The Republican Party in Tomorrow's America

The Hispanic surge and the new landscape in American politics.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for The Republican Party in Tomorrow's America
Good morning everyone and welcome. My name is Ron Brownstein on the editorial director of National Journal and -- -- this morning a political analyst for ABC news and a great friend. Univision. As we get started. Just one quick note -- -- -- that all our -- all of us with everyone in the gulf grappling with this very difficult storm. But we have a terrific program that we'd like to kind of go on and talk with you about this morning I don't -- sell those -- you in this room. That we are living through the most profound demographic change in the US has been helping potter and turn it when he century. The 2010 census report was anyways it postcard from the future in 1980 whites represented about four fifths of the population. In America by six by 2000 was 69%. By 22 and it fall to 63 point 7%. And Hispanics alone now constitute one in six Americans as is often the case the change is greatest among young. We are all kind of familiar with the idea that somewhere in the distant future after 2040 will become a majority minority nation but today. 47% of Americans under AT are -- white. The projections are that we will be majority nonwhite in the under eighteen population. But soon after 20/20 and already. In the census has reported that between 1082010. And 2011. A majority for the first time historic tipping point a majority of the newborns in America were non white this repulsive changes not. Only deepening diversity in places aren't accustomed. Way. It is spreading to places that through their history have seen very little from 202010. His -- -- -- population increased in every state. It accounted for majority of the population increase in eighteen states and at least 40%. In seven others this is bringing new flavors to places that we have kind of -- as the demographic equivalent white bread mayonnaise Indian point. Don't want which many of us know every presidential politics. Offices are now on this change -- felt more slowly in the political. But inexorably this demographic ties restating our politics as well. In 1982 when Bill Clinton one his first election whites -- 88% of all votes when Barack Obama was elected in. In 2008. Were down 74%. Hispanics were 2% of the vote in 1992 and 9%. In 2008 -- -- Is -- 50000. Hispanic young people who -- citizens turn eighteen every month and are eligible to vote and will do so. For the next twenty years. If whites and minorities voted this way -- 2008. Or present in the same proportion as -- -- 1992. John McCain would. Instead Barack Obama became the first nominee. -- either party in American history to lose white voters by double digits and still win. And it is entirely possible that this fall -- -- white voters by even more and still win again. We are here today to talk about the impact of these momentous changes on policy and politics in America National Journal. We have for years place a special emphasis on eliminating these trends most recently for our next and our website and supplement -- which actually. Is available for you on -- table on the way out. Our friends at ABC Univision also keenly attuned to these changes are watching an unprecedented project. A joint website and a 24/7 cable network to address the growing Hispanic population in English and talk about that and our program today. I will -- this for a moment my colleagues. Diane Sawyer and heart problems and -- you very much wrapped. -- Such as formidable. Series of articles in the -- -- although I've always thought that god must've looked down here. I wonder why we spent all this time -- Search engines we have Rockford. Point. Hard as we are joint ventures about again after Labor Day that we are -- -- together and known. And into the future and that the exploration of what this new post card -- the future is. And everybody. -- ABC news is. Beyond excited in -- producers says. For justice at last night I was watching or -- and I don't speak Spanish yet. But he was so fascinating -- west at ten minutes. I understood not one word in the halls in recent -- -- -- here. Yelling and development Aaron might and the islands in the hellish. And that's as far as -- but it's going to. Race. Agree this journey of discovery as we all them what is happening. I think think something -- so much and it is really going to be -- So interesting because we're doing all of these simply sold so my kids could watch me. -- -- Let me tell you I have my my daughter are auditions and -- fight. Nick and us he's fourteen and they don't watch so so we asked ABC to help us Regina. Because there's there's that's exactly the prominent. Of course we're doing great in Spanish. But then. We you realize that about one in four Latinos to -- what's more comfortable in English and Spanish. And and -- we we do it or somebody else is going to do it so that's. That's the future of Latinos there's a major shift in and within the demographics and on Latinos because. Just a few years ago it used to be mostly immigrants coming in. And making up for more than 50% of all but it's -- -- but now it has to do with with nothing and even within the United States we know each other so much. That we tend to have more kids and it's. -- -- -- All three. -- -- while the average American only one to profoundly so. That change is well underway. And we -- be here to see it would eventually. There will be more Latino than not it's -- what's in this country. And so we have to figure out what kind of country is going to be so and we're changing everything from the way we -- Goodness it's more tortillas console and bagels. They are. And and the most popular name in -- -- -- and -- used to be Michael but now it's close it was a of course that new rule in American politics is but no one can make it to the White House without the financial. So that's why you we're here I think -- -- think you. We've -- we can already be -- let us bring up congressman marriage is. -- excited to have you here I've -- Cutler's. -- we know from an incredible apple. It's true. Members of congress and and the black -- -- -- television anchor. I don't know where we're and congratulations your son had its first -- at sixth grade yes. Sorry first. Chris -- She'll let you. We are all right there's about five first -- favored braves as a separate. And let's begin with the must. Arguably quoted statement by Ronald Reagan ever which is Latinos in America Republican -- just -- -- And in this year in which you have a disproportionate. Amount of economic pain among Hispanics. President Obama is still polling at. 67% of so in the next 69 days -- back and change I think it will change I think most. Actually it was a promise we -- so you know you know -- -- America. And so. You know community it's want this country our country to be the most prosperous. Well here's the one that continues to be the land of opportunity. For ourselves for our children. So I think when when when -- You know campaigns and you know you've heard. We you can criticize one of the other -- murderous. But there is a moment when peoples are focusing on all right where are we today. We're we want to be tomorrow and is the leadership that we have today taking us where we want to be tomorrow. And if not it's time to look elsewhere and I think when you look at. You know we talk about 8% unemployment record 42 straight months with the Latino population -- text. And you know there hit harder than most and so I think -- -- -- -- looking at. What we are -- what we want -- on the future they're gonna see that there is a better option we don't use that as a normal. 