George Will 'Skeptical' Paul Ryan Can Attract Youth Vote

Conservative columnist discusses GOP VP nominee's chances of attracting new voters.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for George Will 'Skeptical' Paul Ryan Can Attract Youth Vote
A question about that all right substance is all about our next it is George will effects are one of our favorites -- that -- that he -- baseball's -- of politics. Which is terrific reports that George well. We're just talking to it to congressman -- about Medicare about Paul Ryan are Republicans really eager to -- on this debate on the substance of the Paul Ryan budget plan. If they weren't Bryant would not have been. Because when you pick him you embrace the budget -- Romney had more or less done that already. But but now he's wrapped his arms around it materials and so far they can give you some polling data within the margin of rare. But says there slightly when in this argument. But -- argument. It ought to be -- or should be happening -- It depends on whether or not he takes seriously the fact that the trajectory of the country is potentially -- in the short term -- us. Romney believes this Ryan believes that this. Many Americans say this but this campaign is going to do is test whether they've been. Tell us about it Romney is it is -- what is tonight's speech for his campaign how important is it for him to connect to voters at a different level. All right about that there -- at about policy. Pittsburgh's first of all that. The theory is I don't know if it's true that young people -- are much less enthusiastic. Are you on our Sunday show last Sunday I gave the figure from the pew survey. That something like 25% of young people between eighteen and 34 and moved back into their parents. And unemployment. He came to thirty news higher than in Nevada the worst state it's twelve point 7%. The hope there is and I'm skeptical but. People know more about this that I. Is that Orion can connect -- this the idea of vice presidential candidates. Connecting with cohorts moving states all of that strikes me is unproven. That way that sent malignant and was able to really connect -- not -- -- -- networks Ingraham. OK so. Asking Smart folks like you this question. And -- just spent the user. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I. It's that's the key question because every metric but one -- problems. The one however. He uses what's called the Peter Hart Patrick whose leaders -- winners in perspective and -- the Second World War. Every election except the Nixon -- the most likable candidate wins Truman brewery Stevenson and Eisenhower sentencing. Michael Barone however argues that the like ability is not the crucial metric because -- favorable unfavorable with particular issues. And on those Mitt Romney is doing much better. -- -- -- -- Honey pot brownies. But specifically. -- understands. People like me. Two years -- -- that job on the economy. Duplicate -- the public can't get much better with Romney knows it seems like it's two -- just. Don't. Like. Whenever it. -- -- Just -- it. In a way Iran news succeeded too well in convincing the public that the economy's bad. And they are saying it's so bad you can't even fix. -- -- reminders of how someone we like and are living room once -- So tightly you talk about enthusiasm and also whether people like the guys. In this room ready to go out there and fight for the -- agenda. They're ready to ground fight against the other guys -- -- -- that's sort of a point we know that that's due in about Republicans yet. This is it hasn't felt like a rock on the conventions -- around the -- Well partly because people are waiting for tonight not Thursday. -- I suppose that's the risk you -- when -- -- Paul Ryan a rising star right someone who's still a novelty. -- -- genuinely hasn't been introduced to the kind of people who want jobs. And events like this. Do you do -- this notion currency to float and a couple columns last couple days that you. Through Reagan and Ryan Romney is a transitional figure -- you've got. Reagan as this icon of the past right now is this like have a future Mitt Romney really not figuring into that equation -- -- -- well. Well. He's the nominee of one of our two parties that makes him -- picked it. Nothing and in my experience in this is my eleventh presidential campaign. Can match the fact that junior 42 year old congressman from south. Eastern Wisconsin. It is indisputable leading intellectual leader of the Republican Party -- never been anything like it then maybe have to go back through. Robert Taft it was a fairly senior senator. In the -- late forties and early fifties to -- anything like this kind of intellectual dominance. It's a great tribute to. Right and that's a great tribute to the practice pat Moynihan's senate on the eve of the 1980 election usage something momentous has happened. An American politics the Republican Party as the party of ideas. Which really Smart and -- pet food. -- -- That apparently can't -- sides expect Burlington counties within the statement saying -- election. -- you -- the answer. Want state. Acts with the answer since passed out this state. What state would you want him. Colorado. Accepts no I don't think it decides and I think it's indicative hundred the easy answer is Florida -- Romney loses Florida -- -- -- He -- Florida and it moves west. We're -- see whether he can take back a state that is demographically more and more favorable to Obama and that Obama -- stone. All right different answer has always from George well George by the nationals gonna hang on -- can they do it without -- were down the stretch. We're gonna have to I know that they're -- they keep saying -- we'll have just been sitting outside watching. The net and in my mind that happens you're listening I'm opening of the school I think they were when I heard Barbara had two -- early in the movement to room runs through its -- -- the greens well all right now we're worried again remembering that all right George well thank you so much for being here really appreciate it be -- -- -- -- iPad. As always with a little like yes thank you so much -- to create.

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{"id":17110599,"title":"George Will 'Skeptical' Paul Ryan Can Attract Youth Vote","duration":"3:00","description":"Conservative columnist discusses GOP VP nominee's chances of attracting new voters.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-george-skeptical-paul-ryan-17110599","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}