Diane Sawyer Discusses Trip Around Tampa for RNC Convention

ABC "World News" anchor reveals what she learned discussing the RNC convention with residents.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for Diane Sawyer Discusses Trip Around Tampa for RNC Convention
-- -- What -- talking about there are -- the US Army Corps of Engineers by talking about the Katrina example it is the Specter of Katrina right on the 77. Anniversary of that storm that is actually causing a political. -- here for the Romney team because they want to make sure that. As the inevitable split screen images happen throughout the week that the -- are not overtaken by the news weather and some trying to -- here in this connection. That's right I mean we've talked about something like a subdued pep rally which sounds kind of -- -- this is supposed to be the time when. Republicans get to cheer and get excited about an enthusiastic. About their party and their ticket and they get to show it here but obviously they have to put into consideration what the rest of the country and certainly with the Gulf Coast is going through at that time. I also want to give. Sure you all what happened earlier today when the convention was officially gaveled in here's ranks previous. With that being -- big gavel. Telling -- public and all of us convention its -- in session and called to order. And -- yes. It's official. It is begun even now as we said. No one is actually here. To witness it. -- -- -- Now I saw it as if it Palin. If anyone heard that voice it might sound familiar you can't see her yet but I know you know would that in. It's -- in -- big. Anchor Kenya the action I I heard now. Diane Sawyer has been doing more than just anchoring you spent some time in Tampa today -- -- -- had quite a time. It involved -- he knows -- widgets. You're gonna happen -- I didn't front of the bar. It's one of the great in my life really. Do I -- -- But it is good at the restaurant it was an old hard. In -- you walk and then it was a sign outside that that Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders came through here. If you can't afford an artist. Oh I thought they came through to get them he. And as wonderful restaurant Cuban sandwiches -- it in the kitchen. And it was all great and it's such an. Area this president and his family -- yours and -- here. And it's quite a family it's Bob it was a classical violence. His -- that was a pianist that you. -- And did you talk and -- To me that -- -- and there's contrast there completely -- and of course they all they all think that they -- Been here and they can. Doing what they came here do. Which is true except of course they had to be careful initially and they expect that as well they cannot wait to -- it here again. Did you think this is gonna help you. Them economically minutes they're still can't guarantee and after -- sent us these five million. Things. Coming in bringing in from -- and 50000 people. 151000 of the journalists -- -- race and that have to help yup exactly bottom line they've spent a lot -- -- as we know fifty million came from the government and security and it's been another fifty well so how it. That's conveniently NC. But you know today I think a lot of the delegates were out actually seeing -- the city the night of if this had actually -- it was not. How terrible having intermittent rain and what -- -- answer -- right -- there's -- -- of UST. Wind bursts -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Behind the scene just little bits and win. You're here and the whole team of -- -- with an army -- -- to cover this big story. And the story is actually elsewhere that leave the broadcast as -- just to check in with. Ginger -- and -- how does that sort of public complicated your calculations in terms of putting rocket together and thinking about the coverage overall we're actually. Two sides of age story because everyone here is watching everything that is happening. And our team and a team champion was -- contingency was adamant that I was out tonight so that we started off the broadcast tonight. And we went straight to the golf and we cover what was happening there. Respectful and are few wind gusts here or -- nothing really anything back comparisons that we spent a lot of time on that. Knowing that we would come back into this hall and I talked to speaker Boehner today is the chairman of the convention and I said to him do we have to nothing new to town we looked up -- -- 120000. Balloons -- waiting out there. And and how do you drop. If you were balloons and if you need to celebrate in the different -- and different atmosphere and he said. Those calls are going to be made really by the Romney. Campaign and by the RNC. Together. And I know you also sat down with Romney boys missed all of those boys sell. What what did you learn from them about their dad. I believe I can disclose the -- know. Even though -- world news ask everybody to go on line. His big hit his big Roy Orbison. This crime. Which he sings while cooking and -- -- That I would not get an insignificant thing I think he they think they they didn't. They didn't give him I didn't hold up signs that they -- things all the time all time. -- allowed -- coming into this moment. Through. Thrills and agonies of a long campaign trail and they said that the into the day -- -- That no matter what happens to you that he's just dad and and Josh said at one point -- -- when they're sitting next to me he said the debates are so stressful that he rely on the floor. Because they're so hard to watch sometimes -- that's the hardest part of them that they said. That in their family. Nothing. Compares of course it to who they are as a family and to the moment they learned that their mom and maps. And everything else it's politics it comes -- But they're dead in that moment their mom in that moment is still for them. Most of the central crucible. And convenience the cost them getting -- -- -- and Josh yeah. In the first campaign he traveled all 99 pounds -- island and as you know -- senior advisor these are. They're very involved and getting elected they're very involved they seem to -- the process for him. A couple of them said they didn't really think he should do it. And they wave ends of it and he should do it and go through it again but here they are getting ready for this. Okay Diane UR's Martha pock cleared out you have to sign you are this is disappointed -- you sign your finger. And then what -- -- you can. Be very creative we're asking people to -- something like what does America mean to you. Lights can -- your home state. -- -- -- -- -- I'll tell -- something but yes I stick figures are on record yeah well yeah. It three out that comes to mind about what this convention mean yes I'm -- a sign and about it but apparently I'm gonna sign in with my homeland I. Yes he. And only a handful of people in Kentucky we'll know that I'm Lila. And let's see if I can do this -- -- do it really badly. It's. It's. There yeah. This is -- I think that's he had Alexander is mom. There are lots of aggregate relatives down here. And lots of my relatives have read here actually left the -- -- fifty. February everywhere but -- -- show this week comes in and is against giving asylum to build homes plunged almost no this isn't fun this is happening now. Sorry I -- I forgot to show -- yes I mean that really does come on. Everybody that is a good -- yes I mean I think that's I think. That the teachers who looked appalled and kindergarten art class really have to revisit my -- -- -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Israeli -- -- yeah.

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{"id":17091336,"title":"Diane Sawyer Discusses Trip Around Tampa for RNC Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC \"World News\" anchor reveals what she learned discussing the RNC convention with residents.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-diane-sawyer-discusses-trip-17091336","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}