8% or -- your community 10%. From now. But what you do and how do you respond to form a government Jeb Bush who has said recently talking about the tone the tone. He says basically the conservative cause would be. The governing philosophy as far as the eye could see and that's doable if we just stop acting stupid. Because there's a reason why the numbers are what they -- -- enemy that that the reason is not pop is not policy. The reason is not ideology the reasons unfortunately we've had -- -- -- mostly house of thank god most of those. Who frankly made it an issue to Kenneth -- up their individual. Electoral base. They used -- -- rhetoric which was very damaging very painful. Regardless -- whether you were an immigrant here to work and -- hall. Or whether you were US's. But look into the -- for three generations. You still were hurt by some statements and you saw those numbers. For Republicans dropped dramatically. But I think when you look at the polls. And more -- when you look at where we are today and what kind. We want with -- I want my son Chris. I don't want him to open a country where we have the weakest militaries in World War II I don't want to open in -- country that that or even. It's. United States I want the most prosperous the most wealthy -- of opportunity that has always been and can't. All we need to do -- change the leadership in the White House rhetoric only or policy you know are you comfortable with the policy. Approach that we know from polling that immigration is not the most important issue. -- saying -- -- users everywhere else but it does seem to be a threshold issue in terms and is showing respect. Or are welcoming are you comfortable with where Mitt Romney has position themselves on these issues in particular party platform that was approved this week. That the call for example cutting off funding to public universities provide in state tuition to two legal totally -- So let me tell you -- -- -- when when when when governor Romney has said multiple. That he wants -- permanent. Solution to the immigration yes -- as we immigration system we have doesn't work for national security interest doesn't work for economic interest doesn't work the people that are here. Illegally doesn't work for the people that are in -- It doesn't work so. So governor Romney's had -- permanent solution now. He was also started to work with Marco you senator Marco Rubio on call it what you may and helping those kids who. Were brought here by no choice of their own and but are don't have papers right so he was working. With Marco Rubio on a solution and that the president three months until election decided to do this protective order but -- which now. Has more questions -- more questions and answers so I like the fact that governor Romney is a person who understands what we have to do. And contrast that is but Obama well I respect President Obama I think he's. And Summers is the best we -- I think he's liberal groups have accused. But immigration. And immigration that's an area that I'm not very respectful to him until you watch. The number one -- your show he said that his first twelve months he was in the present and -- comprehensive immigration. He refused to do so I -- refuse. Because in the audience along with my wife -- is -- -- -- -- what you said. We sorted doing outreach to mr. Obama before it's one thing that's -- an English. -- -- -- comprehensive immigration reform let's work on these issues to stick with written letters he's refuse. To work with. Us where those that are -- isn't all that. These issues. -- the -- in the -- -- said that -- Romney was working with Marco -- but the fact is that Romney did keep his distance publicly never really embrace that. Rubio was never able to put forward a specific proposal as he tried to work through with with -- Republicans. He published was that he missed opportunity in in that he was out there first before the president acted. And the Republican Party didn't really rally around it was there a missed opportunity where you could have been first in -- -- what you said. The Republican Party didn't rally around -- really hadn't even drafted a bill yet he was in the process of doing so and that what happened was all the groups out there my community and elsewhere. And the press -- taken to the present rate -- -- -- you lied to us when you say that you can do something. -- three months out and then and only then did he do this proposal. So again the question is is -- I remember before I got like the -- When -- -- state legislature I think Gephardt was. And that because things look tough election you proposed immigration reform and public that so. After congress is pretty much broken had had split Washington and I never did it again. Harry -- Didn't care much about -- and when he had a tough election he did it and that where's where's his bill. President Obama he -- -- election he doesn't the rock hey I'm glad that at least during the election. That some of these folks remember us but the reality is that the Democrats don't remember that look you know exist until it's election season. What I love about governor -- -- -- he's not -- to and I agree with them and this week and a number of different issues. But when you sit down with governor Romney and -- -- commit to something he commits to something he's gonna do it. And he said he wants -- -- permanent solution not only to those -- But to an immigration a system was broken but of the what the permanent -- self replication technology and that's. That's opponent you've -- the false yes your. Republicans don't forget to put it was something expendable in order following nobody has done more self deportation and -- Obama. Because the fact that the economy's so bad. That illegal immigrants have self deport themselves can they can't get a job here what -- -- self importation. Look at what this -- that's not what this economy what he's proposing for the future where he's backed up in the country we're gonna ask you self deport Haitians but we've never seen -- Bridges what what do we know -- you supporting immigration ups. You support the DREAM Act yes you're not for self deportation now and then he brought me. He's for all votes yes I mean he's he's against he's against immigration reform act in the DREAM Act he puts -- the petition. Does not explain the fact that. Republicans and within the Hispanic vote I think the Republicans lost the Hispanic vote what sports collectibles that nothing that would do -- -- if they used to order that he's doing something apartment -- and many Latinos. Get the impression that governor Romney's not doing that's because. He's not for these -- yes but -- and the earth the first presidential -- everything -- -- Does not support immigration reform. Reagan did it George. -- winter what is data support immigration reform he has stated publicly that he wants a permanent solution I think you're running and about to legalizing -- and on government to change. Us President Obama has said that and where is he is -- -- MIA so we got a telephone records what rhetoric let you read it. I think I've got this -- act tomorrow night 38000040. Million viewers are going to be -- To watch the speech if you -- writing. That section. About the phrase self deportation. Which -- I don't I don't support. The house and know what you have which you have the former governors eight month old of the -- that we have an immigration system that so. Broken and that we have to fix and that he's going to work. Getting it fixed and then -- -- President Obama. Promises and then finally just didn't do it didn't care about has done absolutely nothing that he will you do and he's an award. Across party lines this -- look. In the first two years. How it is controlled house and senate because Republicans. Want to work we sent messages directly everywhere we -- and he refused. To do -- yet other things and I hope. I hope that governor. And again he said that he wants to fix this problem I hope he doesn't -- -- he does it responsibly. Let's get publish it -- United States can't be the only country in the plan that