Ron Paul Defends 'Corrupt' Accusation

GOP candidate's ad accuses Rick Santorum of being a Washington insider.
5:08 | 01/08/12

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Transcript for Ron Paul Defends 'Corrupt' Accusation
You've got -- -- add up in South Carolina taking direct game. As senator Santorum you call him a corrupt a corporate lobbyist a Washington insider with a record of betrayal you also called corrupt. In that -- senator Santorum is standing right here are you willing to stand by this charge and explain them. Well that he was a quote somebody did make a survey -- I think he came out as one of the top corrupt individuals as he took so much money from the lobbyists. But really what the hall. -- -- -- There but even touch -- not tell the truth that went really really. What really counts is it is his record I mean he's a big government expanding individual. Because you know he he preached in fact that he wanted to balanced budget amendment that could raise the debt to five times that he is a big government. One person. And we we as Republicans know something about right to work he supported he voted against right work. He voted along with that No Child Left Behind double. You know the size of the parliament and education. And he also. Voted to -- her through prescription drug program so he's -- big government person. Along with him being very associated with the lobbyists and taking a lot of funds and also. Where to -- make his living -- Afterwards I mean he became -- high powered lobbyists -- and then in Washington DC and he's doing quite well. We checked out nude on his income I think we -- how much money he's made from the obvious as well. Not a chargers this and ask can say don't have -- minister answered -- -- let's talk about this the corruption issue. The first accommodate the group the -- -- -- was a group called crew. If you haven't been sued by crew you're not a conservative. Can -- left wing organization. That the settlers every election of the top Republicans who have tough races and possible corrupt because they take contributions from pacs. It's it's a ridiculous charge -- and you should know better. Then two to cite George Soros like organizations. To say that that there corrupt so that's number want -- giant run out of conservative. I'm not a libertarian I believe in some government. I do believe that that government has that SE senator from Pennsylvania. That I had a responsibility go out there and represent the interest in my state. And that's what I did to make sure that that Pennsylvania was able -- formulas and other things to get its fair share of money back. I don't apologize for that anymore than you did when you -- mark things and ended things when you were congressman. And in Texas as far as the money that I that I received. You know I think I'm known in in this race in and I was known in Washington DC is -- guy. I -- -- cost ID I I care deeply about this country about the causes that make me. That I think are at the core of this country and when I left the United States senate I got involved in causes that I believe I went and worked at the Ethics and Public Policy Center and -- on the cause of Iran. And wrote and lecture all over this country. I got involved with a health care company -- because I was afraid of what was gonna happen and I was asked by health care company to be on the board of direction. I don't know whether you think board of directors are lobbyists they're not that's the private sector experience that I am sure that. Mitt would would approve -- you he also I also worked -- -- a coal company. As I mentioned the other day my grandfather was a coal -- I grew up in in in the coal -- And when I left the United States senate one of the big issues on the table was cap and trade global warming and I wanted to stay involved in the -- So I contacted a local coal company from my area. Who and I asked I said look I want to join you in that fight. I want to work together with you. I wanna help you in any way I can to make sure we defeat cap and trade and so engaged in that battle and I'm very proud to have engaged in that -- constant except it. Wait you know it is true I believe congress should -- -- how the money should be spent I agree with that. The big difference between the way I voted -- the senator voted its I always vote against suspending -- that he gets all spending. It's -- -- a couple appropriations bills I voted for passed. Let twenty force 26 years I've been in Washington. So you're a big spender that's all there is to -- big government conservative. And you don't vote for you know right to work in these very important things and that's what. We can see economies left to say you're conservative I think is a stretch but you can -- a lot of people Hobbits but somebody -- point your record. I would -- so -- I think I have an opportunity responder -- I convinced a lot of people love it because my record is actually pretty darn good. I I supported and voted for balanced budget amendment the line item Vito I voted in fact I used to keep track when I was the United States senate. Of all the democratic amendments all amendments that increase spending. -- put on the board of something called a spend dot matter. You look at my spending -- you and you take all they quote spending groups I was rated at the top or or near the top every single here. -- I go back to the point I am not a libertarian Ron I agree with you vote against everything. I don't vote against everything I do vote for some spending and I do think government has -- -- like -- -- quickly and defense.

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{"duration":"5:08","description":"GOP candidate's ad accuses Rick Santorum of being a Washington insider.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"15314229","title":"Ron Paul Defends 'Corrupt' Accusation","url":"/Politics/video/ron-paul-defends-corrupt-accusation-15314229"}