Republican Hopefuls Kickoff 2016 Presidential Campaign This Weekend

ABC News Exclusive: Sen. Marco Rubio is preparing to run for president.
4:19 | 01/23/15

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Transcript for Republican Hopefuls Kickoff 2016 Presidential Campaign This Weekend
From Rick Perry to start walker to Ted cruised to Chris Christie a who's who are Republicans will descend on Iowa Saturday. Most testing the waters for a possible presidential bid it looked when Dan Butler in New York. Couple big names though will not be there including Florida senator Marco Rubio in fact ABC has an exclusive about his plans for 2016. I wanna go to the north lawn of the White House where our Mary Bruce is standing by with more information on the exclusive the first relief that marijuana talk about this. Iowa this is a high stakes summit and there's kind of some parameters and guidelines to. Get this is basically the starting gone of the 2016 presidential campaign the largest gathering we've seen so far potential. Republican candidates all descending on violates you mention tomorrow. Iowa courses the first state in the nominating process this of being deal. It's a chance for them basically to have a dress rehearsal to test the waters test out their messages. Of course you decide to each other. I'm gonna get get get to know the enemy gets and other friends as my they might say. So who was invited to this because it isn't just a matter of just putting your name on the guest list and automatically get in the end by right. Yet it's quite an interesting group I think close to ten potential nominees including some familiar names former governors Mike Huckabee Rick Perry. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Probably the most. Prominent potential candidate there this week and you'll hear from is Chris Christie and his and two notable absences. Will be. Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush of course have been getting a lot of buzz about whether or not they're gonna entered the race they are not attending citing scheduling conflicts. Interest it okay on this scale are our on the spectrum up conservatism then how does this event rank in other words. How does Chris Christie play out. In a crowd like this knowing that fact that he does have a relationship with the president that some had considered not exactly the way that you wanna go printed twice exchange. Yet when you look at the lineup in the guest let's Chris Christie sort of the one of these things is not like the other. On that list he tends to be a little bit more moderate as you mentioning has that relationship with the president that has gotten. You know raise some eyebrows shall we say so it'll be interesting to see what message he he she. Airs there tomorrow. Aren't what we will keep on that at the same time though it Chris Christie obviously very high profile night. But there's also some candidates or potential candidates they may not be as well known doctor Ben Carson right and it is us help the mount kind of expose them to the rest of the crowd. Absolutely Ben Carson. Imagines he's neurosurgeon. Maybe not one of the most well known names in the pack but this gives them a chance to get their name out there see how they're at their message resonates with with the grassroots base. And you know it tests the waters check everybody out and just see whether or not you know they may have a chance here. And I would not the only hot spot for the GOP this weekend what else is going on. That's right also this weekend there will be a four run that that topped this is me not top but. Three of the leading potential candidates will be sitting down talking together at a forum that includes senator Ted Cruz senator Rand Paul in Florida senator Marco reveal all sitting down to have a wide ranging discussion. We'll all be moderated by our ABC Jonathan Karl okay is speaking on that leads me to my question what is this about senator rubio that we've learned. Yeah ABC news has learned exclusively Jonathan Karl reporting this morning. That senator Marco Rubio has begun taking concrete steps towards a presidential bid. As one of his advisors told ABC he's told his advisors to proceed as if he is running for president. In his right there ABC's papers that's on the white house on Friday Mary thanks so much appreciated as always. And as very mention of that panel moderated by our Jonathan Karl will be live streamed on This Sunday morning. 11:30 eastern time you give up today with this store in real time by downloading ABC news happened start the store for exclusive updates on for now. I'm Dan Coughlin.

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{"duration":"4:19","description":"ABC News Exclusive: Sen. Marco Rubio is preparing to run for president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"28436221","title":"Republican Hopefuls Kickoff 2016 Presidential Campaign This Weekend","url":"/Politics/video/republican-hopefuls-kickoff-2016-presidential-campaign-weekend-28436221"}