doesn't have the right. To decide company. So that's -- -- that's it has the right at a hotel the responsibility. Two no confidence -- Now the question is the other issues -- the tougher but once you those who want to. There's another area. That I think we'll be. Sharply defined this election health care access options Hispanics it's as the spirit tells us uninsured at a much higher at 31% and either whites twelve. African Americans around twenty. You believe that the Obama health care plan should be repealed that suspects obviously many. A substantial portion of the beneficiaries of the expansion of coverage it it should be repealed what should replace it and what could reach. Some of those large number of uninsured. Look there's no question that the health care system that we had before Obama here was unsustainable it was unsustainable for small businesses -- individuals families console. Of insurance. So we all agree that there needed reform but they're two different ways we could -- President Obama chose a more government run government controlled health here's which probably unfortunately. Is also proving you wrong and some of the things that he said he -- that the that the prices of premiums would be. Reduced by over 2000 -- profoundly for they've already increased. By over 2000 dollars for a family of four we heard that if you could keep your insurance if you like that you could keep what we know that that's already not the case so. He chose a more government controlled government politicians. What we propose and we have and yet -- up that we passed in the house and others opted to this has gotten it. It's more of a private sector. American solution where. Where in life in real life ultimately. Does competition not increase quality and -- -- is there any way is -- any path. To covering a large number of those uninsured. Without spending money either -- given subsidies to buy private insurance expanding Medicaid is there any way to do that without committing a significant -- We don't always subsidies and I think there's always going to be -- continue to be some subsidies but here's -- issue if you have a more market driven system. Prices go down. -- he goes up and here's another key component. That decisions are not made by some bureaucrat some federal Bure government bureaucrat in Washington or some insurance company bureaucrat. -- Those are the solutions that we're proposing that we have we have specific solutions to having more market driven. System that will lower prices increase quality and give control health care to families and their values and -- just. Is whether whether any of those solutions making it. None of the research by the Congressional Budget Office shows any of those solutions however whatever other virtues they have. Making a significant dent in the number of uninsured do you think it is it. -- -- the Republican Party if they want to repeal obamacare -- duty to come up with an alternative that does provide a pathway to coverage for some of those larger -- -- particularly. Right Hispanic community what. What you always see though is that when insurance rates go up the uninsured numbers -- when insurance rates go down. The uninsured numbers go -- so the first thing you do is controlled costs which are important Obama -- done just the opposite. I think your boys are they're always going to be some. A group of people who are uninsured and that you know kind of forty and we do that reality is subtlety whatsoever going to be -- zero some game however. If we lower and we can. We can dramatically increase the quality of health care access to that quality -- lower costs. Lower the number of uninsured to very very very small numbers -- most people will want to have insurance if they just can't afford or. -- don't we have time for one were questioned. The eligible -- -- will be to something that you set if for some Barack Obama broke his promise on immigration. It was his first year in office he also has deported more investment and you'll the president that he characterized as therefore there was a great opportunity for Republicans to take advantage of that. And get expendable. -- which ought to 4% of the vote in 2004 but -- -- if you didn't have Republicans approve. Who until immigrant policy -- -- -- and -- Obama -- -- voted against the DREAM Act so well what's the plan to get to and. I -- aren't we know there was opportunity I think there's still going to be an opportunity -- -- -- is not gonna do it he's refused to do so so you're right the Republicans we have an opportunity. To solve this issue taken off the table protect our national security interest and and deal with the issue. But those bills and Arizona which I. We -- definitely got yet the boat like the reasons -- those -- Is because precisely. Obama has built his obligation because there is -- broken national system. We -- you wanna get rid. Which would do it. Get -- have the national government fulfill its obligations something the President Obama unfortunately. Has refused to do so and by doing so he's broken his word to you and -- the community that you Republicans held annually. We have separate -- but it -- Brownstein question at hand which. Make a prediction what percent. I think it's going to be -- and then that announcement. -- it won't. And we hired. Because quoting a democratic former president is -- area directly -- thank. Passionate Christians. -- -- -- Well and back. So we have our first kind of we have our first guest. The the ultimate vote. Hispanics and we have. Couple that has -- -- join us in a couple questions that were drafted by African unity -- I wanted kind of -- out to the audience. -- Hispanic registered voters are there in the United States fourteen million. 5000002000026. Let the but that's. And from -- can't get our panelists on the record but I think get closer to 23. -- -- -- -- -- registered voters about -- Says here I'm six -- well. Punish India but when -- return for political and that's that's right but what about -- in probably -- Are now Martinez McCormick thank you so much for being here and that's what thank you. There was only doing what can it was -- -- with President. Bush and he supported immigration reform. Then. And -- see me from people right not to point up what we tell them. Well look I think we went through really tough period of time were the primary really exactly -- the opposite of what would you be doing or -- This whole issue immigration terrible way and now which violates a terrible time -- place to -- making good public policy. You know robbers -- never good place for and like they. Canceled immigration issues is too difficult to deal with the public. I about the something in my is -- which is. The -- has committed himself to doing something tackling -- serious issues and and you know I think. We have to go back to the wrong -- we lost our way I think we as Republicans have to recognize that. This is a big deal American issue that we have to deal with is only about those that are here. That that you know we're not here with documentation but missiles. About what do we do about making system that actually works because you see immigration that fabric of America. All -- history. People like myself when I regret to this country that you're -- come here and succeeded beyond all measure. Who have the opportunity to become Americans because this culture sort of -- you makes you want. And this country cannot lose this way when it comes to dealing with immigration and as -- look for the future the demographics of this country will benefit by continuing to. Legal immigration. One thing that Romney has that I think is very positive as he said that he would staple. Great card to a diploma every time that we educate. Brilliant person that the -- which we're fortunate we don't educational loan. Children science technology and mathematics and and have. The dome of the educated here in a