Rep. Roskam Talks Supercommittee Sequestration

The Illinois Congressman says 'no one is doing cartwheels' for automatic cuts.
1:22 | 11/18/11

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Transcript for Rep. Roskam Talks Supercommittee Sequestration
Begin today's discussion up on Capitol Hill we are pleased to be joined by congress and Peter -- a Republican from Illinois also the chief deputy whip. For Republicans on the house and -- have a vote. This afternoon of the balanced budget amendment we haven't seen a vote like this in sixteen years have passed the house sixteen years ago is -- -- pass that a congressman. -- all of to the Democrats sixteen years ago over seventy Democrats many of them are serving today still. Voted in favor of this version of the balanced budget amendment and the important that question is entirely. Will the Democrats. Let this out of the house and -- over the senate is you know since it's -- constitutional amendment. It requires a super majority so that means Republicans alone can't pass -- and it's my hope. That Democrats will shrug off their party leadership's. Bad advice in this case and and vote in favor of this the time has come and I think. It would be an incredibly poignant thing to do all the way around. Republicans alone can't pass it but congress alone can't pass either -- to go to the state government state governments. As we all know rely on a lot of that federal money. To help them balance their own budgets well you know what they'd be into the federal government being forced to balance its budget every year do you think. Well let's let the country decide let's let every state legislature. Take that -- I think what most folks have come to the conclusion is they look at this landscape and they say -- right. We have now hit fifteen trillion dollars in debt in this country with really no end in sight we're looking not cross the Atlantic at what's going on. In Europe where they have a collapsing range of choices and miserable decisions. That are before them. Let's let the United States decide if you look at the polling the polling on this question is absolutely overwhelming from Republicans independents. And Democrats as well in all three groups it's well over -- 70% so my supposition is. I think the country would embrace a balanced budget amendment. And I think it's pretty clear if we had a balanced budget amendment that was in place back in 19801995. We wouldn't be where we are today. Conversely you'll have that vote this afternoon there's a parallel track going on of course around the super committee. We just talked about the fact that you guys have this 48 hour rule does that mean at that the deadline is essentially Sunday or Monday that if there's no deal by then. That means we see sequestration we see the automatic cuts that go into effect if there is that because that the Wednesday deadline. Well it's hard to overstate the urgency in terms of the timing on this because the super committee. Under any circumstance only has until the 23. And so I know that my my hunch is that all twelve of those members. Are feeling the pressure and out because -- the super committee deal doesn't come together then obviously. Sequestration kicks in and that's not a remedy that is anybody's. First choice so I know that they're -- -- be needing over the weekend I know they're continuing to be in conversation. And I know that the GOP members. Have put a good faith effort into this in terms of advancing various. Various proposals. And it's up to the twelve to make a decision to. What is the real deadline is the case can you go as late as Wednesday and then and still be able prove something on the floor of the house are you looking more -- Monday because of that. Because the procedures you guys have been. While so you've got procedures that are in place in the know you've also got to get -- of the Congressional Budget Office in terms of scoring now the reality is. That when it all comes down to it the house can work its well and it could suspend a rule. If it wanted to I don't think anybody has an appetite to do that so I think you're very you're looking that are real early deadline of early next week. And sequestration isn't anybody's first choice but there's some Democrats -- out there who are saying it's preferable to some of the proposals and then put out. You know as high as possible deals do you think Republican sort of walked into a trap here. Where republic are Democrats are going to be able to cut defense spending without actually having to vote on it. You know they're now suggesting -- -- -- maybe we should just go ahead with this sequestration thing would meet at bat well. I don't think so I mean I think ultimately sequestration takes. Goes right at. Two core constituencies and that is social programs and defense spending. It was part of the negotiated arrangement in terms of coming up with a pathway. -- the debt ceiling last August so I don't see anybody doing cartwheels in the street -- actually celebrating. About sequestration and I think ultimately what the public is looking at. The public this -- surely there is a pathway. That we can get our spending under control and that we can grow this economy and away. That's thoughtful and that ultimately we don't collapse into the sort of limited choices that the Europeans are being dished up right now. And finally congressman if there is a deal what is the what are the what does the waiting you're gonna be -- this is he going to be happy one of these bills where a majority in the majority is on board for unit to see yourself getting on board and and whipping this to see that -- passes the house. Well I think ultimately obviously the details are are -- have to be forthcoming what -- what I have learned. About this responsibility that I have in the house is if you give good members. Good information and give them time to make a decision they're gonna make a decision and I think the country will weigh in there's got to be a date -- there will be a vote. Obviously I'm final passage assuming that there's a product out of the joint committee and that vote will take place in December so everybody will have an opportunity. To weigh -- -- way -- this thing and unbalanced right that's a good thing the process matters. All right congressman Peter roster Republican from Illinois the chief deputy was gonna have a lot of interest the vote counting going on the next couple hours good luck today and -- all of us appreciate you coming on the -- Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"1:22","description":"The Illinois Congressman says 'no one is doing cartwheels' for automatic cuts.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14983959","title":"Rep. Roskam Talks Supercommittee Sequestration","url":"/Politics/video/rep-roskam-talks-supercommittee-sequestration-14983959"}