Mitch McConnell's 3 Things Romney Needs to Do in RNC Speech

Washington representative says she's excited for the large number of women rising through GOP ranks.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Mitch McConnell's 3 Things Romney Needs to Do in RNC Speech
Joining us are very excited that with -- when I later the senate Mitch McConnell Howard you know good to see is very good to see you. A peso. We have to ask you and -- you you met I don't know if you're a big Clint Eastwood fan but. Is -- -- favorite Clint Eastwood movie of viewers. -- you know -- it. The -- and none are now I -- Actually was with him at a dinner in. Los -- just a couple of weeks ago aside and he was supporting Romney's. All your movie questions good grief felt like so many album it's hard to pick sides it was his answer -- and there. We'll let you come back to that's okay that would. What what what is the message for Mitt Romney tonight obviously you're excited to support in this a lot of excitement in the room tonight but -- you'll hear the same talk among Republicans as everyone else does. -- we don't really know him that well yet we have to do. Dodd thinks a case. Against another four years of Obama. Has been made pretty well. Through the Republican primaries and look at at the pole day at and looks at how people feel about the first four years of the question this. We need biography awaited autobiography. And waited what is the mission. And I think we learned a lot about. Mitt Romney from his wife we learn something about him about -- -- and Paul runs speech last night. There may be some autobiography of the speech tonight but what I anticipate is on having looked at a via ups. Is that you begin to lay out the way forward we would -- do things differently. From how they've been done in the last four years because. The ultimate sale involves three things -- -- a case against recharge their current god. Making sure everybody is comfortable with Chicago White House. And number parade. What would you do differently from the physically -- -- Near summit ends a little bit about him and back -- you -- and very astute political practitioner and observer. When you watch the Democrats have done. They spent all summer really turning him into caricature that obviously pushed his negatives Mary -- -- -- very. President with favorable ratings at 40%. -- -- But I don't think they're gonna stay at 40% but look at the published -- -- two days. Dead even race after a hundred million dollars of attack has over the last. A couple of months. Job and I think they've driven is unfavorable up and it's important for us to deal with and I think the convention as part of -- you do that you also do with paid advertisement. But. Look they've got no alternative. You know they've got a president with a record no one -- they like him personally they're disappointed and a -- likely -- The only way they can win those -- is to run a campaign is basically that could be best described as a soft softball. I know it was this evolving in Japan it was the debt crisis of Europe its rich people Wall Street. Republican George. Bullock. Mitt Romney scored Jack hill avenue if you get my drift that the only path to victory for them. They decided to play that hard really hard.

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{"id":17120929,"title":"Mitch McConnell's 3 Things Romney Needs to Do in RNC Speech","duration":"3:00","description":"Washington representative says she's excited for the large number of women rising through GOP ranks.","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-2012-mitch-mcconnell-outlines-things-romney-speech-17120929","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}