wonderful universities and them. Be welcome to state. Things like that I think that's what we need to be talking about to reach that has been canceled -- to. Poll shows that most important issue for Latinos -- us and help Americans. It's obviously jobs and economy and health care and education. So so how how do you explain these distance between the Republican Party and and he finds what's what. Well I think that -- -- wrong and I think that -- -- the primary really did a lot of damage and but. You know hoping that we can come out of that and and now we'll to a better place -- we can be talking about these issues. In a more sensible way I think -- about them. The -- back to my question about tomorrow night would you have gotten around me say not just. Not just to be on the record but actually to win. Hearts and mind. Seoul tomorrow night is about winning an election. What I would have and say -- to speak to Hispanics in this country. About. What he's in the -- for jobs particularly in their world I would also have -- broaden the conversation of Hispanics about talking about the region they care about. All of us came from somewhere or our parents in the case of others my children. From the region that that we come from -- talk about Latin America. About the free trade agreement with Colombia Panama about -- what a good thing has been for the region. And how he would work to make lives better for the people in the Western Hemisphere he would work to ensure that. The continuation of democracy continues to grow in the region. So sort of sidestep a lot of us. -- immigration debate and talk about how we create jobs in America and how we become a good partner. Of the Latin American region I think that's something. It it becomes the conversation. That then we can sidestep the negative issues of immigration really have a good conversation about. This guy gets that he knows that we're here that were important were an important part of the American conversation. Massive -- or -- -- you worked very closely with George W. Bush and his team and vote in Texas at the national level. He did better among Hispanics and any of the race Republican nominee is getting -- a 40%. -- about the 2004 what did he do right what was the -- -- That the party might learn. Learn from today. Well first -- all. Being a border state governor. Just like -- which was speaks tonight gets it just intuitively understood the cultural and the people most comfortable an arm bar. So I think a lot of it is just about atmosphere is not so much about specifics of policy. Would be able to -- a few Spanish phrases which -- did I mean you know he got more mileage out of the Spanish news them -- -- have ever known how. But -- used liberally is unafraid to -- -- -- that it was a present you don't quite say it that way anybody you know he would be out there. I think that's -- and that's the kind of thing -- I would love to see that -- you know it seems like. Another century but in 2006. When -- the senate. 23 senate Republicans and -- yourself voted two for a comprehensive immigration reform bill that included. Tougher border enforcement guest worker program after a pathway to citizenship. For illegal immigrants -- talking with the -- one of the reasons why so -- and and it was that -- and and it has the senate with bipartisan -- went back to the house. The house Republican leadership would not bring it to the floor even though there was probably a majority. For it there was not a majority Republicans -- -- have a majority a majority rule. In retrospect was that he missed opportunity. Should the party have tried to deal with the issue at that point with a Republican president. It was a huge missed opportunity that we came ever so close and the house wouldn't take it does that wanted to let the senate -- the first that -- money -- -- the -- of a vote. The may not going to war so that when the senate to deal with the first. You -- you dealt with -- I think they wouldn't bring it up. I don't know but here's that they -- -- about experience is that it was very clear to me. There -- forces within the Democratic Party that would just a supposed to immigration reform act as those of us that are more obvious and apparent in the Republican Party -- labor movement. -- a comprehensive solution easier. And -- Nixon goes to China and kind of moment when the Republican president and a democratic president. Let's I'm willing to say that yes why not mean the fact is that I think it divided government sometimes -- accomplishment -- things I think also someone comes. With the credibility that Romney has on the issue for security which by the way. I think it was Achilles heel of the efforts and 06 -- -- but there was no credibility or you will know that the border was secure and while the border today cannot be said -- percent -- -- never will be. It's a lot more secure today was five years ago. We've done a lot to them. Security. And Norfolk which that he was the fourth through Rasmussen thought that -- -- you know I remember attending. -- -- -- -- I regret that that it worked for him. Did it because you know people news make the effort. And that he was and he -- about what we're real. He was in a better choice than. Oh gosh I think -- an excellent choice -- -- -- equitable. Great choice -- it and it's really the improvement we have very dynamic part of -- -- -- I think. Look Marco Rubio has a fantastic future. Political world that's keeping the press thank precedent -- think yeah absolutely and I'm I'm really very proud he. -- much care states I'm just. Very -- -- think he's Smart he's talented. Think he cares deeply. -- -- -- Let this -- something about -- as you know he voted. Seven times against the US import. In Cuba. That -- to affect the Republicans -- euphoria and into the part of the Cuban American vote. While things. -- -- -- You know personal I think that issue. While important I don't think is the driving issue and vehicles with the Cuban Americans -- -- you know it really isn't it not as a huge that you aren't always -- I know very well important assist but. I do think the top of the ticket fixes that nothing Romney's very -- So I don't it's there. The talked that Ron. And she said to you about this transition from primary -- -- Well. What we talked before you had pretty -- interview with him in Miami and few months ago and I I don't know that we talked about it decision that you have to be war. Insincere rules you. -- -- change I think keys in my view I think he's decided that he's going to do this issue as president and I think that's probably Smart politics likely. Although I think still -- -- tell -- that that's -- -- I -- when gas was used it tonight we'll talk but somehow find a way to connect. And the way to connect to you think he'll get a greater percentage. John McCain. I think so I really do and there's two elements by the way don't underestimate the importance of what's happening at this convention. And Romney close truth I think Kate mothers seeking a wide selection I think it feels a lot is back -- I -- -- always. But beyond that. Lose. The Portland you know she's terrific I mean I thought she was right. I love important they're great people and I think that speaks tremendous. To the Puerto Rican audience and that you two governors. Senator -- and -- a candidate but the way the Democrats. They can put up -- they want but they haven't got that. Lineup that's -- -- -- -- -- officials -- in terms of governor Romney's freedom to maneuver either before the election or as president. The platform this year he -- a sense of kind of the current that he is dealing with in the party if you look at the platform language about immigration we will oppose any form of amnesty. We will create you me procedures to encourage illegal aliens return home self deportation state efforts to reduce illegal. Immigration should be encouraged not attack the Arizona law calls for