Rick Santorum's Full Speech at CPAC 2012

GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum speaks at CPAC.
4:05 | 02/10/12

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Transcript for Rick Santorum's Full Speech at CPAC 2012
Thank. You. Yeah. Okay. And in my time. Thank. You. Thank you. This is not the -- -- family we're not gonna saying. But it's say it's great to be here -- fact right the other thing I will not be Toni -- I think Foster corner the market on that. That thank you so much for that -- of dollars. Reception for -- for not just me -- For most of my family that is here first the folks in there walk in with me today and walking this journey with me. Are here with me today because. This is who I -- And they are there here with -- -- what -- introduce. Most of you probably seen them before that this is my wife Karen the rocket attack standard talk. There Maria. Patrick Daniel. Elizabeth. Peter and John. And. Of course the one that we just -- not here with us but his home men recuperating to swell and doing amazingly well thanks to all of your prayers are a little girl -- I came here. Back in right after the 2000 election. I come due have been coming to a lot of -- -- conventions over the years and after that election I made this statement. I -- conservatism. Did not fail our country. Conservatives failed conservatives. And that's what I really believe then. And that we in fact lost heart. As conservatives we lost -- we listened to the voices who said that we had to abandon our principles. And our values. To get things done. To win. We hear those same voices today that we have to. Learn our lesson. That we should no -- that we that we need to. Compromise. Do what's what's politically reasonable. And go out and push someone forward who can win. Why think we have learned are less. And the lesson we learned is that we will no longer about abandon and apologized for the policies and principles. That made this country great for a hollow victory in November. The other thing we should -- recognize. As conservatives and Tea Party folks. That we are not just wings of the Republican Party we are the Republican Party. Folks have been here before. We know each -- we've worked together in the vineyards. We've taken on the tough battles that confront this country. I know you. And you know me. And that's important. Because we've worked together some say experience as bad thing in this election. I don't think so. I think knowing the people who are the conservative leaders knowing the people who have worked in the vineyards. For decades. Knowing the people who bring the ideas and the breath in the wellspring of ideas to conservatism. Is important. -- is Richard Gregory often says. Policies. Are personnel. Personnel is what makes it knowing the people to bring -- surround yourself with. Those voices that we've listened to in the past were all people that we brought in. Who told us well now we can't stand by -- principles. Ladies and gentlemen this press the United States we will surround ourselves in this administration. With people who share our values were committed to the principles that made this country great leaders of the conservative vote. We know there's a lot of excitement here because. This election is about very very big things. This is not just about jobs although it is about jobs and we obviously -- do something about jobs in this country and we put Florida and economic plan that the Wall Street Journal calls. Supply side economics for the working man. Why because we care to make sure that every American. Has the opportunity -- at the latter goes down. Not just to those who might be voting for us but yes the very poor. The people in this country who have been suffering and left behind we want to create an opportunity for all of that. Blue collar Americans the working four to rise in society. We've put together a plan it. Reinvigorate -- manufacturing base of our economy that creates opportunities for people to be able to rise again in America and that's important. It's important we tackled this huge monstrous debt that we have America. Eight yet that is crushing American and -- -- it's -- moral. That week. And I put Florida another plan that says we're gonna cut five trillion dollars in five years balance the budget in five years and every year. We will spend less money than the year before year after year after year until the balance the budget is now. No more. Cuts in the rate of -- We know it's about big things -- really big things more than just while the cop. It's about foundational principles we've seen that played out here just in the last few weeks. Every speech I've given from the 381. Town hall meetings I did in Iowa. I talk about I talked about founding principles. This campaign is going to be about a vision. This campaign's going to be about who we are as Americans because in essence that's what's at stake. This is the most important election in your lifetime. It's election about what kind of country you're gonna leave to the next generation. Are we going to be a country that beliefs. As our founders did. That our rights don't come from the government they come from a much higher authority. Well there are those in our country and those in the Oval Office who believes that's not the case. They believe that rights do in fact come from the government. And that they have gone around convincing the American public that they can effect give you rights. The most important one that they've been able to shut down the throats of the American public. Was of course the right to health care. The right to health care in obamacare. And we see what happens. When government. Gives you rights. -- government gives you rights. Government can take away those rights. What government gives you rights. Government can't coerce you. It to doing things in exercising the right that they gate. I've been traveling around this country talking about how obamacare will crush economic freedom. Will make people dependent upon government for the most important things. There and their very lives. And as a result government will own. Because you'll have to pay tribute to Washington. In order to get the care you need for your children. One of the reasons I'm in this race. In fact the major reason -- in this race is because I think obamacare is a game changer -- Margaret -- said -- left the prime ministership of English was never able to accomplish what Reagan accomplished he said the reason. The British national health care system. Once people have that dependency. They are never really ever free again. Ladies and gentlemen we've seen this play out on the stage in the last few weeks. We've seen the president United States only tell you what insurance -- who have how much are gonna pay how much of the find if you don't. But he's now telling the Catholic Church the -- are forced to pay for things. That are against their basic tenants and teachings against their First Amendment right. Now interest enough here's what they're -- they're forcing them to do. In an insurance policy. -- force in the -- percent in the cost just a few dollars. Is that what insurance is for. The -- the foundational idea that we have that the government telling you that you have to pay for everything. As a business. Things that are not really things that you need insurance for. And still forcing. I'm something that is not a critical but economic need. When you have an economic distress what you would need insurance but forcing them even the more. To do what for minor expenses. -- -- This is the kind of coercion that we can