Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Medicare Fight, 2012 GOP Convention

Utah lawmaker on how Republicans organized the convention around tropical storm Isaac.
3:00 | 08/27/12

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Transcript for Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Medicare Fight, 2012 GOP Convention
This is a little messaging. That the Republicans are doing to show from the moment the convention was -- in -- right there from the start. To win the contention -- and how much debt. The country's accumulating here this has been a big part of the message from Mitt -- all -- long -- spending and you could tell. He got -- at 2 o'clock this afternoon and were already up here -- 349. Yes -- -- you know went and looked at. Some of the issues of course in our poll and obviously on the deficit Republicans doing much better on that issue trusted more by Americans. On the issue of Medicare and some other ones we can. Can talk about later but that's where it's a little bit closer but the deficit Republicans certainly have an advantage and they really want to promote that. Of course we would like to bring in our next -- very glad to have him as a Republican congressman case tickets from -- -- Thank you for coming in I'll join. Now the first question. Is is a home state question which is this -- -- Salt Lake City was in the mix at one point. They cut -- -- in Salt Lake City now. It would be a little bit -- -- you know they're have a great time Florida it's for me if you did you that's kind of fun to be in Florida but. At some point I hope it's Salt Lake City gets -- chance we hosted the Olympics we could do big -- it's a great place to have a convention. Some point we're -- -- -- America and and he a big fan of salt -- city so it's anybody's listening Sunday yeah -- -- that's still very glad there -- no humidity -- and exactly. Packaging it's obviously you've been a big supporter of Clinton if you can't -- that -- nominations he's you. On the phone talking -- Camp Pendleton. How much assessments of the campaign right now concerned that the messaging here is being taken by -- -- and doesn't seem to be concerned about that sent him. Well at the big moments of the next three nights because -- that opportunity for for the country to hear and Romney -- Paul Ryan and then here. Here Mitt Romney that the introduction by Marco Rubio so I think actually -- -- hear Bob white talk about his story I think people be amazed me. It's not anybody's radar -- and it's an amazing story and and but permit -- to spend a good portion of the time. Introducing him and his family his vision for America to the country. It's a big moment so that -- probably much more important than say Monday night but boy -- witnesses. -- mind you know you have less than you know sixty some odd days by the time we leave here and that's when I think most of the country -- -- folk. Have you a little bit about the Tea Party and its impact on the -- and then you obviously know little something about the -- -- having been very engaged and that -- They're going to be a lot of folks who were elected in 2010 up on that podium behind me during the week. And at this time this convention feels. -- any other convention and I've been to so I'm wondering what impact do you say that these outsiders had. On changing -- the very established conventions. Well lately I got I look back to when I was here at January February campaigning on behalf of Mitt Romney and there are very few of us that we're doing that at that time. It wasn't quite so evident that he was going to be the nominee Ian. And I look at that thing that united the party. Was its desire to defeat Barack Obama I think the country recognizes that -- off track. He needs a new direction he's a turnaround now back earlier in the -- didn't quite know who was going to be the nominee I. I thought Mitt Romney was the best person but. I saw as soon as Rick Santorum dropped out. -- the coalesced behind Mitt Romney very swiftly that was. That's -- pretty smooth transition could have been wrong -- a lot more rockets -- a lot of Ron Paul supporters across the country. You get some real libertarian. Minded people that's good but I think we can become united and in defeating. About the program or about that -- just the message of this convention that's different. Because of the Tea Party because of its influence here -- -- I mean when you hear I think -- -- hear from Rick Santorum and you hear from some of the others Newt Gingrich and the others. -- Paul Ryan helps bring that group together I spoke to Tea Party oriented group last night 2000 people. They were fired up they were really excited so we have felt that energy here because we haven't yet gathered but I think -- be electrifying we hear from him. Is there a difference between -- unified party in opposition to Barack Obama and Mitt Romney's Republican. And and he's now the titular head of the party he's gonna stand up here he's gonna receive the party's presidential nomination. He's he's eat -- how have you seen him sort of used that mantle as titular head of the party and put his stamp on the Republican Party as well. Accents the obvious securing of the nomination the first really big decision is something that I think the country really -- certainly the base like. In this election. Paul Ryan. That was -- signal that not only are they serious about solving the nation's problem they want to mandate but they're gonna play offense did next is gonna sit back and hope that it's just a referendum on Barack Obama and his presidency. But really an opportunity to say look we have a plan. Here to hold -- different visions for America there is not only a referendum on -- what -- -- there's also a choice that means we may hear about the direction of the country. And so when Paul Ryan came on board that just really solidified things that. We've got our act together we can just go pick somebody because well geographically that fit well it was the right guy and they got a plan.

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{"id":17091262,"title":"Rep. Jason Chaffetz on Medicare Fight, 2012 GOP Convention","duration":"3:00","description":"Utah lawmaker on how Republicans organized the convention around tropical storm Isaac.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-2012-senator-jason-chaffetz-medicare-17091262","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}