RNC Day Three Preview With Amna Nawaz and Matthew Dowd

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Matthew Dowd preview day three of the RNC live from the convention floor.
12:07 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for RNC Day Three Preview With Amna Nawaz and Matthew Dowd
Hey everybody good morning. There are still here Republican National Convention actually I have. Back on the floor doors with Matthew Dowd we're gonna come up with a nickname for him by the end you guys think of it. We don't know nothing negative or positive. But that's those on the girls got up to that based on the joining account base but if you want to down in the comments section statement. You're right interest I'll happily ticket sales it there here we are date every organ every cab where you would happen less lengthy statement and any action or lack of action and it's styles you what is coming up. Ahead there's a lot of action happening here on line outside the Q as well let's talk about last night. Inside here there's been estimates that about what's going to be happening with the trump movement that never jumpers the potential floor fights. We haven't seen any. We haven't there was this expectation that we were gonna come to Cleveland and then both inside and outside the hall is going to be total disarray and destruction yeah there's really been on. I neither place in either in the either well well realm of this. It seems to me when you feel it in the hall and talk to delegates protect out of the last few days it's it feels like Gary in arranged marriage. Right let's Everett built like both parties don't really want to but they know they have to do it yet best interest of what's going on and that's what it feels like and it feels like the only interest there really isn't this convention there is when he trump speaks yet because when he trump either Donald or one of his children stopped speaking. The haul service and keep. And that's it will see again and again it sentiments were down on the floor seeking C of course everything is empty right now people have yet to show outward president's state I can't imagine. Passes and the camera around hangouts. There okay the lone star state. Do you have you know yes they can I was on guns and. I wanted to weren't that he made us entering your certificate rack Britain's. That's I don't look at it this hall is usually packed right when when early speakers are going on when there's a trump on stage but there are times when he. Almost empty which is really weird to how and especially as you see this I mean. There others and I've done this in years past and conventions for an organized them. You put everything into it especially if big hours that two hours you know on our everybody's here crimes and a half at sea of banners and everything's going yes you don't basically people don't really start moving up the doors until midnight. They certainly not the doors before eleven before even prime time is finished immigrants as. And before he from the main speakers. In the aftermath of the truck children so far they basically start walking out there is a exodus a quick exodus out the door. And I think it's because one they most people here are only here are channel trump re. Panic at the establishment party really has come to the table reluctantly and of course this has no interest. In the insert being a part of this and so it's either to the party's solicited downtown. And I think this convention normally is caffeinated foods but it feels like value and it feels like Calumet value investor. Serious handicap here eighty is worth noting knowing this is something that recliner political directors from reporting on in you can read his announcement this morning. On abcnews.com. He talks about the lack of energy. But just sort of ironic given the fact that one of the nicknames that mr. tuck himself to his rivals. Was low energy is this whole convention you'll have very little energy if I were them this is an. I would have held. The speech tomorrow night town house that most important benefit of the week you can have three bad day you haven't been the case without any energy you make good night at the last night it changes the dynamics. Of the race and move on numbers that's the only you have got I think they made a mistake not having that event the night in a stadium. Where he can bring in all this of course kind of what he did throughout the campaign running at fifteen point 30000 people I think he needs something like that. Seeking feel what's been going on over the course of the last year but enough hall that's very restricted. It's very composed it's very credentialed. And that is a combination of supporters at his and people that don't really want him to turn it takes only energy the room and I think he needs energy. That's probably right and it's actually seeing him more than we've seen potential nominees for them to nominees in the past you think that's part of it that they went at it. Inject more trump well I think they realize they think they realize that. Their own people leave here mostly people are only here for now tropical. And I think they've had him every night which is totally and mutual I think there's and expect he's going to be here tonight in babysitting the box when. His VP nominee might speak and speaks tonight. So that's an expectation and then he's going to be here. Tomorrow night so four nights a member of a presidential nominee has never happened before that's never happened before me at conventions. One of the things I want to show you bombers and volume even while considering there is the Ohio delegation we mentioned this before he nominee turns hammer and we'll follow. Allegations of you kind of TV just the right at this age and stage left brain right in the right away from our standpoint that elect them and produce and be more yes. But over in the cheap seats in my column where you can't really NCI enter this could be able to walk is our state. And the home trade and it's not all the Homestake. It's the number one target. I'll come he has its presidency. She cannot win the presidency without its. Which is unusual as I think we've talked about this but this is more. You try to do is position in the states of the most important states for the general election that you would have normally Ohio in the center. York news network that. Its home state which you have all of the key states Ohio Pennsylvania Florida Iowa all of those in the best camera angles and the best seats in the house. And this the most important state. And the home state convention. Is basically. What you would get him baseball stadium behind pillars perhaps it basically what this is. Visited keepers is just a few hundred dollar gas it yet but yeah I think I know and every delegate at that in those seats yet. Did none of one of those delegates voted for