expect. It's not about. Contraception. It's about economic liberty it's about freedom of speech it's about freedom of religion it's about government control of your lives and it's got to stop. And this isn't the only place at present Obama's tried to control your lives. Of course one of the favorite things that the left. Is to use. Your sentimentality. Your your proper understanding and belief that we are stewards. Of this earth. And that we have responsibility to hand off. Eight a beautiful earth to the next generation. And so they use that and they've used in the past. To try to scare you went to supporting radical ideas on the -- They tried -- with this idea at this -- -- -- politicization of science called man made global warming. And present Obama. You may remember tried to pass cap and trade and try to get control not only of the health care system but of the energy industry. The manufacturing industry. Another two big sectors of this economy. And using this for sot. Of man made global war. Why sit up and fought against those things why because they will destroy. The very foundation. -- prosperity and our country. You look at any country in the world you look at their energy consumption the cost of energy and their quality of life the standard lit. The more energy consumption. The -- the standard of living. That's just the bottom lot we need in America if we're gonna fuel a great. And vibrant economy we need affordable energy. And the -- and this administration. Has gone out. And not only -- attacked us with cap and trade and global warming but now that that has been thrown in the dustbin of history now they're going after Hydro fracking. Now I come from Pennsylvania -- -- -- a little bit of that Pennsylvania thank thank god. And. And guess what of course now that we're doing Hydro fracking near the population centers. The -- and comes out who'll look at what is -- -- duty you. -- wells have been high refractive the United States. Are all about seven or 800000. Where's -- all the noise. Ladies and gentlemen -- scary. To intimidate you to trust that had to give them more -- When -- somebody's willing to go out on these big issues of the day. And draw contrasts. We're not gonna win this election ladies and gentlemen because. The Republican candidate has the most money to beat up their opponent. And win the election. We're not gonna win this election would. Over a lopsided money advantages we won't have walked in the fall. Pres Obama have more money whoever our nominee is. -- just think about what it's gonna take. It's gonna take ideas vision contrast. A record of accomplishment. That you go up against the failed policies of Barack Obama that's the winner. Well let's just take a look at that in the Republican field. Who has the boldest contrast. Who has the record that they can run off. Who has the bold plans to turn this economy around. And to support. The the very institutions of our country. That provide the foundation of our country faith and family. Who has that strong track record and that contracts. -- and. I guess I quit now -- year old convinced of that that. But let's look at. On the issue of obamacare. Who as a record of supporting health savings accounts and tort reform and bottom up. For consumer driven health care for twenty years. And who has. -- who has supported. That fact a step shot of obamacare. The person in Massachusetts who built the largest. Government run health care system in the in the United States. Someone who would simply give that issue away. In the fall. Give the issue a way. Of government control of your health. Who would be the better person to go at the Obama administration of trying to control the energy in the manufacturing sector of our economy try to dictate to you what lights -- not -- what -- to drop. Would it be someone that -- in -- man made global warming and impose the first carbon cap. In a state of Massachusetts. The first state to do so in the country. Would it be. Someone who would take on the other big issue. -- government control of our economy. Which is the government control. Of the financial services sector. We see a lot of we see -- everybody up onstage at the debates complain about that frank. But two of the three candidates supported the Wall Street bailout. Which was the predecessor of what's Dodd-Frank was based upon. So who would provide the clear contrast. A believing in the conservative vision. Up bottom up free people free markets. Not government dependency government control. Please -- we're not gonna win. With money. We're gonna win with contracts. We're gonna -- with ideas we're gonna win by making Barack Obama has failed policies the issue in this race. We -- -- 2010. Because conservatives rally. There were excited. About the contracts. They were excited about the candidates. Who were put forth in that election. And that's why we want. We always talk about how we gonna get the moderates why would an undecided voters. Vote for a candidate of a party who the parties not excited about. We need conservatives now. To rally. For a conservative. To go into November to excite the conservative base to -- -- that excitement moderate voters and to defeat Barack Obama in the fall. I close I just say this. When I restarted our our speech -- refer to our rights came front. And of course that's in our declaration of independence. I know a lot of folks like to focus on the constitution the constitution is. Obviously the operator's -- for America -- is. How all of America. It is essential that we returned our government to the constraints of that constitution. But the -- of America who we are is in the declaration. In these words we hold these trees to be self evident that all men are created equal. And endowed by their creator. With certain inalienable rights. That's who we are. A country that was built on the idea that rights come to us from god and that the government's job the one thing the government job to do. Is to protect those rights. So you can form families and churches and community organizations. Civic groups hospitals schools. And build a great just society from the bottom line. That's the conservative vision for America that's who we are. At the end of that declaration there was a phrase. And these signers signed it signed this declaration. With this pledge. They -- their lives their fortunes and their sacred -- No one is asking you today to go -- -- pledge your life. Although thank god men and women step forward every single day and put the uniform on of the military. And I. And I am not asking for your fortune although if you go to Rick Santorum dot com. Piece of that fortune would be very helpful. But I am asking for -- -- To put your honor on the line. Honors a term that's not used very often in America anymore. But is exactly what's at stake. Because this is our watch. We are stewards of the great inheritance. And it is our responsibility. To shepherd that it here it's. To make it greater and -- one for the next generation. And if we fail to do that. Than we have failed. Our duty. And our -- As Americans. This is your opportunity. Many generations come and go on American. Live in many respects inconsequential. -- in consequential times. You -- blessed to live in a time when American each. Please. Walk out of this. Gathering. Choose the candidate. -- you believe. Is the right person to lead this country not just a victory. But to the changes that are necessary for that victory to be one. That you can say. I have done my duty I've kept my honor thank you got --

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