Ron Paul in 60 Seconds

Texas congressman tries to ride grassroots support to the White House.
1:12 | 12/09/11

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Transcript for Ron Paul in 60 Seconds
Ron Paul is back for another run his third for president. The Texas representative ran as a libertarian in 1988 -- sparked a surprising grassroots movement in 2008. As a Republican. Paul is again pushing for lower taxes bringing troops home and slashing the power of the federal government. While Paul's message still resonates with his loyal followers. He's been unable to expand that go beyond that base consistently polling in the middle of the GOP. Many of Paul's ideas were adopted by the Tea Party movement that swept in a Republican majority to the house in 2010. A doctor by trade he's delivered over 4000. Babies is political velocity solidified in 1971. When President Nixon took the US dollar off the gold standard of -- hopefully. -- removed spending limits and -- front the political system. The 76 year old congressman is not running for re election in Texas so this could be his last month. For political office.

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{"duration":"1:12","description":"Texas congressman tries to ride grassroots support to the White House.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15125643","title":"Ron Paul in 60 Seconds ","url":"/Politics/video/ron-paul-60-seconds-2012-republican-race-presidential-15125643"}