RNC 2012: Newt Gingrich Wants a Return to Real Issues

Newt Gingrich says GOP needs to "learn to tell the truth better than [Democrats] can tell lies."
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for RNC 2012: Newt Gingrich Wants a Return to Real Issues
Now our first -- in the evening it is the former speaker of the house a man who. -- under another set of circumstances may have been on that stage right behind us here does Newt Gingrich thank you mr. Gingrich. -- -- with -- -- -- -- have -- for the start as he walked in to this convention now we're we're in the middle of it. You have a sense of well I'll tell you would have done things committed in your convention you can book artists. Now I don't spend much time on that this is my eighth conventions and started with my very first convention 94 -- -- had a program workshop. We worked it out with the Romney folks -- -- university all week to have pretty happy. -- -- -- tomorrow night are presenting a recognition of Ronald Reagan which -- a movie we did a couple years ago so we're both pretty happy with that -- and out I'd like to -- the nominee. Hi -- would have had a slightly different convention but I think they're doing a good job and I'm here to support that -- And that -- certainly. Greatly especially. On Medicare. There's still -- Among Republicans that we talked about how typical this issue is for Republicans. On the offense. Especially for house. Southerners that. You obviously you there and it does look like you know -- summit. Get out -- -- they shouldn't be this is easy. Well first of -- Ryan listen carefully and went back and work with -- white. Who's a Democrat from Oregon as the only. Bipartisan plan to reform Medicare is the Ryan -- plant who's got a very depressed -- -- -- the president actually is trying to loosen. Second. Paul came out this morning. My 45 to 42 the country now trust Romney more than Obama on Medicare there's not a Democrat in the country who facility -- -- -- we could pull that off. I I let the house in 1996 in reforming Medicare we spent years educating our members. We did not suffer any losses in 1996 from the Medicare issue. I think you're gonna find in the next few weeks that there's going to be -- going to be on offense that Medicare. We're the first -- -- say if you're over 55 nothing will be -- by the way we're returning the 716. Million dollars of Obama took away from him. If you're under 55 you have choices including the current system. Tell me what the other side solution. The Democrats get explained that being totally dishonest and totally irresponsible. Is a reasonable grounds for reelection. You get it accurate ideas guys who -- big ideas you -- policy. Any attack you talked about -- -- -- -- the nominee would have challenged the president city's Lincoln Douglas style -- around the country that certainly would have brought them here. Does the the Romney -- campaign get this back on the substance on the policy certainly the substance that. Want to talk about fact -- it got to fight their way past few guys. Because -- as the media has a passion that desire to avoid such a lot of different reasons some technical some ideological. Where they're easy to -- past. Now we you do vote by pure -- repetition. Romney has for example as the first plank of his plan for middle class prosperity. American energy independence plan. Last week he unveiled the American energy dependence on some good plan waited two hours of today at the university that -- Now they've got to come back day after day talk about it it turns out that it currently used in the -- system that -- 71 the issue of -- -- I think people would like American energy independence people are tired of American presidents Ballinger Saudi -- it's that simple. On Medicare. After routinely tell the truth that train all of their -- to tell the truth and then we have to be -- a room full court press. Jim wooten UCL -- tradition. Every time the Democrats you know every -- Biden -- -- something dishonest we have to get. Be right on top of of that in the next three minutes. And -- -- the president says something dishonest we have to -- -- we have to -- know the truth better than they utilize. That simple. And that every day we had a -- you all back to covering real issues. So would you ask us about something nonsensical. Which is the absolute nature of the business. You gotta go back and say all right lets them equipment scenario we will talk. What we want you to something substantive before you leave -- we have in front of us and I that we are asking all against the -- in on -- -- a little too little little message a little drawing that jeweler as Eric you also the drizzle homes. That's impressive that's an accident that there are examples you know today. You want what you. An area. All right and and and and as. This is -- we thank you so much for being with us we know that you're. An excellent artist ambitious. Goals and a thinker and all the rest thank you so much is it guys this is what America. Needs him look at this love letter. Where the courage and and we can report that that Callista Gingrich is -- in the house that she's okay with this you're right that's that's what I. That's not yet heard about it adversely -- Right analyst. Is a tip for everyone out there -- reformist -- announced. -- --

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{"id":17109538,"title":"RNC 2012: Newt Gingrich Wants a Return to Real Issues","duration":"3:00","description":"Newt Gingrich says GOP needs to \"learn to tell the truth better than [Democrats] can tell lies.\"","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-2012-newt-gingrich-return-real-issues-gop-national-convention-17109538","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}