How Can Romney Avoid '47 Percent' Mistake in Debate?

Sen. John Thune discusses GOP candidate's opportunity to address the economy.
3:00 | 10/03/12

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Transcript for How Can Romney Avoid '47 Percent' Mistake in Debate?
Our next guest senator -- and Republican senator. Senator good evening thanks giants. -- -- again -- hi Amy good how are you -- to see that you're there in Denver out there in the spin room. Tell us as somebody who is being task now to. Give the press the expectations. Do you expect coming out of this debate that -- Tennessee. Mitt Romney makes some movement in the polls. We'll that would be great eniac I don't know the answer to that I think a lot of it'll depend on how things go this evening but I do know that he approaches this -- debate very well prepared but also very realistic that. He's taking on an incumbent president it's always very difficult to unseat a an incumbent president. And knows full well that you know this is going to be an opportunity for him to get his message out in an -- -- way which. I think you know the American people now that they're starting to pay closer attention as presidential election. Are looking for the that would -- the clear choice I think it's going to be presented to on this evening and I hope that it's all said and done that you know governor Romney will have have the chance to get his message out. Talk about his vision for the future. And I think also. Point out how over the last four years President Obama has had a chance. But despite his best efforts things have gotten worse for most Americans and if you look at all the economic indicators it's pretty clear -- This is an opportunity for for governor Romney to get his message across I hope that. That we have a good debate this evening we get it -- in a statement of the differences and I think it will become clear the American people with the choices -- November's. Senator I -- I would. -- Yes that is -- other high as President Obama will bring up it Romney's 47%. Comment which created so much controversy. If you're advising. Mitt Romney. How does he deflect the potential for repeated references to that 47%. You know I think -- what he's got to do is acknowledge that that that wasn't stated in and I think he has in the best way. But I think what he's got to talk about is what he went. What is trying to get across Cincinnati is that he wants in America where the private economy is. Jobs where you've got less and less people dependent upon government. And that that that the people in this country who really want to get out and private economy and have an opportunity. I get that chance and I think that. Talking about the importance of -- free enterprise system where. We're we're growing the private economy creating jobs opposed to growing government which is the President Obama has been doing now for the past four years. Is how he's got to delineate this I think the the difference between -- and and President Obama and talk about that issue. Because obviously that is something that he will get brought up on don't have any question that it will. I think he's got to be very forceful in describing. What he would do if elected president how we would use his skill -- his background his experience -- business -- did great jobs and give more people an opportunity in the private economy so they don't have to depend upon government. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- On the question of keeping the country's headed in the right direction -- and -- all time high since 2008. More people now feel a little bit better about what they say their optimism about the economy. This -- in the past now former. Mitt Romney. To actually run again. What people see as an economy that's may be getting all the better. Well -- We all of the economy improves -- but I do think that at some point economic gravity is going to say -- again I think that. It's there for some reason the president's numbers and -- have the right track wrong track number has held up this fight. What it. All the metrics out there are suggesting you've got this chronic high unemployment you've got a stagnant economy in the second quarter last year has -- adjusted -- have -- terms of economic growth of one point 3%. -- health care costs -- 30% fuel costs have doubled since president took office. College tuition is up one point 5% and he got this massive -- -- you're passing on to our children grandchildren. That's that's the reality and for some reason that really hasn't. Get get there I think -- What do you think that this is the debates -- an opportunity that president I'm glad that that's our question which is why why do you think he is to -- political gravity there a lot of folks out there including a lot of Republicans. Let's say it's because that Mitt Romney has become the story because they in the campaign has been a referendum on Romney. Why do you think that the president has been holding out in his numbers even -- the economic numbers. And continue to be not as -- What. Life. Think they have done a good job Amy of creating these distractions and getting. Off on rabbit trails I think governor Romney it's important for -- To get out there and very forcefully articulate his plan for how he would -- jobs and grow the economy and how it differs from -- president Obama's plan. Yeah but he's also got it can point out. The Obama record which is I mentioned. But is not a good one for most Americans and I think one of the reasons that his numbers have held up as the stock market still is is pulling in pretty good shape and people seem to think at least that. We're moving in the right direction or at least a larger minority than there was before but I think when they really start to focus on this election. And in look at where they are verses where they were four years ago really realize that there are averaging you know this is average -- nationally is down by 4500 dollars. At a time when everything else in their lives is going up. That they're gonna they're gonna become to a different conclusion about this and perhaps they have already some people said -- the Clinton effect I think has probably overstated. But but I do think that at some point economic reality and economic gravity will set in and it's going to be harder for this president to get on top. A lot of time left gravity in this hour -- senator we really appreciate yeah that's like very much. I enjoy the -- please thanks.

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{"id":17390442,"title":"How Can Romney Avoid '47 Percent' Mistake in Debate?","duration":"3:00","description":"Sen. John Thune discusses GOP candidate's opportunity to address the economy.","url":"/Politics/video/romney-avoid-47-percent-mistake-debate-17390442","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}