Who's Mitt Romney's Audience for RNC Speech?

ABC News' Matthew Dowd discusses which groups of voters GOP presidential candidate will zero in on.
3:00 | 08/30/12

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Transcript for Who's Mitt Romney's Audience for RNC Speech?
Matthew Dowd is back with -- and Matthew. We -- talking a little bit about the balance. It seems to me -- -- -- -- the speech so this campaign has been very explicit about what it needs to -- the -- women voters we say we -- women voters that they -- Latino voters -- that we -- Latino voters. Those kind of appeals work into his speech with the states is as large as they -- tonight. Well one of the things you don't wanna do -- you want to you don't want to say what I want you want to sort of allow it to be except that doctors -- I'm I'm a strong leader there for people gonna believe strongly around every time politicians do that. It reminds me what architectures. Which -- -- that the -- it's like being actually think you are you're probably not -- -- you've got to be subtle about this to have that. But I think it's exactly right yes the audience for this speech is a very small audience is an audience of some Latino voters. Who voted for Barack Obama and don't like the direction -- country. And it's an audience of women voters who like Barack Obama but don't like the direction the country and had some. Sort of queasy it's about Mitt Romney and that's its audience for tonight and that's really needs to -- -- to the other thing -- -- although it. They're basically for moments left for Mitt Romney in this course -- campaigned for big moments -- this -- camping. And this is the first one the other three debates but this is the first moment where he can actually do something to change the trajectory of this race. -- And it. About the fact that Mitt Romney in leases advisors are telling us that -- to go right at the bank capital -- it feels like this campaign feels like. Entered into caricature his business experience he's gonna bring people up on that stage before and talk about -- business experience. How much. A problem now is the Bain Capital time Eddie's dad really has been turned something of a caricature by Democrats. To get it back. Get that identity back with. -- speech he can't get the identity back with one speech it is a problem they know it's a problem they would be talking about it and in this way they didn't think it was a problem. That I think with -- want to do -- at least try to neutralize it so it may be is that no longer a huge weight on his ankle at the Indian tribes that. But if you think about Mitt Romney and the definitional parts of his career. He can't not talk about that part of his career just like -- -- -- to talk about his time as governor these elements or something it's something for people who look at him -- like. I could see -- leader in the White House I can relate to that person I could -- gonna make the right decisions. He's got to talk about thing. He's got to talk he's got to talk about it's time as governor and I actually think you have to talk a bit about -- -- yet to talk a bit about what that means. We'll be watching tonight's CB uses that word we -- -- him talking about his religion we're gonna happen if a -- even by a Mormon leader we're gonna hear from some of the fellow mormons. That we're gonna turn our attention citi's tonight is done up a little bit north to from here to Charlotte, North Carolina -- the Democratic Convention week from tonight. We Obama's big moment how would you be advising a Democrat right now if you -- the come hot on the heels of this Republican Convention. Regain the momentum may be cut into the balance that. -- -- -- Well one of the things they're obviously gonna do if they're gonna put Bill Clinton up who's extremely popular. Among all Americans and even if and when we talk about this group that needs appeal to Bill Clinton is very popular. He's the last Democrat. That and they can go through all the things that he did this is the kind of policies that we believe in as opposed to the Republicans they got to turn that the benefit they have. Is that the proximity these conventions and the lateness of these conventions. It is -- much easier abilities to quash a -- -- you have labored and they're jammed together. And it's this late in the process because people now are gonna start focusing on things -- conventions over it's going to be like what's the next thing and the next thing is the first week of October. I want to talk about something we've been -- bringing -- a lot during this week and that's the enthusiasm gap and in seems to be. A real lack of it even here. And what you think that means going forward -- don't see a lot of Mitt Romney buttons. I don't see people -- around -- big -- that say vote for Mitt Romney seems like people are coming here. Because they want to -- Barack Obama. It is that the kind of thing that should worry -- -- at the end of the speech he doesn't get that rousing people jumping up and -- Reaction. I think. If they're not worried today but that's -- that it necessarily a problem and it's you know political malpractice. It's a huge problem -- -- after tonight people are running -- the -- got a technical way to work at my precinct I can't wait to do this. It is if you -- about history. Every challenger that is beating incumbent president which is very hard to do. Has the incoming president not only with I don't like the incumbent but there has to be a four. There have to be a passion for Bill Clinton -- -- 1992. Ronald Reagan -- 1980 all the people that eating habits eat it with a pro. All right ABC. Got you down with us back tonight -- -- -- back on earth. -- -- special event over on the ABC broadcast network as well Matthew thank you here. And it good Internet fashion actually he does this on broadcast as well -- -- the scene witnessed it but -- -- trade secret without a -- TV and accidentally hit that it's okay he likes that I liked that about that good for -- -- -- -- probably right about that.

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{"id":17119994,"title":"Who's Mitt Romney's Audience for RNC Speech?","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Matthew Dowd discusses which groups of voters GOP presidential candidate will zero in on.","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-2012-mitt-romneys-audience-rnc-speech-17119994","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}