Rick Santorum's Wife Breaks Down in Iowa

Karen Santorum cries as husband discusses death of son Gabriel.
2:55 | 01/03/12

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Transcript for Rick Santorum's Wife Breaks Down in Iowa
You know. We're blessed with until. We we suffered loss and many many families -- We suffer the loss of a child was born and -- -- In this game. And it was a very difficult time in our lives. We tried everything we could to save his life and -- And as parents we each do that -- you fail. As -- as well. And he was delivered and he lived about two -- -- delivered at 3 o'clock in the morning. And live that he died in our arms there's nothing -- to do just as important. And we decided to keep him in the room and being with -- and called the called funeral director the next morning and said we'd like to bury the next day. And we like at a funeral. So we capital Gabriel what does that night we brought -- home the next day. What I think we have here -- a hospital that Karen had delivered and we -- in the hospital. The next state Karen and we got together and brought Gabrahall witness to -- And I have the funeral there and then subsequently buried. And now we brought it home sort children could see. Karen was -- neonatal intensive care -- She dealt with. It's really really sick little piece she was a unit of to prosecutors for nine years. And she dealt with loss on a daily basis hot. And one of the things she. Told all of us was that it was so important. To recognize for the family to recognize. The light of that job. And for all the children to I don't know that they had a brother -- -- little Elizabeth they were young. Elizabeth was here -- It. Thanks Allan appreciate. It gives you opportunity to -- -- -- -- -- It's part of life. And it's it's sort of -- That people will look at something that my wife actually wrote a book about. Him lazy or call letters to -- Where she chronicle this journey that we went. Why did -- do it because of you for her mom and a few friends who got through a similar experience encouraged her to share that.

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{"id":15278537,"title":"Rick Santorum's Wife Breaks Down in Iowa","duration":"2:55","description":"Karen Santorum cries as husband discusses death of son Gabriel.","url":"/Politics/video/rick-santorums-wife-cries-in-iowa-over-death-of-son-15278537","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}