cutting off funding to Sanctuary Cities and and cutting up federal funding for states that provide in state tuition to illegal aliens on a platform is with the platform is you know. It isn't what it is the guiding document. We're we're Brady nominee present but it does reflect kind of the -- in the party that he is feeling so is that your thought how much. Some tropical pressure you feel on the other's this -- within the well about as close to -- problem with what used to be you know lighten sort of distance RNC chair and. Ambiance of the very misidentified of this issue I was of that part of it. I do believe that. Platform is the platform and that I don't think we can be wedded to that obviously -- at a different point of view. But you know. This Democrat platform for years ago so -- -- -- -- Almost opened. And so on missiles along over the years so -- -- vastly more important what's happening at the podium of this commission to forty million Americans watching at home. And who those people are you know Condi Rice. I mean this is showing -- -- or party. Is terrifically important particularly by the way -- Hispanic I guess I'm asking you know is he's not some of that platform in -- as a guiding document as a reflection what are some of the pressures. That governs the limitations on -- governor Romney Republicans are now. You know winning extraordinarily high percentages on the on the elements of the white community that polls -- the most uncomfortable. We demographic change and we saw on the quality front only 90% of the total votes Republican primaries as your protest -- white voters like 60% of voters fifty and -- People who you know physical -- kind of uneasy with be the change they see around them. I'm just wondering -- about constraint or leash do you worry that is on Romney's ability either as candidate for president. To reach out beyond the current coalition to a coalition of the future. I gets a bigger problem house. That is what the White House I think obviously are constrained by that demographic -- that obvious. What -- you call it it. There's comfort blue whatever it would be. Because it is a reflection of an element of our party there's no question about that and I think that will become. The biggest hurdle for immigration reform with house Republicans -- -- My -- -- -- time when more questions that you. If these are a disconnect between. In terms of money once I asked and -- how much money and she told me able to wanted to community. Now with chicken. The average wealth for or Hispanic families and -- 7000 dollars so long. Well there's there's still does tell -- now. If you connected with Hispanic with killer or -- is because he's so rich that many Latinos don't. Don't have anything -- and. What I think is common is that story that I am -- told last -- Two and -- the basement apartment. The aspiration a hole so they're reluctant -- this countries that someday they can be than me there I haven't met militant yet who doesn't dream of owning a home. It was a dream of starting all they who doesn't dream of having nicer car than their driving today. This is what this country is built upon and I think the idea that we -- -- is something that doesn't work. In America and it doesn't work with such as fire immigrants who went -- -- let me. You should be let me know what I think he can say is I can create government policies that are -- -- things. I can be the president that opens the door for you to make -- right your version of the American. That's what I would look here final. I just wondered if that. How maddening at that -- we hear from Jeb Bush. If -- -- here to see this moment of this signal from the future. And made -- -- after ten. Wealthy or have touched missed opportunity we -- with the failure to fulfill a promise that was some moment. Jeopardize the -- on this issue we don't want -- his comments very much -- -- feelings on this issue. I think we as a party. We've got to get Smart -- -- we can be relegated to. And -- -- minority party or we can get with the program and I think it's really going to be -- -- leaders like Marco Rubio. And Jeb Bush. And others you know myself -- -- still outside. One exercise leadership I think that it is up to those of us that care about this party believe -- The principles or Republican Party and -- about your original question who really do believe that Ronald Reagan had it right. That Hispanics are Republicans just don't know it yet and so we've got to find -- way to make that connection. -- -- tonight such issues as a wonderful way to go about it. -- mark so to them. Former senator. Former Hud secretary for party -- Mel Martinez. Asking questions. So why do you think -- -- bush clearly has elevated his visibility. On this issue. In the last few weeks and months what do you think he's doing it and what role do you think he would play after the election when Republicans would. Also we just like called -- I think he understands that either of these ticket -- this moment. What they're gonna lose that he's planning book for generations and they're gonna lose the White House for generations again that the magic number four for his -- he's 33%. And and she knows that. Photographs are not getting there. So either are they correct rectified of course right now -- they -- I mean the risk of hoops in the White House and congress -- -- Else that -- history that we are talking about senator mark -- -- and recognize when the senate passed comprehensive reform with 23 Republicans there's going toward. The house Republicans would not bring it up. And Karl Rove ultimately face. Collision. The -- motivating the base and also reaching out and they kind of blinked in the White House at that moment and they've never been able to get back close to that point where they would -- to find. It's us. And random of the ultimate. -- now I'm brought -- remember me. If you want to ask governor Romney he'd been defined himself as Mexican American yes that's exactly yes. Our next panelists are to -- terrific political strategists in the Republican. Permanent we -- -- leading Republican pollster president of northstar opinion research and a co-founder with Ed Gillespie of resurgent republic. A group that studies the Republican message and agenda. As extensively analyzed Hispanic attitudes Ana Navarro. Was born -- has been here in the US since 1980 served as the national Hispanic co -- 2008 and the national Hispanic share for Jon Huntsman. In 2012. To let me start. Just went with an -- question about -- -- You know it's -- interview the other day we one of the Hispanic advisors to Mitt -- that there internal goal. In the campaign was getting 38%. Hispanic vote subsequently others think it's or maybe it's not quite but we have heard from our ideas our no -- in -- vote. That they believe that he can exceed McCain's 31%. Is on track to do that now wit and what we have to do not yet. -- I think it all depends upon how the campaigns. In many ways the campaign is to start. I know that sounds crazy those of us it would be reason stopped when he force -- but for a great many Americans. They're just tuning a lot of it depends upon how he runs -- campaign. His tone as senator Martinez mention is critically important. As as well as certain positions on some issues we critically important. There's no question that there is a critical need for Republican candidates to do significantly better. And Senator McCain and we have the great example which already mention of George W. Bush recently getting 44%. Nationally. George W. Bush won a majority of the sun -- Hispanic vote. So we know it can happen it's happened in recent history and it's a matter of how you run the campaign and how you reach out of the -- just. And you -- the. The Romney campaign is on track and are they focused on the challenges. I don't think -- on track today I think they may be on track tomorrow. And it was the most important thing that