Ron Paul 'We Are Dangerous to the Status Quo''

Congressman speaks to supporters following New Hampshire primary.
3:00 | 01/10/12

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Transcript for Ron Paul 'We Are Dangerous to the Status Quo''
Okay. How did you -- my life I think you know my life now. Other members of the family here we have it. -- -- laughing. And OK. Yeah at least not. -- And you know we haven't another member of the -- but he's also on the staff but I think it technically in the -- Leahy today. Graham's son in law that's Jesse -- This Delphi and GM senator -- thank you very much for your support along with -- de worm. Your co sponsorship and way way I appreciate all that has just great I do want to mention three names of the individuals who did so much organization up here and that last year Richard calling. These guys still making phone calls -- good and and Bob Goodman and these. And Jordan Iran he was fantastic. Today. There was out there was one other acknowledgment I want to make I wanted to I think the union leader. For not. We're not. Endorsing me. Okay. -- -- -- -- -- Governor Romney a short while ago before he gave his talk.

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{"id":15336010,"title":"Ron Paul 'We Are Dangerous to the Status Quo''","duration":"3:00","description":"Congressman speaks to supporters following New Hampshire primary.","url":"/Politics/video/ron-paul-dangerous-status-quo-15336010","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}