Report reveals no political bias in Russia probe

President Donald Trump attacked his FBI Director Christopher Wray after the DOJ released a report on how the FBI investigated Russian interference.
7:35 | 12/10/19

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Transcript for Report reveals no political bias in Russia probe
Over to the FBI now a new questions about the future of the leader of that agency director Christopher Wray president trump. And attorney general bill Barr today lashing out at ray one day. After an independent inspector general report concluded that political bias. Played no part in the origins of the Russian investigation appear Thomas sat down with director ray yesterday to get his take on that report. Followed today by a remarkable rebuttal. By attorney general balk. What's the biggest takeaways. In a most important takeaways from the report for you. Why does a number of take aways that are important one that we fully cooperated. With this independent review to do we fully except its findings and recommendations. Three that the inspector general did not find. Political bias for improper motivations impacting the opening. Of the investigation. Or the decision to use certain investigative tools during the investigations. I'm I think. There could have been a lot of motivations. Involved in different motivations and there could have been motivations in the FDR and motivations outside the FBI by other players in this this thing focuses on the FBI. There was a lot going on around this that is not the subject matter of Horowitz is report but I think as a direct bearing. Perhaps on what was going on in the FBI. Based on what you know so far is it still do you still stand by your statement that that the campaign was spied upon. Polls clearly spoke. I mean that's what electronic surveillance is. And our Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas is here now appear thanks for bringing us that interview is fascinating stuff what do you make of this of this divide this contrast between. The FBI director in the attorney general. Well first of all they have eight clearly different point of view. On the origins the launching. The investigation in two. Alleged Russian interference and whether associates of Donald Trump were participating in that infiltration through. The inspector general hell's that the Justice Department and the FBI. Follow the rules of the Justice Department that there was enough evidence to launch such an investigation involved basically for people. George proper dop Lewis. Carter page Michael Flynn and Carl manna for. And part of the argument here is that he was a narrowly defined investigation targeting those four different individuals. And that the FBI had enough reason that there was a potential crime or potential national security threat to begin. Ray embraces the inspector general finding. Attorney general Bart clearly disagrees he said it was on the thinnest of provocations basically that they started to use the investigation. And he's hinted at this before but to see it spell out in public like this is. Is quite remarkable and in fact the president today sort of joined in on this criticism in the wake of your interview. With Chris way let's show everybody the president's tweet first thing this morning the president. I casting doubt on the ability of his hand picked FBI director to lead that agency says I don't know what report. Current director of the FBI Christopher Wray was reading. It sure wasn't the one given to me with that kind of attitude he will never be able to fix the FBI. Which is badly broken despite having some the greatest. Men and women working there. This got a lot of people talking this morning pier because it's sort of a sense of here we go again. Here's suspect the inspector general did fine. That there were serious failures by the FBI from top to bottom in terms. There are pursuing a search warrant involving Karl Carter paid to a so called five's award. Foreign surveillance intelligence act warrant which allows them to basically look at communications listen in on phone calls. That the the facts are according to the inspector general that. They didn't get the kind information needed to keep extending. That that search warrant are there were questionable. Information that was coming in some of it contradicted. The information that the FBI was with finding that was based on this largely on the steel. Dossier new questions about it some of the information wasn't holding up according to the effect general. And they never told the Justice Department. War the courts that they were finding some discrepancies. That might have had an impact on whether the warrant should be extended. That said. The FBI director is saying look will hold those people accountable made a bunch a changes. To correct whatever these problems are but he rejects any notion of a deep state he told me is that's. When I asked him directly on whether he thought. The FBI had treated to trump campaign unfairly he flatly said they did not. He sure did he said absolutely not and you also asked him about his relationship with president trump. This was just before the tweet came out what sort of highlights now how both men are in a printer precarious situation but let's. A show our viewers what the director had to say about its relationship with. The president said that the FBI spied on him. He's promoted. Some of the Ukraine conspiracies. At least to be investigated. Are you able to persuade him that some of these things are just false and can you describe your relationship with president. Law I've been committed since day one to having a professional. Relationship with the president which I think is the kind of relationship any FBI direction within any president that's been true. Since my confirmation hearing and it's true as we're sitting here today. And when he says things like when you said. That. You didn't agree with the assessment of the attorney general. That there were spying by the FBI on his campaign he called your assessment ridiculous. How he responded I would do not respond to. I think my responsibility. Is to stay focused on our work. And to speak truthfully and completely about the information I have to call balls and strikes. I think that's what people expect that the FBI director that's with a gun again. Call balls and strikes to have it it's a extraordinarily challenging position the FBI under defines so it. He's the leader of an extraordinarily powerful institution thing about those three letters FB. When you hear the FBI's investigating somebody you'd think own there in. You know what. So he understands that power. And the fact that there were flaws in how the FBI dealt with part of this investigation into the one specific person. He takes that seriously that said Carter page was never charged with any crime. So therefore even though they. You know spied on him in terms of not should use words but they did electronic surveillance on him with a quart authorize warrant to do it. They ultimately looked at the evidence in the end you know along with Justice Department and and did not bring charges now of the three other please. Aspects figure that had quite a track record to raising concerns among authorities there argument is they had good reason to look into this character. They ultimately didn't charge humans and they went on and weigh three other people proper topless. Flynn and metaphor for all what convicted felons that's right they sure are.

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{"duration":"7:35","description":"President Donald Trump attacked his FBI Director Christopher Wray after the DOJ released a report on how the FBI investigated Russian interference.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"67637973","title":"Report reveals no political bias in Russia probe","url":"/Politics/video/report-reveals-political-bias-russia-probe-67637973"}