happened last night with that he won the -- that's going to -- to tap into -- general election. He -- meaning to -- until now and I hope that a lot of expense and Hispanic. Communities. You know making the -- for Univision because he needs to do that in the next sixty days when his numbers are right now. We should be pressing the panic. Because if he doesn't beat McCain's numbers he doesn't win it's that simple but it's not rocket science and you've got out there short -- -- time left. I'm I'm saying that for example he hasn't done. I Univision -- -- use it and and I think those are lost opportunities he's out. To do -- And he's going to be -- Hispanic and you've got to -- opening up himself to a lot of media part of that -- to include opening up. Two Hispanic. And just letting the floodgates opened and -- It. Yeah yeah as a modified well lets you know there was these. Controversy with the -- commission on potential if and they didn't I can understand why they didn't choose he's finding -- -- and fastest growing block critical -- in the in the country right now very whistle native left of the party so we are from hello I'm. Yes. I think about it might say questioned because of tomorrow night I'm still looking for the phrase that you think will sail. Home. In order to change this -- Tomorrow night. Is there has sent to contain what does -- and he just ignored self deportation and move on. I had -- tomorrow night as these speech to address immigration. I think in uniform he's going to -- -- -- invasion I think at some point he's gonna have to sit down with -- he's an -- with. Immigration I don't think you can sidestep -- between now and November 6 because it continues being the elephant in the room. But tomorrow night is speech for all Americans I don't think it. And at that speech to unite all Americans and bring in means that. Let's all eat that he can turn this thing around that he is the child around artists so. You know to bring opportunity optimism and vision I think he's got what -- -- -- presenting a large vision so I think it's about going big. Not going small and trying to address and target micro target specific communities. I'm not looking back at -- -- but I'm pretty sure they're not at the white immigration are -- be -- tomorrow this is not a state of the union -- -- convention speech. You know I'm I don't expect them. Look let me just point out to -- it tomorrow night you have Hispanics superstar. Marco Rubio introducing. Mitt Romney Marco Rubio I worked with when he was an extra in the polls against Charlie Crist in this state. Marco Rubio is Michael Jordan of American politics. He is enormously. Talented. And you've got him on this huge stage introducing. Mitt Romney tomorrow night that in and of itself will send a huge -- To Hispanic voters around the country about the importance that the Republican Party places on the suspect. You know we let you know we're very proud of our past history and -- -- origins. Yesterday spoken with -- bush. And I it was something you know ball George Bush if you -- -- he puts you have himself a Latino because from the markets. -- -- from Mexico. Bill Richardson former governor of New Mexico he's mummies from Mexico and he considers himself a Hispanic. Even though Richardson or it was nothing. But somehow -- Romney he's that was born in Mexico with chicken -- off and in Mexico they think that. You're from me what's Mexican about -- the law. And somehow he's not using that at all nobody would believe that Romney's have a team but somehow he's not even concede the -- The fact that she could talk about -- and and bodies aren't so. And I think that's an unfair. Questions about it -- -- he wasn't seeing that he was amazement and let you know. We know that -- -- particular circumstances of them women colony then moved to Mexico but -- Wednesday morning Max Cleland and John John McCain was going hot and he's not happy. You -- I don't -- out this and that and that's what I was born in it but I want it you'll look. On what yesterday I -- Jeb Bush saying well you know what if Bill Clinton the first black president and the first -- Florida and I think most of saying you're right he's not and that's I'm Reid and if -- -- this isn't something -- -- -- I didn't. Think. It would -- Bring -- back and it's so that we talked about long term trajectory -- numbers -- party. And as you look we're now 26% of the vote in 2008 was -- -- double what was first elected. As we talked about Mitt Romney. It could be couldn't match the best performance ever by a Republican challenger in the history of polling among whites of comparable Eisenhower 52 rated. And bush 88. And still lose he can get 575859%. Of whites. And still -- that internal goal in the campaign is to get to 61%. Which would be at the absolute top of the challenger has ever got what is the long term us. For the party is fair to ask that the nominee have to get that level of support among -- particularly when a lot of those upper middle income socially liberal whites are tough to get. So. What is the message the party of the map please. -- -- Well the reason that's even a possibility is because of Barack Obama's historic unpopular. Among whites particularly non college educated -- he got 43%. Of the white vote. Total in 2008. He's well below that he's in the low to mid thirties -- apparently because of incredible weakness among. Non college educated whites to whom he has -- a huge signal. Bitter people clinging to their guns and religion that he doesn't sympathize or understand. Anything about them. So the reason it's possible for the Romney campaign had this internal goals 61 of the white vote. Is rooted in rock Obama's historic unpopularity. Among whites particularly. Blue collar whites but the long term. Picture is absolutely clear Republicans have got to do better among. Not white voters particularly Hispanics and teach us if we don't we're not going to be talking about how to get back Florida. We're going to be talking about how not to lose texts. And if you lose the four biggest states California New York Texas and Florida there's no way to put together an electoral majority in the. The flip side -- -- Martinez the future someone said the future is never never has a police in the world what went into the coalition that is there now. When you when you art when you need -- -- hoping for war and -- These enormous margin among blue collar whites and older whites who are the most uneasy -- say. About many of the demographic changes that are going on how much of a constraint. Is that on the ability of the parties to reach out. And find policies that you kind of bring in this potential future. Great presidential leaders persuade people the direction they want to go is the right to -- It's going to take an articulate. Visionary. Republican president. To say we need to go this direction and I'll show you how we do it and how we keep our coalition together and how we -- America better as way to do. Listen to Marco Rubio did not listen to the vision that he paints for America. In the 21 century and you'll hear a lot of the answers -- And -- -- time when we're just wanted to ask of general cultural question. All your polling you've been able to. Or over microscopic. Detail actually -- cultural question him. Surprised view them. About the Hispanic population and -- something that really got. -- Didn't think that done. -- mean beyond the fact that 50000. Hispanic youngsters turned eighteen years old every month. And we will do so -- -- years. Although any number of what do you see in the details. And intuitively that it OK you want to know what surprised me the most that we -- -- Puerto Rican Mormon Republicans. Question congressman from -- Yeah that is. -- -- in my mind that I think it and what that tells me is. I was talking about this Democrat. I don't -- as an elected official and the Republicans aren't we are electing Republicans