interest he should really. Do what -- president. Has to do the whole idea that we have to face up to. Ought to Republicans but -- -- to destroy the faith that people have in this country in order to get to the -- I was so -- price. That when it came time to raise the debt ceiling. That they were prepared to let the integrity about fiscal investments. Just go down to drain in order to get over -- -- And so it seems that -- That if we going to deal with trying to have economic growth getting America back to work with nobody have to rely on the president's executive oh. And so he's taken the fight -- -- people. If that people would really wake up and cause Republicans and Democrats to start to work together. If religious leaders could see what is happening to the social programs Social Security. If Republicans and Democrats can insist that the amendment congress -- -- job and not a twelve member committee. That we can get something done until then the president has the go around the country. And try to get people who feel like those people do that occupying Wall Street. And see that they congress does what it's supposed to do and it's a sad day in our great nation's history deceit that partisanship. Has really it's -- patriotism. You mention the occupied movement in fact you've got to YouTube video you posted -- -- got a good number -- already called mad as hell you seem to be embracing this movement. What is your read on this and what is this movement this is organic movement that's out there are so many cities mean for the Democratic Party next year. Well I don't know really I've been in touch you know with the leaders we have yet to talk about the Democratic Party. All voting all I know is that what they -- doing now. So many hardworking Americans feel that way. And they can't wolves get out the -- to demonstrate. The absence about spiritually is yeah I don't understand but the truth of the matter is people that is now. The great thing about America is to hold. Not -- to be rich but to provide a decent life -- family and to know that you can always do better in this country. And that opens being taken away from -- people who lost -- Holmes is savings. Ability sending kids -- school. Unemployment. It is sad and they believe government should do something and you know they right. We're fighting each -- -- -- Republicans have talked about getting rid of Obama. And all of this circus like debates we have from the Republican Party. Talking about jobs they just knocking -- -- and saying what he's done well on. But they don't talk about what we're doing right -- what they want to really get done to improve life. And sell I think the president is doing the only thing he can do is take his case to the American people. And to make certain. That. Intelligent candidate dads out there is Jon Huntsman and he does this images in -- from antibody. It as long as we're talking about 2012 candidates and curious if you. Took a look at the debate last night and and to get your take on what you think about the Republican field -- and mostly with the Rick Perry. Well actually I did Terry entity comedy outlook thinking I -- -- had to debate. And it's -- I tell you that as an American I am embarrassed that the lack of quality of competitive. The way I look at it as an American that we've got to win as Democrats. But have -- whole world is watching an embarrassment than of late. That these Republican candidates in -- want to be the leaders of the free world. So I hope we concentrate on getting America back the best campaign that the president has arrival. Believe. -- -- just concentrate on economic growth. Providing for the people during the period that we don't have to jobs. -- best they cannot community and it's time -- bridges and our roads and education since then is shot. And let the American people just decide what they want to do in 2012. I don't think -- any need to campaign I think is a great need for the president to provide the leadership. That they that there is a vacuum right now. All right congressman Charlie Rangel Democrat from New York gonna get a happy veterans dating thank you so much in here is kind of -- we've ever thank you so our --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Rangel, who supports the Occupy Protests, adds that voters are \"mad as hell.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14925366","title":"Rep. Rangel Criticizes Super Committee","url":"/Politics/video/rep-rangel-criticizes-super-committee-14925366"}