Hurricane Isaac Missing GOP Convention

ABC's Ginger Zee updates Hurricane Isaac's path from New Orleans, LA.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for Hurricane Isaac Missing GOP Convention
And you are right it is quiet and -- in the hall that is all because of -- coming up into the Gulf Coast and clearly had an impact here. But it will have an even greater impact obviously when it makes landfall on the communities where he's headed. And that is where we go right out ABC meteorologist. Teenagers he -- -- in New Orleans ginger can you please bring up to speed on the very latest of the store. Sure it's still of the tropical storm four miles per hour short of a hurricane at last check it will make hurricane -- tonight. And eventually by the time it reached the Gulf Coast here. It is forecast to become a category two hurricane win. Winds of 100 miles per hour plus. So we're talking a lot of storm surge. A lot of rain that's going to end up being one of the biggest headlines after this storm hit and of course just overall wind damage -- start out with where I am. We're right in New Orleans you can -- like -- to train behind me a lot of things happening here we're starting to see it here over the loudspeakers people saying that the what areas are now completely closed and locked people out of here -- -- people away which not everyone has done that from these vulnerable areas. When Katrina happened let me show is something the storm surge that -- -- that it actually push the waters of Lake Pontchartrain up. Over -- is now I'm standing -- an earthen -- one of many types that has since. Then a little higher but when Katrina happened -- and the water pushed up and over into neighborhoods just like that that was all part of that big disaster. Well will that happen again out of the question that I had at least spoke with. One of the colonels from the US army engineer our corps of engineers and he said absolutely not this is a completely different storm and New Orleans he said. In a completely different city that Levy system has changed 133. -- now. Has been changed of levees around this city and they are so ready and confident. That they are controlled systems are going to work so again lake -- Cheney and also hit the surf kind of kicking up. The winds picking up here as well right after we leave from here Sam champions gonna take over the coverage in New Orleans and we're gonna go east to Gulfport Mississippi. That's something a lot of folks have been worried about don't forget about Mississippi or Alabama the panhandle of Florida absolutely can't. That's a lot of times not right quadrant of the storm say the storm -- directly to New Orleans. That front right quadrant is where some of the biggest storm surge will come out and we will be there to intercept and let's head back -- he can. New Jersey extreme weather team ABC -- just thank you so much for that report.

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{"id":17091302,"title":"Hurricane Isaac Missing GOP Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Ginger Zee updates Hurricane Isaac's path from New Orleans, LA.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-hopes-high-hurricane-isaac-17091302","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}