Richard Schiff: Obama 'Not My Political Ideal'

"West Wing" star talks about the president and his new web series "Chasing the Hill."
3:00 | 09/04/12

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Transcript for Richard Schiff: Obama 'Not My Political Ideal'
We're joined now by Richard -- the actor noted circles of course -- west wing figured every lead that down route like this sure you know that. No I'm not at one time I get to feel like Elvis returning to -- that -- Exactly a lot of a lot of people still inspired by that but most recently the -- of the new Frontline series not the answer is -- -- an -- I can't it -- it which is really cool and that no more than a cameo really it's yet -- I actually we were editing at the other day and I asked. I asked grant to cut you out a little bit. Stealing the -- elements in my -- it's easy -- get it like that it's miles and wants not smile. I don't know what the subject -- he wants -- that was going to be seen as -- but it is critical it's pretty happy and incidentally. Let's. Talk a little about the series -- it yet the that a political series since the west but their typical back alive. I did a little movie called knife fight which is actually screening here at the convention than it did -- -- -- right Chris Callahan thing out and that's the only political thing up till now has usually turned them down. And Brad Ross skews the -- there and other executive producer on this is along with me. I can't tell me about the show and I was resistance and then he he went ahead and re develop that for somebody else and then I saw it and -- loved it. And I you know what -- again involved in this so that we decided to work together and committed his fantastic character from myself. Found one for yourself. And so it's exciting. It's a very it's very different this is seen it's me not -- -- and -- delegates and we're just putting this on and this is just ask. Would you know -- we're life they practically complete -- look -- -- I have. I'm so and it says it's a much more private and personal look at -- the run of -- congresswoman trying to get. Re election in this time of us Citizens United and and money comes soon. Simpson as he plays super -- -- -- -- is that Israel yes I'd be like yes. Very very very good about undercover under the cover of by journalists. -- -- -- -- -- The -- where the husband -- of. Now I am I'm someone who had a relationship with the intent and interesting but is also power broker in the party. And so I have have a say as to whether she is going to get certain acting not -- that's is that. That -- That you happen to be about -- interesting place to take I was Robin weaker. Though they have not seen yet -- they will see some day. Who is a brilliant brilliant or prevent it from deadwood -- and we've been want to work together for a long time right and so that's that's -- That's been fun for press. All right so tell me for doesn't for those people who are into it saying oh my got to wait it's it's gonna be -- me back on Ronnie that's an -- But that's and so what -- need to know is this -- that they're gonna see until. His name is Tobias. It's it's it's a little bit different that was the look a little bit like totally different but that'll -- it. -- little Graham a little better looking into. But -- is in the political -- -- people will make their comparisons and whenever but. This guy is much more as much for real talent and his a little less like -- idealistic. That goes I think it goes hand in hand if -- -- if he can actually ascertain power. You have to -- a little bit -- that idealism I think this kind of the law of physics. But is also a little bit of a -- -- -- not as tight complex and his guns. It's -- as dark and student so let's -- cult of what you say political words that come out of people and got this thing. Now -- yeah now. You're always involved with little that's the Creative Coalition are very active and it'll and a lot of different -- -- efforts. Your sense of Obama if we worst year reviewer here last time around where are you -- -- fury there where. -- arriving for years ago upward four years ago -- I had a conversation with some of his very personal friends and backers back in Chicago sits on the very -- thing. Which is that the greatest thing that you will have ever done is to get elected and that's undeniable. The same could be said about Jackie Robinson putting on -- uniform. The greatest thing he could have ever done is to go out to the on the field for the first time. Doesn't he wasn't great second base entered innocent Brooklyn -- great ballplayer. But. He's known for being. The first and I think I'm I think this president. It's historical because he got elected. Beyond that he's a human being then is. Someone it took over. The presidency. Probably the worst possible time because we weren't even in the recession very long. Roosevelt was -- three of four years -- -- the country was in the depressant Victoria's before I was. So we already knew we were in trouble somehow. The prospective. Can be. Can be turned to to make it seem like. Obama got -- now all of a sudden we're not doing well wolf it's clearly -- eight years prior kind of it was the cause and effect of that. -- -- The -- tough. And is up against obstructionist. House and oppositional party and given that it's. Is not my political ideal personal I think is a little conservative for my taste but I remember him. And his campaign speeches. And I see that president that's done exactly what he said he's gonna. You know health care and and incentives -- surge in Afghanistan which -- and agree with but he did. I think partly you know and again and months partly as a flank for Pakistan which I think the very -- about. And bring down the the effort in IRS. You know you you have three wars that then we inherited from bush yet directly -- Afghanistan and the war on drugs gone up from forty. Trillions and trillions industrialists millions of dollars how do you balance that with lower taxes it's not possible. Plus you have work force which is streaking and a retiring force which is expanding so -- reverse pyramid from the Social Security. In the days -- security began. -- possible. Mathematical algorithms to correct in six weeks when the criticism began from the other side. It's not -- I don't well. Would you be did it year old. -- -- -- at new world but you have to give the advice to -- you have this in front of them because it's not simply that. People are frustrated. Because he didn't live up to expectations. -- -- publishing and news listen and did not live up to the committed change. It's -- idealistic. And an exit billion. And stop all -- it ends. -- -- -- an ambitious idea. I thought that the that the nature of the way we did businessmen each -- might very well change who knew that -- reactionary. The action would be to actually the polar opposite. It's of that and to make it impossible for even sit down in the first place. You know was tough to anticipate but that's what happened. You know you've got to go and with let them with a full kind of torch you know burning and hope that. People follow you and if they don't OK realism is settled and the pragmatist as a takeover and the then you have to become a fighter inning -- is an extra. -- may be and he was a little slow in realizing. That that you have to bring a gun to a knife fight if you want to win. And and now I think he's in the last year to I think that's ways that. I think I think through the thing you can see in the convention is an Obama that's gonna come out and you can see a fighter. Get the fighter in -- Richard Schiff. The -- series downloaded I tell you download and even a public that I've really found at the -- they'll face. The episodes -- -- the effort is really good.

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{"id":17153997,"title":"Richard Schiff: Obama 'Not My Political Ideal'","duration":"3:00","description":"\"West Wing\" star talks about the president and his new web series \"Chasing the Hill.\"","url":"/Politics/video/richard-schiff-says-obama-not-my-political-ideal-17153997","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}