Romney Slams Obama's 'Bumps in the Road'

Mitt Romney's one-on-one interview with ABC News.
3:00 | 09/24/12

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Transcript for Romney Slams Obama's 'Bumps in the Road'
Additionally the president in New York today. He's not gonna have time to meet with some of those diplomatic leaders are going to be hadn't in New York but will be taping -- -- and that you how does that -- what you think or how he would have a situation. Well I think the president's comments on sixty minutes last night were quite revealing. His indication that developments in the Middle East represented bumps in the road is a very different view than I have. The president. I can't imagine. Saying something like an assassination of and ambassadors of bump in the road look at the entire context the assassination. Of Muslim Brotherhood president being elected and Egypt. 40000 people killed in Syria Iran close to becoming a nuclear nation these are far from being bumps in the road. They represent events that are spinning out of it the kind of influence we'd like to have. We're at the mercy of events -- shaping events in the Middle East and the president doesn't have time to actually spend time with leaders of these nations particularly Bibi Netanyahu. I find that very troubling. At a suggestion that the course that America is is not the right course in the Middle East and of course also -- sixty minutes he laid out his economic agenda. Saying things are going just fine. Tell that -- the 23 million people who are struggling to find a good job or to the people who have a job that are having a hard time making ends meet. This is a tough time for the country and status quo is not gonna cut it. Looking forward to this coming week -- many would say that last it was a rough week for your campaign. There -- those -- Matt fundraisers you release your tax returns do you worry that that adds the perception that that has been around your whole campaign that that maybe you have a harder time. Relating to the average American and what do you do to change that with just a few weeks left before the election. You know I think this campaign in this election will come down to what direction the American people want to -- our country take it's a choice. Do they believe that the path that the president has put aside. It's what they want to see over the next four years do they want four more years like the last four years I think the answer will be no. I think as they understand how I would get America's economy going again. With more good jobs and rising take home pay we'll get the support of the American people become elected. But ultimately that's their choice my job is to present it is clear matters I can my view about how to get this this economy going. Contrasted with a view of a president who is a status quo economic model president. And with that said your can't had been talking about its reset going out last couple weeks what are we gonna need different that we haven't seen what what is this resent to you. Well I'm going to be speaking about the same topics I have in the past but I'm gonna make sure that people understand that this is a -- a different direction for the nation. And that if they want the status quo they can re elect the person who. Has been leading us over the last four years if they instead want to see this country. Go on a path that creates jobs and rising incomes that they gonna have to vote for real and positive change that's what I represented. What do you say to critics who say that you might not be using your your -- made at congressman Paul -- as effectively as you could. What do you think he brings -- your campaign and used it what -- at this criticism that you're not -- muscling him you're not putting out there enough. Well the congress and -- and I are both working very hard we of course recognize -- part of a campaign has to have the funds to run advertising. Our president has done an unusual thing. President Obama. Is the first post Watergate Watergate candidate. To say he's not gonna live by the federal spending limits so he's raising unlimited amounts of money and to be competitive we have to raise money so we -- be on the -- dislike kids and we also are very anxious to get out -- speak with as many -- as we can't. Both Paul and I we hit the road pretty darn hard.

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{"id":17312559,"title":"Romney Slams Obama's 'Bumps in the Road'","duration":"3:00","description":"Mitt Romney's one-on-one interview with ABC News.","url":"/Politics/video/romney-slams-obamas-bumps-road-17312559","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}