Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee speaks on inauguration

The Democratic Texas congresswoman, who has been to seven inaugurations over the years, discusses why the ceremony for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was historic.
6:45 | 01/20/21

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Transcript for Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee speaks on inauguration
We're joined now by one of the members of congress who will be tasked with now in acting president Biden's agenda democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas. Joins us today congresswoman Lee thank you for being here you have been in congress for seven inaugurations now what stuck out to about today. All this was overwhelming today woods the wind beneath outweighing hands after her eighth season. The price of its. Metal fencing and darkness. What a great date and we didn't Joseph Biden and he. Son of working men and women. The symbol. The word that America does every EPA indicated that he was going to put. With his soul into working on behalf of the American people. I himself. But the American people and then. I think historically seed the first woman of color African American. South Asian. Heritage. I become the vice president of the United States headed retreat by seeing how vice president. And president approach him. Parents believe the senate but the very first. And so this wasn't magnificent day it and it really was the day for. All America. That was a bogus I think he can present buying into the with us its inaugural address he is here to unify the nation. And congress as well as the White House are now both controlled by the Democratic Party. What do you expect the first big policy pushes to be. Well I think clearly the president made it clear he and that is that he is determined to be opened nineteen we had no agenda. But public nineteen in the past. A year and none whatsoever. Haphazardly we were able to secure our two majors the vaccines but the distribution Hezbollah cry. The testing early on went awry. We couldn't get GTE son now this president is going to take this under his start working wit. Local governments and state governments I thought that introduced. The public nineteen deliberate act funny funny odd. And it could simply say federal system that is wanted to make sure that we push the vaccine. Every part of America so that we can reach this city capacity that we need to read. Joseph Biden didn't take charge with the public nineteen dance sport and we didn't see Americans who it is getting vaccinated. Getting vaccinated. Getting teachers vaccinated. Getting essential workers but regular Americans getting schools back in business is up and running and being at ninety. And then where's there been any other it just like exchange rates of death as he mentioned that as well. I don't foresee economic opportunities for our fellow American. Now despite the party's control of both the White House and congress a big focus. A president Biden's address today was on unity and working together we also had just moments ago heard the new senate majority leader Chuck Schumer emphasizing that. He heard that message loud and crew clear and he gets it. That we have to work together in order to make progress so what do what do you think or hope to see. From the Democratic Party to try to Foster that message especially in light of recent events. I think we're already beginning that by the mess it is not only the president but the majority leader. I'm we have seen Republicans who we engagement at the inauguration. I Kevin McCarthy participated in the inauguration and I know understood the need more hardware. I cinema panel speech on the floor of the senate that I just heard along with the majority leader. Schumer was about unity and representing those. Who voted for Joseph Biden. Did not and that the senate. Took that seriously. And wanted to be able to work along those line. Let me be very clear it it'll be a failure for Republicans if we don't win the battle against public T. We'll be a failure or Democrats they'll be a failure before the congress that which Republicans and Democrats are in. It will be afraid that we cannot stand up the economic apparatus that help all Americans so we have all stakeholders. We work Republicans before. And I think Joseph Biden has the right kind of spirit and leadership and knowledge. Along Pamela Harris who just came out of the senate out of out of respect. For us to be able to get the job done. Any jail here it will not be a democratic failure. It'll be a failure of this congress. And it will reflect well on Democrats. And Republicans were not gonna let that happen as Democrats we're not gonna fail really get the job done and we welcome our Republican colleagues. The work with. Many times they can't and we hope that hope that they will. Be able to do social the American people can see what real democratic government is all of. And if I can't like the touch on a more personal note for you to because I know that you and vice president Kabul Harris are both members. Of the black sorority alpha kappa alpha so war didn't mean to you. To see though first woman and first black American there being sworn in as vice president of the United States. Well it let's something that I said early on when she received a nomination. Is that we finally got to the mountaintop. That we can only dream about. And that's what I sort today that we had reason did to that mountains down. Standing on shoulders of women like. Sojourner truth and Shirley Chisholm and Barbara Jordan and Hillary Clinton and many many others who pioneered beforehand but much sorrow. Who are part of the all this sorority. Our most humbled and honored. Because she it's truly a committed member. Well are we where that the degree. Everywhere. In the name and honor of our founders who believed Indian army quitting. But I also believe in women as leaders and when it has two litters. I think vice president is a leader she lived par women and others around the nation. And she certainly is someone who has done good and wants to do good along side a president Joseph Biden we could not people probably think that people are honor. Alpha kappa alpha AKK. Months ours are it's that it. Having just celebrated their founder today we now a vice president of the United States of America H thrilled to result. The founding women who founded this straight at its authority. In the early nineteen hundreds. No I quit some bragging rights there democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee pleasure to have you thank you for your time today. Thank you are not mean.

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{"duration":"6:45","description":"The Democratic Texas congresswoman, who has been to seven inaugurations over the years, discusses why the ceremony for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris was historic.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"75389115","title":"Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee speaks on inauguration","url":"/Politics/video/rep-sheila-jackson-lee-speaks-inauguration-75389115"}