Republican Opposition to Affordable Care Act

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz defends the affordable care act.
0:19 | 03/06/12

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Transcript for Republican Opposition to Affordable Care Act
Joining arrested to talk about this and of course her own party's chances for an of -- of Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Congresswoman from Florida also -- head of the Democratic National Committee and decent softball player. I am I -- witnessed. How can expect confession in an idea but it's not always going to be that way watch out not -- if found buried and I think it. All right so you. I don't know if you are able to hear Rick Santorum. Still young the case as he says -- -- that Republicans see as the only Republican gonna make the case. On Obama care come the fall. Talk to us for a minute about how you see the health care bill and health care in general playing out in November. Still are we're actually it during the month of march kicking off and efforts. Two to communicates. In detail but with voters across the country about. The components of the Affordable Care Act and so you know out very nice of -- Santorum and Mitt Romney. You know and continue to talk about how they would repeal the Affordable Care Act. -- you when you ask Americans. About whether you they think that we should go back to the days when. The policy for health care was that insurance companies are given a drop you -- denying coverage for preexisting condition. It -- got 45% of Americans that live with a preexisting condition on one of them on a breast cancer survivor. Outside you. When not when I was diagnosed. You know it's such a fine to know that at that moment you are one job loss away from being uninsured and unanswerable. That's what the Republican field of candidates would drag us back to. Or how about the young adults that are able to stay on their parents' insurance now -- incidents one in six years old. I've had constituents. Stop me in the supermarket to thank me. For supporting the Affordable Care Act as a member of congress because they were able to put their their young adult children back on their insurance Butler before they had -- The seniors that I represented my and my district. Who have a doughnut hole in the prescription drug coverage that is really about. The three or four or 5000 dollars that they never climb out of once they once they hit it. Is now being closed and they're gonna save money on their prescription drugs so I won't have to stand behind seniors anymore. We'll have to believe two -- three of their prescriptions at that at the print that the drugstore. Because they can't afford to take them -- how tough battle of the Affordable Care Act means for them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You just brought this up into component parts and and I get a look at those numbers -- and I see that when you do the component parts there is some support for that. But but that's not how there -- -- the -- this right and we did the the numbers. Senator about the overall output of -- obamacare the health care bill are still a very -- it go American public is an among independents. Still you don't have majority support -- clearly. The Republicans are gonna painted with a very broad stroke you -- Breaking up into its components. Which of those is a more effective political communication argument. Well you know I'm I'm not political consultants on a member of congress and that the chair of the Democratic Party in. You know it's our job to make -- That that Americans understand. Exactly what the consequences would be. It's Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum got their way. And that we repeal the Affordable Care Act we would go back to the days where we had insurance companies in charge of -- americans' health care. And that that it wasn't doctors and patients have to make those decisions but insurance company bureaucrats and and that the costs would be you much more significant. We would lose the that the savings that we -- that we're gonna happen in the Affordable Care Act. Seniors would that would again have bats on the hall opened up so they're pretty significant consequences and that's the contrast that we need to last and the election cycle talking about. Until now why change gears for a moment here and found that talk about that the president's press conference today he was asked specifically. About the comments that that you had made about the republicans' war on women. He sort of deflected on that saying he didn't really want it but won't comment on this specifically -- getting -- -- anymore into the Rush Limbaugh controversy. I'm curious where -- -- This issue going forward and do you need the president's power to stand behind this and and may be -- use his megaphone a little bit more. To drive home this message to women voters. -- I think the president has used his megaphone quite well. And not the least of which when he actually. Through the Affordable Care Act made sure that women in America have affordable access to contraceptives. And insure that no matter what we work for that you'll be able to that not have to pay a co pay or deductible. When it comes to contraception and that balance the religious liberty concerns. That would raise. To make sure that religiously affiliated institutions to -- for those contraceptives. And that that insurance companies woods so president Obama's been doing a good job while Rush Limbaugh. Who is one of the de facto leaders of the Republican Party. Has has essentially. Made this issue it was such a back caricature. -- -- -- end and insulted. And demeaned women by calling -- -- -- -- slot. For having been our earth to stand up for her for what -- believed then. And and for her exit go to congress. And tell the members of congress bravely that she believed that it was important for women in America to have one -- -- contraception. Russians make of -- might be doing more good than president's very quickly congresswoman before we let you go. There. Bumper sticker in 2008 for Barack Obama was hope and change what's the twinkle -- bumper sticker. Jobs in the economy -- it's about jobs and the economy and that's what we're gonna continue to focus on. While the Republicans seem obsessed with currently fighting cultural that the cultural wars that that -- or as we thought were settled long ago. We're gonna continue to fight hard to create jobs get this economy turned around back for the middle class and working. Analysts Democratic National Committee chairwoman and congresswoman from Florida Debbie Wasserman Schultz thanks so much for joining us today we appreciate you about.

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{"id":15865033,"title":"Republican Opposition to Affordable Care Act","duration":"0:19","description":"DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Shultz defends the affordable care act.","url":"/Politics/video/republican-opposition-affordable-care-act-15865033","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}