SPECIAL REPORT: Roger Stone pledges to fight charges brought by special counsel

"I am falsely accused of making false statements," said Stone following his court appearance in Florida.
15:11 | 01/25/19

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Transcript for SPECIAL REPORT: Roger Stone pledges to fight charges brought by special counsel
This is an ABC news special were. George Stephanopoulos. And we're back on the air right now because rock and stone has just been indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller from making false statements to congress and obstruction and witness tampering is about to peer at that raucous scene. Outside a federal courthouse there in Fort Lauderdale where you see how does the blue polo shirt was arrested in this morning's approaching the microphone. The shooting asset. Guys yeah. Still down. Yeah. Please please don't please. Yeah its side. Business. This facility is going this unique and he speaks for himself. Has always spoken for itself he's never been. About telling this story. He is innocent. We're going to defend this case it was going to win this case but let me start out by saying that this spectacle this morning was completely. Everyone knows where Rodgers don't is he's not in hiding. This spectacle this morning with a swat team breaking into his house searching without scaring his wife scaring his dogs. Completely unnecessary. A telephone call would have done the job and mr. Cho included a beer. But let me let Roger speak for himself has nothing to how. I didn't get that they die. That is spoken before and this big feud Roger. I have always had. It's. Acquisition. Today really. Operation. Or any. I have. Does that make you. That is incorrect. I made in my. Material. Intent. Council's office. Prior. To employment by attorney. Now we started. The crack of dawn who. 29 FBI agents a ride my home with a seventy vehicles. With their lights flashing. When they could simply have contacted my charities. Willing to surrender it voluntarily. They terrorized my wife and my dogs. I was it taken the FBI facility. Although I must say the FBI agents were attacked extraordinarily. Courteous bloom I will. Not guilty to these charges and I will defeat them in court. I believe this is day politically motivated investigation. I am troubled by the political motivations. And as I have said previously. There is no circumstance. Whatsoever. Our direction I will bear false witness. The president nor will I make up lies. I'm myself and I look forward to being. Indicated. Rodgers. Doing anyway cooperate with the special counsel's office would do it anyway cooperate with the special counsel's office since I was not contacted it prior. She. Charges today high lawyers have not talked to. Address that question. And I have made it clear I will not testify against my the president between the US does not look after their house when you see the bread and we didn't have much what you can get credit meant either got I would be. Clearly the label. Next weight. Time Roger the president say that you had gotten heat we've got what do you think he meant by that well I intend to tell the truth I have told the truth. Tired. I would put back into court on wall how. That's the president Arnold I have more than his oldest. I may eight burg did so well. Is doing a great job. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. No I've expressed that before that is incorrect Roger could be evicted you can the president good morning. If you're convicted you think the president will order nearly. Pardon me did you give you were convicted do you think the president would part of new the only person I've advocated the pardons war. Marcus Garvey. We got scratches or W. Yeah. I have I have not had that I'm. I will address those. Next we can watch news on your brother and I even. So yeah. How much you can hear because as I said that scene outside the courthouse in Fort Lauderdale his raucous guard Tonya almost his right there front and center in time you were able to get several questions. There Roger Stone. I that's right George I don't know how much of that you could hear it was very hard to listen keep focused mainly about the FBI. Coming to his house today he claims they stared his wife and his dogs but there was so when demonstrators tears streaming over here basically chanting. Law came off. Love you mom what was good what was one of the models of the trump campaign you remember for Hillary Clinton they were chanting that to Rodgers don't. They are still chanting right now others are chanting. Usaid he says he wolf flight all of these charges he will plead not guilty. I George I ask him directly if he will cooperate with the special counsel's office. He claims they have never called him and he gets no plans on doing that at this moment but he would comment further later on. I also last may be thought president trump reported to him if he were ever convicted all he could save that wanted to pardon for Marcus Garvey. And I also last might finally had asked him the president recently tweeted that Roger Stone had bloods what he thought you meant by that and Roger Stone cities because he's telling the truth. Joseph Wright and Wayne Woody Austin said in answer your questions is that he would not bear false witness against him the president. Say things that there's no way he's gonna crumble no way he says that this pressure. That apparently the special counsel is putting on him is going to work he's gonna stand he's gonna fight isn't just seen there. Right now I'm Tom his denials were we're very strong. Right built one of the things that Chris Christie. I was talking about earlier this indictment includes documentary evidence. That's right that's I was trying to get out in the questions with him but that's when he walked away from microphones a point that indictment there are text messages. There are phone call during emails. With cam allegedly speaking the truth campaign officials. And having knowledge of WikiLeaks and that's one of the reasons why they went in there and they arrested him and that's one of the reasons why he was in court today did you wanna answer specifics of the indictment expected claimed yet seen the indictment. Just yet. OK Tom Ellis thanks very much for bringing Chris Christie again on the phone Chris quite a senior surreal scene down there in Fort Lauderdale vintage. Roger Stone in many ways has been as sort of named political. Propagandist for the last thirty or forty eight years we saw him say right there. Very very