Battle of the Riches: Rich Lowry on ABC's Top Line

National Review editor on Herman Cain's response to sexual harassment claims.
3:00 | 11/01/11

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Transcript for Battle of the Riches: Rich Lowry on ABC's Top Line
And we now have the distinct unique in historic pleasure attorney from Rich Lowry. Too Rich Lowry the editor of the national review joins me here in New York on the ad account to -- -- -- -- -- -- here Asia. We were talking about her McCain we're talking about the sexual harassment. Allegations a strong -- even know were to use here not settlement if not agreement but what do you make of his performance of the last. Well yesterday it was -- a classic. Damage control kind of performance where you wanna get everything out initially. The full story and you -- stick with it you don't want to change. And of course that's not the way he did it. I'm but it is very -- -- and that is this is these are the kind of kind of modeled explanations you've seen at his current views on policy -- shouldn't be surprising. -- it gets a little modeled discussing something happened fifteen years ago. On Greta Van Susteren last night I -- very sincere. Very believable but makes you a little nervous about what is he -- remember next to you now but. In terms a Republican voters he's doing fine so far this may even be helping him. Helping rich. Yeah I think. There there's been this dynamic where you've seen these various conservative. Candidates catch fire Sarah -- Donald Trump where he wants someone outside a political establishment and it helps. If they outraged the political press and get beaten up on by the political. Press -- that's the perception. So and in this regard I think it helps Herman Cain and reinforces. His appeal least in the near or medium term rather than detracting from -- Rich rich we've seen most of his -- political opponents kind of steer clear of this mess. But today out in Iowa Washington Post is reporting you know -- -- Rick santorum's advisors. This kind of venturing dipping his toe and into the debate it insane that -- needs to be more forthcoming on this. Indeed how do you see that playing with the other candidates mean is this kind of creating -- wedge for them -- anyway. I think there would be idiots to say anything about this other than it's for Herman. Two address and we taken at his word and it Santorum advisor. Said that that's gonna hurt -- Rick Santorum that's a huge mistake just called it an idiot from now I said the candidates would be idiots. I the -- goes a very foolish move that's the case. And that the body in -- but in the Perry video. That the video from New Hampshire nice now really just thinking -- steam on on the interwebs YouTube 300000 its overnight when you look at Rick Perry. -- animated in that -- but don't you take away from. Well I thought one of -- is great advantages when he first got in. Was he was this entertaining figure -- kind of loose and at ease. On the campaign trail and -- debates and to see saw in Syria early getting beaten down beaten down beaten down. Until that Bloomberg today in New Hampshire his utterly submissive but wouldn't it surprised if you rolled over and -- belly to Mitt Romney now -- a little more life and the and the the next one after that but I I think this is just Perry trying to. -- -- likable Rick Perry is comfortable on the campaign trail again those little wacky but it was very entertaining. And rich for -- -- before you before you let you go guys almost sixty days before the first votes are cast. A bunch of debates coming up what what are you going to be looking for -- in the next couple weeks with I think like 67 debates that if we're gonna Hussein. Well it does does anyone really puncture the armor of Mitt Romney in his -- saw little -- opened up by Rick Perry in and the last debate -- made. Mitt Romney actually show some anger pushed -- -- think anyone ever seen in public before. And as someone consolidate this so called anti. Romney vote or does. Artists the right. Kind of -- split up among these various candidates which is exactly what Mitt Romney wants. All right rich Lara over the line thank you so much for coming in here and -- making history with us. -- of any time if it. It was great to be -- -- and I just wanna say before we go history is also being me because this news just breaking. Robert Carroll coming out with the next book. In the Lyndon Johnson's series this'll be called the passage of power it will take -- up in 1964 in the -- of LBJ it's coming out in -- -- everyone. Hang on until May we can all make it that far. That's right throughout the power broker it's going to be a -- -- giants can take you many weekends to get through that thing as with all of us but that. It should be a good run and be sure to follow Bob over the central reminder at John S Berman at Devin Dwyer. We're always on -- Slash politics great step up there today thank you for being here. And tweet tweet three pound top line. -- top line --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"National Review editor on Herman Cain's response to sexual harassment claims.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"14859071","title":"Battle of the Riches: Rich Lowry on ABC's Top Line","url":"/Politics/video/rich-lowry-abc-top-line-14859071"}