Sam Donaldson on Paul Ryan Choice: 'VP Doesn't Mean Much'

Political analyst discusses how Paul Ryan affects the 2012 presidential election.
3:00 | 08/29/12

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Transcript for Sam Donaldson on Paul Ryan Choice: 'VP Doesn't Mean Much'
We're joined by my friend my dear dear friend and I'm proud of -- a -- as well Sam Donaldson Sam mr. Donaldson's or how or you Amy and -- so let's -- let's. Qualities Paul -- as a lot of time dedicated to run ball tonight -- consider the Rand Paul speech this continuing behind us the plot had video. Romney in those forces of -- that it is. I don't think he paid them completely but there's enough to be around public is that is that fiery man for fiery -- did pretty good speech right. Certainly lives up the news you hear somebody saying well this is wrong and that's wrong UCL -- behind you. But he has named him though because they marched to a different drummer that he would that do Republicans. That's right it. It's not. It's all sorts of watching. This Ron Paul presidential campaign with this. Really Ford's son restriction air quality there that -- that we see Nixon. Well maybe -- but he's got to that Scott -- your previous guest this and Paul Ryan enemy those kinds of rising stars I think. Probably have more purchase at the moment than those -- -- And let's talk about the energy for crop is at Romney's convention yet of course is that -- that he's going to be the nominee but he owned. But he certainly went a long way probability that putting. Paul Ryan Pickett and the united. It definitely -- -- understand that I -- a convert never -- -- that stuff that I used to believe in all of this I'm with you. But listen to the ovation. I'm sure it won't get a big -- -- -- -- not consistent with -- -- -- filled with. Applause line Paul Ryan it's really good night everybody wants to hear from tonight -- Hasn't vice presidential speech the sizable and we -- 2008 we -- that was. One that everybody was waiting for but what made the difference do you think in any -- Why don't they usually a vice president Lyndon Johnson of course for the Clinton presidency but I I don't think about but it means much in the sense of bringing people certainly. This vice presidential nominee wasn't chosen to bring more people -- to -- by the base he doesn't bring women necessarily at all in the -- Latin voters necessarily you know. And you know the race -- on to define. Who is. Paul Ryan mean we know that junkies in Wisconsin but the general public Paul Ryan what's that. That -- he gets to say this is who I am. This is -- I came from this is what I believe you'll like me and of course the Democrats are busy demonizing him to say this -- would destroy the country. -- -- I think so just -- last night at that was pretty gets beat by his wife. But that I couldn't vote for and Romney or our vote against -- and vote for her husband's. And he's got to make the sale himself on Thursday night to the extent he can. The fully take ownership of this party as and we talked about about what is the deal which you have in this room so far how would you describe the -- -- energetic at times but -- it. They're not they're satisfied that the convention -- Ronald Reagan. Did you wanted to premiere conventions at which every delegate there was -- that man in the march but I didn't know of that and that sentiment -- to. That bit run these are guys they're -- behind they want President Obama out so bad. That even the people who don't just Mitt Romney -- -- -- -- in my view. And and with Paul Ryan Pickett -- -- but it's not his convention as Ronald Reagan commanded stage not long all right Sam Donaldson we. Thank you for being hours than we do together in 2008 did you. -- lost -- -- about a hundred yet and I try to get the company to pay a dollar for each hour. -- --

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{"id":17109944,"title":"Sam Donaldson on Paul Ryan Choice: 'VP Doesn't Mean Much'","duration":"3:00","description":"Political analyst discusses how Paul Ryan affects the 2012 presidential election.","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-2012-sam-donaldson-paul-ryan-choice-vp-17109944","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}