Donna Brazile: Romney Did a Great Job 'Raising His Own Negatives'

Democratic strategist explains chatting with GOP delegates at her third Republican convention.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Donna Brazile: Romney Did a Great Job 'Raising His Own Negatives'
Well joining us here is is what are favorites of of the high she's she is currently getting -- organized. Only as Donna Brazil camp and that it's our mystery guest is this isn't yet this is this is like the best way a Democrat and that's next to do this when it's when it's done. Put -- -- hoops to get -- some. I don't know I just cleaned out my basement and and it's in my collection -- -- the other protesters have. Collected since 1980 lot attendant placed Democratic Party conventions and of course this is my third Republican Convention. It's been a remarkable week. To meet delegates from all across the country. To -- with the delegates from Louisiana way down from about you know the terrible storm that -- -- state and also. To meet the Texan delegation you know I mean I just love the fact that -- -- know how to come to -- party dressed -- yeah. Yeah. I. Guess that's I don't want to hats and rob hasn't made math by hand looked to be -- is that they this. -- that happened okay it's even -- was going very carefully as you know well albeit in the Charlotte and in a couple of days and you're gonna have your -- chances but everything you heard here. What if you heard here this changes the game or anything that you seen or heard the used at wow helping Obama keeps taking notes -- respond -- -- -- Well you know this is this is like a pep rally at pep rally -- Mitt Romney. And also an audition for 2060. -- that. I -- a lot. So called the -- killed. Vince office -- -- -- -- -- -- -- rally -- make Romney look he's rumbled lot. This this fight this nomination fight. You know it was it was quite volatile it was unpredictable at times. Now thinking it you know -- for Michelle Bachmann that at that time. That Rick Perry oops -- -- -- And so you know this is the culmination of that period tonight he'll accept you know that the gavel BS now that the head of the Republican Party. And and he will make his case to the American people. You know in terms of whether Romney presidency will look let's not -- hey listen I'm not I'm not here to rebut all of the charges on the last night. It was very difficult to sound now. Now and answered yes and the -- Paul Ryan's speech yes yeah -- got a lot of those. Those emails that last night as well it's -- -- -- I have to make you put your democratic. Strength cannot for a -- not and it's not. So thus -- Democrats spent. Hundred million or -- dollars beaten the living daylights out at the Mitt Romney record. Driving his negatives way way up stables Downey comes into this convention with a 40% favorable rating the lowest that we've ever seen. Get outside president. Well that looked so so is this really -- -- -- rounding up the job to do is it really next week that Barack Obama as a baggage problem. -- civil Mitt Romney did. A great job himself in the primary. -- and raising his own negatives he had won the most negative campaigns about -- Against his his Republican opponent and me on them thinking is being done and in Florida. Back in January and just looking at all of the negative ads that he ran against influencing. I think he himself that that he -- The second problem is -- Mitt Romney created a little bit of drama -- Taken no opposing positions he's taken in his previous political life -- and -- for the United States and it. In 1994. Law applies and running for governor in 2002 and one of the present. I think president Obama's challenge next week is to tell the country way. He intends to take us over the next what you do we go back and an -- and a -- a Gypsy get over it it's difficult that people but until we get through. The worst economic recession. Principally France had great I think the president Obama's challenge is to make the case of why -- 53 time. And I think President Obama has a very compelling case. He'll make that next weekend and sell it. But tonight -- Mitt Romney's -- this is his moment this is his moment that included demonstrators and Romney. But analysts had just two nights ago that he -- -- That he could lift this. That he has the policies that left with -- in this country. That on the -- this year. Prospect for whatever but once -- we heard from. Earlier in the week a former -- -- -- David Smith he came up there of course he was very prominent Democratic Convention four years ago African American. Congressman he lost it. A primaries for governor has now left the party you get an impassioned speech about why he felt good -- but. Democrats a lot of time making this about Arthur Davis and archer Davis alone and I don't think there's going to be an African American rebellion against. Up Obama but is it something -- to be worried about the feeling. It's spoken to by Paul Ryan about the -- Obama posters on all the feelings that big it helps it just hasn't worked out like that one of -- If you know from the day President Obama put his hand on -- Bible. And you know up until this moment all I've heard from republic. And those who had recently converted as well is that he's he's failed -- well. Mitch McConnell -- that is what we want to do we want to make sure that. Com. -- BC ABC at different. President we see a man of integrity a man of great Jackson the man who has helped restore America. America's role in the world command that is kept many of his campaign promises. A man whose role that this -- every day did the try to get the American people back to work so the then the man that the Republicans. You know have have built this caricature. He's that's not the man we know that's not the president we respect and that's not the leader that we see every day. All right we have an iPad right address all of our guests -- sign in -- little something give us a little memento of your of your glorious time in the Booth that you are what it meant for you here at -- My inaugural here is not here not here loves your -- your tigers your inaugural upon -- in my inaugural -- in the Booth here is an adult and -- nominee luncheon remarks in history right there you can join elephant or donkeys and agreed on is the -- will move put together. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Meantime wow. I'm a little nervous I'm a little stinker of a little scared as well we'll have that it's always a -- are you to thank you.

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{"id":17121277,"title":"Donna Brazile: Romney Did a Great Job 'Raising His Own Negatives'","duration":"3:00","description":"Democratic strategist explains chatting with GOP delegates at her third Republican convention.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-national-convention-donna-brazile-romney-great-job-17121277","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}