Rod Blagojevich Arrives at Colorado Prison

Former Illinois governor to begin serving a 14-year sentence for corruption.
1:44 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Rod Blagojevich Arrives at Colorado Prison
Rob Blagojevich -- call Chicago home at least for the next couple of years the fallen Illinois governors now in Colorado where he is serving a fourteen year prison sentence. He left his old life behind this morning but not before entering the spotlight. One last time. Rod Blagojevich arrived in Colorado this morning to Begin his fourteen year sentence for corruption and as he left his home in Chicago the famously talkative former governor seemed to relish the media attention. One last time before he's locked up behind bars bought from an adoring -- Some people yelled words of encouragement for the politicians they supported through his three year legal ordeal. Just like he was -- his house a problem travelers at the airport snapped photographs of Blagojevich. As he made his way to the game. Blagojevich was arrested in December 2008. Accused of trying to sell Barack Obama's former senate seat to the highest bidder. -- And a I don't like give -- up. He was impeached him retried and retried and finally convicted on eighteen criminal counts certainly made my share of mistakes. I take responsibility. Blagojevich always insisted he acted within the law he's appealing his conviction and he sure he will win very. Last night he threw himself into the spotlight again. With a goodbye speech timed perfectly for the evening news I am proud as I leave and enter the next part of what is -- dark and hard journey.

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{"id":15929432,"title":"Rod Blagojevich Arrives at Colorado Prison","duration":"1:44","description":"Former Illinois governor to begin serving a 14-year sentence for corruption.","url":"/Politics/video/rod-blagojevich-arrives-colorado-prison-15929432","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}