not. From -- Republican districts drawn what Hispanics were drawn for African Americans. We are electing them at mainstream candidates which enables them to be means to me elected officials. They're not just about immigration not just about Hispanic issues thinking -- be popular with the Republican -- After -- laboratories at Marco Rubio as a Bryant and about sent a team and I think that's -- I think. Given the momentous -- -- and I think it's exciting and it speaks to. He died -- -- city with in the Republican Party that is there whether others want -- -- -- not the -- it. We -- that we would not just trotting out. Hispanic places and Hispanic surnames on the face the truth if they aren't stars within our parties and openings. They are all split Republican. -- -- Our quick final thought final thought is for people who love this stuff -- -- resurgent republic dot com we've got a Hispanic info graphic. The -- library to predict what percentage of the vote will be Hispanic percentage -- you know percentage of filed yet and play with the numbers way to see -- -- -- So what is it to take the Diane moral -- what is your dad you -- where where can where can Romney realistically hope to get. In this election -- its. Run on an answer that question after we run the campaign I'll answer. Before the election. But it doesn't make any sense to try to answer that question now before we've even heard the convention speech much less -- the campaign and that will determine. And maybe -- more important question and the second part of that formula is trying to. You cannot percent -- matters in terms of what they're trying to we'll be 24 years ago Barack Obama got -- and I and my real quick. What was the impact -- the on the Hispanic community's influence in Washington if the share of the vote. Does not go up despite the enormous population experience which many people some people are concerned the share -- -- vote might even go -- -- rather than rising with a population of what we -- implications of. I think the implications are inevitable because the demographics aren't inevitable. And show you know. I think both parties understand that and -- and and it's a reality that we're gonna have to deal with we should have been dealing with a four years ago not now -- That's probably a missed opportunity that we had -- Republicans but we're gonna have to deal with it now or or you know there's simply not going to be in the majority. Whit Ayers and -- -- thank you for joining us here. In the center of these issues. -- -- -- -- -- now completely. His third term as attorney general. Up welcome. Party. After being reelected in 2008 with 80% of the vote prior to his initial election due out he served as an -- act. A private attorney and assistant AG deputy county attorney along the way and author historical novel and -- not a man. Based on the Dred Scott case that helped light the fuse for the civil war attorney general of the state. Talking about before diversity not only -- -- places familiar with what Rodney. Places that it not historically known Hispanic population. Is up 78%. Since 2000 you think of yourself as a conservative. Usually -- in the lawsuit against the Obama health care plan if but you have repeatedly expressed concern about the way your party. Is handily immigration issues most recently. On your way -- to this convention raising some concerns about the platform thinking both about the politics. And the substance. What do you think the Republican Party is -- long at this point and how has gotten off on this. -- -- First let me just the -- -- that were caught -- problem over the UW's were -- western -- Wednesday. Good to be with you. With an idea I have in the forty years elected office I was clippers you -- -- -- is running for office 22. Let you know. Subcommittee we're very heart -- -- we believe for a long time that Hispanic Latino culture is Republican culture the attitude about. Strong -- belief in god family all the things we believe Republican Party we were part of religion that George Bush President Bush -- -- successfully. And -- concern is too great deal that part of our party has been captured. By the tea parties lesson in liberation movement who who unfortunately when it realized would be -- be taught in this -- motivated. Almost like Reagan their nose by very liberal organization John -- numbers USA fare type organizations. So. But they've they've been misled by a lot of rhetoric a lot of misinformation. -- saying that the greatest casualty in this whole debate on immigration is the truth. You have -- type laws being passed. By Russell -- for example who by the way. Lost. Significantly the message means and all republic but officials that pandering to this this kind of real wish real right wing Republican Party is not going to be successful. It's all they -- Based on misinformation lies about crime rate among Latinos and among undocumented. Workers lies about the impact on on our economy. And so forth that misled -- thinking that well we have to do something in the states since the federal government's not doing so we have to do something and fortunately. Many states excited -- -- tough. Rug -- on capital expands driver Malcolm to which we believe very harmful to tell us about the alternative approach entities what you're compact and he tells -- -- or state immediately once that passed you talk Republican. Legislators and we got -- Actually -- and -- -- -- yeah wanna do people were key. We in law enforcement. Business community religious faith based leader Robert concerned about that April wrong I was wrong for -- -- but we knew we had something more than just say no. To -- seven bill we had to have an alternative. So how -- -- drive policy but we felt like we got -- cover from legislators republics that column you'll have to do this is really what's happened so we got. Faith based leaders corporate leaders all the -- -- -- and law enforcement. And created we call you talk back is very simple statement of principles through legislation. That's based on principles. That the book like this when we did you talk federal about November 20 before -- started in January. The polls we started to change. And you -- -- we actually do want a more comprehensive fair crack that just -- The legislation. And so we a guest worker provision put in there much reduced seven enforcement bill. -- immigration commission to study the facts. So we the good news is that these legislative Republicans break Republicans and you talk. Who would that threatened to be tossed out of office this year documents between twelve to vote -- All challenged in the word is is that all those Republicans stepped up to the right -- and immigration -- survived the right wing challenge that's a message we want us Republicans across this country. We're what's -- people crystal acts of the world Russell Pierce's for the governor brewer so this loud really immigration. -- hearing it's not about all -- hurt us in the party because -- nationally. -- -- Well. Many people think that. Governor Jan Brewer and share your -- -- Are portraying does though the worst things that we welcome party for for Hispanics to what you're doing differently -- -- As you know in Arizona Latinos. Are more likely to be stopped by police nine. Times more than that nonhispanic whites what's going on you to the police department they have the chance to stop immigrants and then ask for the. It's what we we -- as they reduce build our our case is not just lot of shall we papers at all costs is only when there has been probable cause. Four felony crimes -- committed enough after -- like we always do. -- -- -- -- That are going to be asked whether you. What they are legal citizens that they be held until they can't so that you police department can act as the candidates but it's not it's not -- every situation every properties which -- Problem law enforcement very concerned about Barry attorney