Rick Perry Details Economic Growth Package

Texas governor previews a portion of his forthcoming plan.
2:19 | 10/19/11

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Transcript for Rick Perry Details Economic Growth Package
In -- today haven't released the city's health and economic growth package that will create jobs create growth created better commons in America again. It starts when it spreading. She's certainly frustrated -- scrappy. Three million. Words of the current tax -- start you know with something example. A flat tax. There's even Timothy Geithner in. -- -- The -- our plan involved a serious commitment to you. Speedy realizing. The alternative. Is that a patent Greeks and other European nations that it had been song about it sovereign debt accumulated. We must reform entitlements. Preserving that is for those -- wrong. Social Security -- today's retirees -- those approaching the age to -- We need to put forward a plan that balances. He's our country on course to future bouts. I don't farms are this country. From day one going to -- these days that required to generate export for a balanced budget amendment that would require -- -- -- -- -- -- The necessary changes be placed in our constitution. And makes choices year after year we must. -- changed the way that business is done. -- -- -- -- It is the do it fast today not do in -- mindset. Where congress. Borrowed from future -- right. The -- land projects that are not since. -- wanted to use more work. My plan is to NN. Earmarks for good.

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{"id":14773882,"title":"Rick Perry Details Economic Growth Package","duration":"2:19","description":"Texas governor previews a portion of his forthcoming plan.","url":"/Politics/video/rick-perry-details-economic-growth-package-14773882","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}