Romney Addresses Gingrich Attacks in Florida

GOP candidate on attack ads, speeches and poll numbers going into the primary.
2:31 | 01/29/12

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Transcript for Romney Addresses Gingrich Attacks in Florida
The speaker Gingrich I think -- painfully revealed itself over these last few days and it's a sad to watch. I think unfortunately we're seeing some of the the qualities that they got -- -- the so much trouble when he was speaker of the house. And I hope he'll he'll return to the issues that people face -- -- can talk about those issues but these personal and character attacks are really unbecoming. Of a presidential candidate. -- here. -- -- what what surprises me in the last couple of days is seeing speaker Gingrich bring out character attacks. It's one -- to talk about differences on issues. Go back and forth -- -- respective views but for the speaker to launch. An assault another person's character is is really unbecoming and I think sad. And painfully revealing about his own. His own shortcomings will will review with that -- our attorneys and those NBC. What's the right course for that had. The the advantage of an -- like that. Is that the speaker Gingrich -- complained that somehow our campaign is distorting what what -- what happened. This is a news report. I've spoken by a person of extraordinary credibility. And describes quite accurately the challenge that occurred when Newt Gingrich was -- was speaker he would say they failed leader of our party at a time we needed a very badly to be highly effective. People look to him to carry the torch and he let -- -- I'm very pleased that I. Currently showing good support in the country in the post ups against President Obama. I'm performing. Better than the other guys and I know that changes like I can't put a lot of stock in the polls. But I'm glad that I've got good support in the primary so far. And I hope to get a a good send off from Florida and maintenance. I feel good about Florida and feel good about the sendoff and as I watch speaker Gingrich. Flailing about them and casting about -- an attacking. I have to think that he's seeing. 88 -- -- of support to recognizing that he's in trouble here. And it's not because of something that we've done our Rick Santorum has done I think it's because people look at speaker Gingrich and recognize that this is a guy. Who was paid over a million dollars to stand up for Freddie Mac people here are angry about Freddie Mac and angry about what Freddie Mac -- -- the value of their homes.

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{"id":15469079,"title":"Romney Addresses Gingrich Attacks in Florida","duration":"2:31","description":"GOP candidate on attack ads, speeches and poll numbers going into the primary.","url":"/Politics/video/romney-addresses-gingrich-attacks-florida-primary-election-2012-attack-ads-speeches-poll-politics-15469079","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}