strongly he's a supporter of president trump no way he would ever turn its back on the president. Order forty says George he said I would never bear false witness. Against the pregnant. I always try to lift the writers don't really careful because I don't think the word carefully. That you can say I would never do anything bill law. You get myself off the hook it didn't they wouldn't tell the truth. I got what actually point to make and secondly. Etiquette bigger figures in my experience in dealing with. A 130 people look what I would do it security political world that we indicted and convicted. Army over the course of my career. I never heard different come out on the steps. And today all are guilty they got. They all looked only crap is because all say exactly what Roger Stone said so I don't see anything their usual outfit. I was feeling angry and don't worry about it in the respect that when you look at the indictment in this specific but Bob Mueller has the indictments. Connected to the charges that he thought. I think Rodgers also. And we Anne and Chris you hurl a rug stone said they would never bear false witness but we also know the Robert Mueller. Have we had a search warrant for the house in Florida had a search warrant for Roger stone's home. In in New York City as well as can be collecting an awful lot of information and going forward potentially. Roger Stone is going to face a real choice on the question he didn't quite answer from Tommy honestly cooperate with the special counsel. Exactly where you could be. Precinct jump significantly very potential are prepared she's a very significant are George. Years and year. Into the federal prison as someone Roger Stone basically you have some very very difficult decision to make especially. If all these special apple had additional information. Which can create more problems from this dispels. Final question you know we currently is answered timing on this there about the partisan mile when he's ever advocate is from markets. Garvey talk about the political calculations for president trump as he faces the prospect perhaps a pardon Roger Stone. I guy got states are I can't imagine the political scenario. Under which she will pardon someone like Roger Stone. I don't think that that is say why backed by the president and I don't think they would be politically survivable. Okay Chris Christie thanks for much when that it Terry Moran at the White House right now we talked about the president's tweet. Earlier the president has known Roger Stone a longtime work with them a long time Protestant is being in his corner Fred think about. I twenty years even though he was he left the campaign. Back in August and the president remains in his corner right now. No question about do you see it there are on the day that. Roger Stone is indicted the president again calls is the greatest witch hunt in the history of our country. No collusion and questions CNN's motives there they go way back decades back they are birds of a feather in a way. Brash New Yorkers who kind of strode onto the scene in the 1970s. As young men Roger Stone here in Washington working in Republican politics Donald Trump in real estate and they are Cindy audit. They have a lot got out. President trump has tried to distance himself a little bit from Roger started city didn't work on the campaign. FEC records show that Roger Stone was on the payroll that campaign and at the end of the day for all the talk about no collusion. The president is now facing the fact. That six of his close associates have been indicted or convicted or pled guilty. To lying about their contacts with Russia and WikiLeaks Russia's cut out. If there's no clue as to why they lie. OK let me read that Pierre Thomas right now appear over justice we've now seen this indictment from writers and you heard rushed on say that he never had any contact. Would visit with the special counsel before. This indictment. He'll be up in DC next week for the formal. Arraignment and would you expected that the special counsel does it at a have a lease those initial conversations with writers or his attorneys about cooperation. Joins us typical procedure they will see if he wants to cooperate although he's been antagonistic to the investigation to route. And one of the things Georgia struck me about all this you interviewed. Roger Stone and watching him out there he's a paid communicated. He was. Feeling. The and adoration of all those people out there are also the heat from the people who were against them. And one thing it's very clearly he now is facing up to. Twenty years in prison. And that's a different scenario than he faced before. And now though full weight of this case will be brought to bear gives them what to see our route he responses output public relations fight anymore there's a fight for his freedom. Okay let's bring in our chief legal analyst and aims for final question right there you heard. The beginnings. Of progress stuns declarations it right there do you think when you when you look at that and I mean I know you spent a lot of time with that this morning. That these are charges he can beat. Look at it and they're going to be taught particularly on the witness tamper. I think we need to separated out eagerly talking about the all statement senior hurtful language used right which is. I can't make statements of is that we're all net and humid day. They were immaterial or not intentional because those are the critical factors in determining. Big big necessary requirements for eight all statements chart but then there's another chart which is the most. Dangerous the most damning one in this indictment. And that's the witness tampering charge that fact that they say he is basically trying to hash out. Another person testified. Falsely. About what he told stolen. Trying to encourage him to invoke his Fifth Amendment right that you references to the god father. Big to get him cannot tell the truth. Now he did not address so far. In this press conference that could it be to talk want the toughest one I think for him to overcome but in the end. I don't think you're gonna cooperation. By Roger Stone with a special counsel. We will hear from in next week when he appears in court in Washington DC thank you all very much our coverage. Is gonna continue on our live channeling at that three abcnews.com. And of course a full report tonight on world news tonight with David Muir have a good afternoon. This has been a special report from ABC.

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