politics burglars because it is more so my agree with you they're just writing and then. They can just make up anything -- -- -- how 100% when you we have law enforcement oppose that bill. Because it hurts public safety. We we put together committee strike force you to Pittsburgh it is -- secure we are just focusing on criminal aliens those -- documented here who are committed crimes felony crimes. -- percent of our witnesses are of undocumented residents in our cities. If everyone of my officers a -- in my strike force and possibly vice officers they don't talk to you. Which -- that reality that you have been mostly missing in Arizona alone on -- and we are not. We are not doing you know we -- these aren't the candidate and the -- can stop and ask for the hello it's only if I'm -- you based on probable cause -- committed a felony crime this is not traffic violation of popular street. -- we -- somebody for a felony crime under probable cause and ask you rightly so much -- passengers were litigation storm that went. We'll see how that turns out we -- trying to do something different messages -- -- These type of enforcement only drive about provisions is horrible -- policy. And law enforcement officers do not want to do that what about the. The economic persuasion you're sitting in the living room with someone who genuinely. Is -- profound. Anxiety. Not just about the change but the feeling things are out of control. And what jobs -- -- -- what do you do. That. Transforms. What we did your job waiting for the federal government actors guest worker program. What we're trying to say we're faced -- relative to federal government acts does something about immigration reform. We have a problem here. But the problem is we have people who -- working being paid slave wages were -- treated improperly who are an update taxes refusal security numbers or at work. You don't have why don't bring them out of the darkness we haven't. If you -- your documented you're driving on our streets we want you to have a driver's privilege -- to take a test have insurance in the -- -- Same thing with working -- covering them out of the darkness. To a background check on a make -- they're not criminals. Make -- -- pay taxes have been working he paid a living wage not -- -- American workers that's what we're proposing and you thought Texas justice Brad Bailey. Texas right trumpeter who just got this plate put in the Republican platform saying -- guest worker provisions we need to fix these people. Work provide for the families pay taxes like the rest of -- and participate. And just be clear that the package of bills that you passed in more stability in -- but also HB 116 -- which created a guest worker program for people who are already here. Illegally which is you know something that Republicans really have been talking about. Six days of -- how it. What ultimately convinced Republican legislators and the conservative state to vote for. A guest worker program that allow people are here illegally to stay and also can you implement -- in light the Arizona decision. Bomb bomb on them by the Supreme Court. We believe we can't have been spent a lot of time talking to officials BOJ from secretary of Homeland Security the DOJ as well as John Morton -- and others. Tell him look let us -- the guest worker -- -- you can't do that it's a crime to hire undocumented aliens. But he's doing everything in the -- that we use all the time a prosecutorial discretion. You -- not have the resources to to go after every reporter out there -- appoint an undocumented aliens. Focus on the really bad guys in order to do with -- employers who -- paying. Living wages picture of the importance -- -- -- background checks we're gonna give you a list of undocumented workers. -- -- -- -- citizens who live and our communities and kids go to school with our kids who attend church with us. You don't have resources to come and take them out focus just on the crippling it up so we're very pleased when. They came out now twice -- we're going to use prosecutorial discretion or deferred action. First -- of the goals we are important and second on these kids. In your forward a few states that have an instinct which we argue very strongly for this. Because of the fact that I thought these kids out of there being pulled the gates 65% -- gang members in Utah are Hispanic. When -- will make up 12% of the population -- local schools. If they don't -- you have no hope I want those kids in school graduate and pays tuition and now think -- Frankly very much of the -- administration for allowing them out to go to work right. Larson -- questions. So you are undocumented immigrant and you and you get up on the lessons. We -- -- driver's privilege cards -- yesterday going -- you can drive on our streets and an 85% of them have insurance. Are you concerned that. Immigrant from all -- -- states might just going to use it to -- advised -- we've we. We were very good about that have to have a picture -- that we document and it it's actually working very well for us -- that's what we're trying to -- is until federal government takes action. We have an issue we have to deal with the pragmatic about what's reasonable and that's what can be uniquely American we can be compassion about who we're dealing with -- that's a -- like acre -- hateful words and things like this. That's not to be a conservative principle let's let's work together try and use -- and helps people effective. In our communities. And -- we get congress to finally do their job. I've noticed that you don't use -- -- goats and and for reluctance is very important because of electrical work if somebody says illegal you mean if you know that they're not -- Use the word undocumented immigrants -- A documented over unauthorized vehicles the official words and that's who we like Detroit news I think it's a word but we wanna spread within the Republican what are -- Absolutely experience and conference. I just want to know how we make western Wednesday and national. I could not secure. Residents who it turns out thank you so much for joining us. -- my colleagues here for a purchase a final thought on what -- heard today or what what he -- most important kind of message you've heard from his. -- of voices. What are they gonna do -- eleven an undocumented immigrants I still don't know. And unless they have an answer for that and on this governor Romney has announced about -- that's -- -- they won't get to that it was sent in -- the White House. Changes coming changes coming and again I just on the say. I'll see you all an election. But it's a great thing I remember reading once the best witnesses in the trial -- those who have the most diverse histories. But looking out in the same direction. And that is always the message of all of us together as. We share languages and we share. Vision -- -- rise -- Mark my take away -- eight days coming in the Republican Party when you lose one of the Romney strategists two weeks ago. This is the last time anyone will try this -- trying to win a national majority almost solely 90% days. On the votes of whites and win or lose in the in the -- momentous decisions -- Mitt Romney. As Nixon goes to China kind of moment and immigration and they lose it because it was like the attorney general's which airs Jeb Bush. Becoming latter questioning. The direction against what is also a very solid core of the party that believes there all the annual loss -- I think very in the Republican Party either way. However the next big debate we're gonna -- is in Charlotte. That's our reorganizations -- going to be -- Be on Wednesday and Charlotte. With an -- theory goes on the -- after native Sarah and secretaries at least discuss these issues what the demographic change means the Democratic Party so we like it that you might -- talented dancer or Iran must. All of our --

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