Rick Perry: Send Troops Back to Iraq

Texas governor warns of Iran taking over Iraq, blasts Obama's decision.
0:58 | 01/08/12

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Transcript for Rick Perry: Send Troops Back to Iraq
However apparently -- -- differences present Obama but who's got the better this argument right here between. Senator Santorum and it's. Well I think that you have to I would send troops back in -- I Iraq because I would tell. I I think we start talking with the -- Iraqi. Individuals there the idea that we allow. The Iranians to come back indirect and take over that country -- fall of the treasure both in blood and money that we've spent and Barack. Because this president wants to. -- touts -- his liberal leftist base. And move out those men and women he could have renegotiated that time for a I think it is a huge -- for us we're going to see Iran in my opinion move back in at. Intellectually to -- a lot. They're gonna move back in and all of the work that we've done every young man. That is lost his life in that country bowl -- for nothing because we've got a president that does not understand what's going on that read.

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{"duration":"0:58","description":"Texas governor warns of Iran taking over Iraq, blasts Obama's decision.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15314624","title":"Rick Perry: Send Troops Back to Iraq","url":"/Politics/video/rick-perry-send-troops-back-iraq-15314624"}