Republicans Look to Win Over Swing Voters

RNC 2012: Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity discusses how undecided voters can be won.
3:00 | 08/28/12

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Transcript for Republicans Look to Win Over Swing Voters
Somebody else who's paying a lot of attention to this election -- -- from. Americans for prosperity spending at this is an outside group -- right for a line seat for which is officially a nonprofit organization right. He like Republicans now that sent not there are certainly that are on the economic issues that matter to -- you that. -- spending a lot a great deal of money on this election trying to encourage people to vote for many of these Republicans. What overarching theme that we hear from this fall -- hearing throughout this campaign is. People don't like Barack Obama but they don't yet love Mitt Romney -- so. What is it that Mitt Romney needs to do and what can groups like viewers do did take those undecided voters. It can't quite figure out -- Mitt Romney -- and push them over the top. I think that the job we're doing -- we're expressly advocating the defeat of President Obama for president. I -- with the ads that we're doing right now reaching out these swing voters they don't wanna hear traditional political messages they genuinely want to hear. About the issues that matter most of them and that's the economy for them. And so our -- very specifically stay away from the typical political grandstanding to ominous music the voice of god announcer all that -- is not working. We use the actual. Interviews with folks who voted for Obama for years ago and they just simply of their own words unscripted talk about why the switch -- they're not voting for him this year. So that's what we're doing and our job frankly is due to focus on the president's record. And that's what these -- do. With regard to governor Robbie I think his job. It is to personalize himself this week I think folks like -- or an easy with the president's policies they -- comfortable yet with governor Romney. And I think he'll compass and I think mrs. -- is gonna go a long way toward that tonight. Advertising that your I think you're one of many out brighter throughout their campaigns are spending time right -- -- -- -- saturation level it. August it feels like the end of October evidentiary it is a really intense period of time of advertising is it. Total saturation that. Voters are beginning to Philadelphia. That's always a concern here that kind of on a yearly basis but I don't think so. Typically voters sifted through the information. And they don't like political looking and sounding messages this year they just don't certainly this week voters don't know partisans on the left to right it joined the red lead -- -- -- ads but I tell you swing voters and -- only about nine to 12% of the electorate left. They generally don't like the political so they don't like the name calling they don't like the it is the political ease they really want to hear about the issues that's what we're doing I think those groups are doing that Lisa want to know what they're doing our. And you'll have been something of a punching bag -- that Democrats do love to point to your group the -- Brothers or -- a major funders to you Walt. Tom do you think you can still be an effective messenger as an outside group. If voters keep hearing these messages about these outside groups have terrible there aren't we hate them and -- right -- these -- special interest money. What what are you hear from voters about the ads that when -- viewers and. I know you're surprised to this week's study that would have a really I -- stuck there is we have done that. And what we find is that swing voters don't care about process they just don't atlas there's corruption and -- -- and that's different -- process from the standard. Political -- or -- they just don't hear about it they're focused on the issues so you know years ago. George Soros wasn't that much of that remember that the right would beat up while mr. sorrows and and voters into the -- didn't care they want -- these policies that the Bush Administration go to bat. This time. Voters don't really care who David -- -- -- here who you know although the -- -- mr. -- -- the other punching bags that you hear so much that the left to tax good Americans by the way. They wouldn't know about these issues and so it's a parlor game for the politicos in the partisans it's not reality for the average key swing vote. No doubt Mitt Romney has the mission you were talking about here right dimensions of it. Getting the American people comfortable with him right introduce himself but also to get to 270 electoral votes you look at that map very closely we can decide where to advertise. What does that would -- that two or three states -- -- it turns desolate. I'm gonna give -- three states that not everyone talks about. Minnesota Iowa Wisconsin. We've been -- for a long time in -- states. We're there now with this advocacy effort. I'm telling if those three states are gonna come up -- -- meeting board. That may -- -- Ohio or Pennsylvania and let's all the delegates count commits a list -- everyone says Ohio Ohio's importance where there as well by the way tell you watch Minnesota. Iowa by the way -- it was an Iowa for a full day data -- that's -- usual. Those three states watch those three states. We're just talking about the fact that the president has been an awful lot of time in Iowa an awful lot of money -- -- he's obviously seeing the same thing though that you. And Minnesota has not been at play in two decades plus it's -- play I don't -- -- Developed for the Americans for prosperity thank -- so much -- really appreciate it that they -- expert Evan -- -- think you.

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{"id":17099502,"title":"Republicans Look to Win Over Swing Voters","duration":"3:00","description":"RNC 2012: Tim Phillips of Americans for Prosperity discusses how undecided voters can be won.","url":"/Politics/video/republicans-win-swing-voters-17099502","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}