RNC Attendees Discuss Tonight's Primetime Speeches

Freedom Plaza convention-goers watch Donald Trump Jr's speech.
7:54 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for RNC Attendees Discuss Tonight's Primetime Speeches
We live it states use the Republican National Convention. I'm ABC's Josh Haskell I think I have one of the best seats in the house right now because I'm sitting next to Jerry of Nebraska. She offered him he had a year but it. We're we're not drinking tonight which is working. But I appreciated cherry and and I'm also nixed the deal with fox it. We're talking politics we're talking trump it look let's go it on the right in front of the house. In the case any. Dogs you hear your thoughts meet in the stage. Scott if you. Yes you read. So we have nobody in front of us to tell us we're here word joy in the dying. And I have to show you sharing this you can. She had quite a few trump games. Cherie tells me she's a hearing big truck during fair she's not a delegate she just wanted. We've been speaking to a lot of delegates who. I told that he they're not sure about their position here. How they feel about Donald Trump if they wanted to be here cheering it on the delicate needed have to be a bigger here. You academic men's ice and like Donald trapped lives on the line. Here. News yes I am I think none of them that's exactly what is United States needs strengthening its. Hey Jerry I take it that you took another wants to give. I am I am I. So what was it like they'll fly here from Nebraska. This is your first convention and are you having fun. It's bikers convention I am having done. Music and flying them. Yes it's a look at. The night zero. How long was that your eyes well. Many are at least up Indian Illinois and and friends animal models in another seven Allen napkin then identically and and how many nights you here for more night Fort Knox said Cherie I have to ask him. So far it's time to spend a little rough for Donald Trump of course plagiarism accusations against place. Plus nights some rockets on the floor earlier in the day with some delegates walking out about what to participate. Talk about guns that in fact it's your rewards for trump in the reunion errors little. An act. Mrs. Brown they. And then what I understand has just been beaten as England's Alan what you hundred. And I think the bombing hands I kind of yes. Tonight that evidence bother me at all. Oh just about. Yesterday. They're there it lasted about five minutes and you know. That's what makes a there's a great crowd. And at the Islamic. Yet and not the season series knotts played I've got me to be political and human answer every. We'll I that's my expletive talk because. Definitely not a lot disabled what we have been taken out here what have we check in with our credibility and right next door. Billy it was Ponce did well speaker of the house run that was Gina will honor. Should just wrapped up what did you think about your Wisconsin. It's great to usher Marc Lester left and his rock star. He spoke parent allegations warrants and credible. I know as a Democrat and he has to read outlying Bud Adams my partnership. In this country. Billion U would alternate are you staying in I would delegation. I'm aghast I've lost tirades bird make an elegant and it. He's got a bit me candidate it was flawless. I think. So tell us about that process because for some of our viewers they may not know. What it needs to be delicate what you have to go through could be delegate. In which you say that you lost and we do lose to David Glass. Were they don't know within a little worthy of boat arms so I did that work voted for you. They rant and here's the rebellion works wayward our district he signed it might have been well accounts were divided up and districts. Sydney second specialist it was constant. All those kind of lines weren't whoever whoever you want. And has taught. And that's an expression of this whole thing but the delegates created Dolly. The freedom rebellious against just a misnomer cricket crazy. Still the voters. It was a clever and honest I local matter what they do love letters. Reporter district. And I loved her grades inevitable outgrowth of that Bob Edwards and apparently not all people felt that way and wanted to get off of that. At a have to state building. This really the first being here quickly but very few days that I met someone who originally supported Ted Cruz for you were not trumps what it. City what you've said he won't go with who ever. Your group your delegate support your state supports. And that's something I think that a lot of Republican leaders in the party. Wish they would hear more of going with them as short. I'm I'm disappointed and authority of folks that never trump talks. There are currently manages to support in their home behavior its options we've got one common enemy that's Hillary Clinton. And what are we do like we're fighting with each other. So out of jury. Cornhuskers I have magically get a lot coalition government might appear on the hill it's. The fact is we all have to get togethers sheriff Clark says his learning. After this convention. We're one GMT as wonderful as holly after days. Not just fighting that this might candy gospel. And I'm mad and it won't stop violence is welcome to the next nightmare for years. Students share the cornhuskers throughout all of Billy's remarks wasn't bodies in smile I'm. That you guys just met each other and against adding yet but the Big Easy digital get the right. Thank him her mind what you say thank you let you know teachers all the internal finance hearings. So not only are they friends sharing and Billy. Billy wants to hear from sharing upright Lilly and you will outside Elliott. Easiest friendship I've ever been a part of me like a blind date I've stuck in the middle but not really stuck with you guys who have been in absolute. Pleasure to toss view very interest that you need. Opinions that aren't ready and so far has. And I also don't want to take away from you being able to watch Don junior will give our. John junior me. Right in front of Honduras its home. We don't wanna take away from Jerry and Billy's experience even though they made outlawed Dunn junior the beaches streets and hang out with the tells. But for now and ABC's Josh Haskell over the side off. From liberty plaza right outside the key here in Cleveland and lots more action coming your way they cute Jerry. And welcome and thank you Billy it will. Yeah you can.

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{"duration":"7:54","description":"Freedom Plaza convention-goers watch Donald Trump Jr's speech.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40721715","title":"RNC Attendees Discuss Tonight's Primetime Speeches","url":"/Politics/video/rnc-attendees-discuss-tonights-primetime-speeches-40721715"}