Donald Trump yesterday they all went for John casing and that was made clear at least. Enjoy Kenya to that was something that was made abundantly clear during a roll call. Right the other thing I noticed and this is as an engine makers conventions on kind of picking up on these things as we go but this did it out to me. He Ohio delegation. Sitting down and I are on their phones. Updating FaceBook or whenever they were not standing up. Kind of applying at the same time that everywhere else in the room was coming after failing. Yes they left early I noticed the Ohio delegation and there was a little bit at the same thing that Texas as majority Texas it's it Cruz right and they were sort of disinterested what was going. Found peppering the associated with. The other thing to think about tonight it's we talked about Mike Pence the big speech tonight right this second most important speech of the convention is tonight. But Ted Cruz speaks it was an opponent out front and has not endorsed outcome he is speaking at this convention. ID key night and he has not endorsed the nominee yet and the question everybody has asthma and our minds. Is easy in endorsed tonight is he gonna say doubts from some name in the course of his speech yet or is this this speech about Ted Cruz ambitions. For twenty Swanee. If down truck loses and most people think this is it Cruz's first speech of the Tony Tony race for president is that what you think that's I think he's mostly innocent signals yet. A building support for race if downturn loses in the aftermath and out of assessment and eyes which is amazes me that the term folks allow aren't allowed at. That's my quest to fewer organizing this event around to candidate trying to get everyone together build unity build energy moving towards a general. And you let one hated the main rivals on stage deleted grammar when he's when he does that work. I would I would never I would a citizen. And what's your speech can be you're not an endorsement and that's because I would not allow him to speak at this course this convention may be at 4 o'clock in the afternoon NCA you're happy to go over at home. Not much Duracell in this but isn't kind he's in prime time associated directly with the VP nominee so. I would never allowed it but maybe it felt like me could not not to or maybe there's a deal that we're gonna hear something differently than Henry's become powerful force important outcome I would be surprised but. We have no idea what extent we have as as the course this convention that no idea what you expected. It has less that was better organized than the first time because last actually they met there time marks and we were able to actually plan what was going on course of this. And I downtown junior's speech was good for this audience is very wrong meet Sidney township kept him from getting a job in the sport and that. Yes I Chris Christie's was you know this sort of feed that wolves. Beat Hillary of the wolves yes sort of speech and I think the crowd like that I don't think any speech as of yet has. Moved in American out there who is undecided I don't think we've seen a speech yet it has caused some undecided in the while that Christie's speech you mentioned that was interesting too because that was the first or most aggressive time that we saw. This is the case that we're going to be laying out against Hillary Clinton it was basically like a mock trial rally at what I ain't got the audit agency guilty or not you know guilt my. And then the audience starts cussing screaming out lock her up locker of locker out yet. It was a little. Not exactly pro trump that's really just anti Hitler not I think they have decided to strategy in this elections they can't read if I'm out now. Yet and I think there was this conversation that they were going to get redefining it's that kind. Eight now this government this election is not about fundamental about him I wanna make it about her and interestingly enough. Both sides incumbency that Hillary Clinton cited it's not going to be about her economy and about disqualified now account that he wants to make it about disqualify her so it's gonna make for a really uplifting. At next month's attempt really to banning it that's we can and that is why we've seen these numbers are it's like the most negative people felt about east Kansas averaged a history and we had to turn against each other moron popular and I think it's only getting worse. Which we're not here to talk we'll talk about this down that road I think actually answer any notes that there party candidates that are right because its zoning. You have been saying it again he thinks it's your turn. I wish I was with you today that's it straight here with you all to do it's they'll come up with a good nickname. For him after me Garrity that's an issue that you several. That we cannot repeat on camera also were cleaning out my dad's fever question in the world what are we doing. What's happening neck where we going so you tell me what are we doing what he would show people in here we let them go is there anything I think we haven't seen yet it is pretty. It's pretty standard fare or else with talent shows go to the ceiling just a second entry. The ceiling. And this is that they everybody so I'm on Thursday night you can see up the ramp and there's a bunch of Bob packets of balloons all over. Those will come down right after down trump speaks itsy always a great moment we think it's any moment regardless of the big appropriately Clinton when those balloons fall. And all of that come static and Teddy has popped out it is an economic America history. At that comes together and I think we're guys are you it'll be an exciting moment for everybody now. Informed that you dealt what is the or who is the speaker you're most looking forward to hearing. From tonight. I actually think in we talked about this well I am very curious. About what tankers in a sane course speech I think it's going to be an indictment into theory about Hillary Clinton but I'm I'm. Very interested to see what his cues are that he makes about running again for president. Because if he has to be he leans too much that it says what he just assuming now terms him loose. Which is not helpful for himself I think take cruises each. Is that real test of whether or not he's unite this party down expert they doubtless thinking everybody we're going to be like aiming for the rest of the day of course we have. Complete anchored coverage of the events tonight I'm telling you sign up would even do little and her sign off before it that I I hope to see you again tomorrow we're going to be LC and Philadelphia. It's tune in tonight these guys know exactly Iran and tonight over here there. But I'll see you tomorrow and see all actually. Again thanks during a patent they let it.

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