Sam Donaldson: Romney Must Empathize With Voters

Political analyst explains why Mitt Romney must show he understands average Americans' problems.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Sam Donaldson: Romney Must Empathize With Voters
We are now joined by a man who has never hollow because he is always substantive he is the man -- is Sam Donaldson. ABC news legend helical alleged let it bothers you the gentleman the gentleman from New Mexico that words that it is an -- away -- The word helps with a note ever with that possible never we -- not so what do you think new stage. Of its smaller field. Tighter -- out there how does that affect it -- That matter that. Mitt Romney just has to be himself and make the sale and -- -- -- -- traffic it was a -- would not make them. So what is the sale -- what is up to sell well we all know that the problem is he doesn't connect with the majority people of the country. Not it's all publicity that man -- -- but he's just live their life he has that their life. And he he has learned how to say I've backfield hound dog I feel your pain and make them believe that he -- understand. Tonight -- whose biography. That's right his faith that's -- his plans for the future from the standpoint of on the programs and what have you he will remember that third department he -- -- -- -- -- -- But that it basically if the Democrats and some of that the Wii from doesn't stand and -- -- -- that watching. Part of the problem now and we've had -- people come and tell us -- isn't as the authentic. But -- has its what does that mean right because no knock against him in that had so many different in personality. Yes -- got that he has to be himself. His problem is itself right hasn't connected with the American people again. Not his fault and incidence not -- -- a bad person he is just someone who had lived a different life. And has not really had those experiences. And he may very well feel that he'd like to correct the problem this country. But he hasn't been able projected he understands that in this way. It really emotional way -- can he do that tonight being the person that you say is Matsui is. I'll be watching. You relegated tell us about the the the Mormon issue we we we hear that we're gonna hear more about the more. Religion tonight we have before he has been with him out it would get the say the word gets explained to people what this religion it. Can't you can't explain the plates came across the sea in a row boat in the -- upstate New York he didn't explain. You just have to say that -- a man of faith. That you believe in your church and -- -- god he is the Christian god. And United Kingdom and -- -- you're proud of me that's all you can do. -- -- We are in this weird -- -- like this for years ago where Sarah Palin just took this place by storm. What you're suggesting he didn't talk about on the stick -- the did well though not not by asking what that was did you like that I love that thing that. It was a it was a great light colored -- -- -- maybe some classes like that last night I think you're defeated Obama posters and AC DC let that would references may yet. Touch of the -- a plastic think that is the two it. But when I'm so out of it when Paul -- on the AC DC thing I -- I thought whoa wait a moment where is -- going with that he's kids today -- And today I -- -- elicited quick -- do anything I just instruct the whole time I feel like this is the convention its bid at about 80%. It's not a 10% or 40% but it's not a 100% it's not a 110%. Lets you thought you were overflowing with emotion at both conventions last time around this convention. -- -- And the American public senses that. Our Nielsen ratings by our idol maybe season alone the entire broadcast news media. From I think four years ago -- Tuesday night with seventeen million viewers you. And it's not because we didn't carry the convention -- high points but because people said hey there's nothing going on here and refused to did we watch yet the end. -- ordered the TLC ship apparently -- that funny business just learned about. Do you know about this there's -- against like AC DC right you're not. A lot of talented that. They are actually just more reflective. Of -- in this hall the general public -- well -- general public. Doesn't believe it and the. I know that the general public is fired up in the sense that don't like what's going on -- upset with washing -- upset with this country the wrong direction so you'd think. -- the general public will be fascinated to learn who's gonna correct it. Maybe they don't think anyone can I hope that's not the case if they if they lose faith in our system -- -- loss by the way I finally you know following our Twitter stream of -- viewers. Says she wants you to get on Twitter immediately. Ever gonna it's I mean it's it's time. It's time again a couple of horses at New Mexico should -- human Twitter. I think. Not like you have nothing. Six I have a cell phone -- and my kids maybe get an iPad eleven -- -- all of that but I don't think. And probably won't -- -- the FaceBook page and probably never will. And I've got. Dismissive of people who do I'm just saying it's generational books it's generational. I still thinks that stuff Sam Donaldson says it would be brilliant. It on the Internet Sam could not make any money that way -- -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- my money you know how people -- -- -- We'll we'll we'll we'll take care that if you if you insist of course then are you listening yet exactly what. That Leslie you've been through you've been through a lot of conventions and you know that there are great speeches there are good speeches there are not so it's because what do you expect from -- on the tonight -- when tickets went out of the park. It's possible -- get really bad speech at a convention it's -- -- the teleprompter the audience all that but it will be cooler or rate. He's not -- following his face he's going to be Mitt Romney. Now what did you think the last time recruitment run to give a speech that he'll be more careful this time he's practiced this -- -- instead it will be that speech in the sense that's what we're gonna get. -- -- -- be generous in the sense -- as long as he doesn't phones they say it's a great speech for the Republicans the laid -- his program he told people who we was. But we -- know what the people out -- think. -- -- -- -- Sixth right it's at its adjusted to the speech but with a lot yeah that's that's really different -- ABC's Sam Donaldson we're here to prick the balloon. -- -- -- What an honor and a pleasure though it -- --

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{"id":17120269,"title":"Sam Donaldson: Romney Must Empathize With Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"Political analyst explains why Mitt Romney must show he understands average Americans' problems.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-sam-donaldson-romney-empathize-17120269","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}