Ron Paul: Restoring the American Republic

Republican candidate talks about the influence of his campaign on America.
24:08 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Ron Paul: Restoring the American Republic
-- -- You're expected easing to what's going. And and I keep saying their sound asleep and why shouldn't we have to be noisy so they -- -- that. Like and I celebrated our fiftieth anniversary not too long ago. Careful in February especially every four years because she was born on February 29 cents. Having a birthday here in a short. Okay. Okay. -- Now that's very important that this get serious now live in. I guess revolution has arrived in Virginia and I am delighted that Afghanistan. It's very appropriate that the state of Virginia be involved -- Our revolution it's -- Where's our revolution is the American revolution you know we had a pretty and its partners can -- a few years back. But we drifted away and for many years now. For nearly a hundred years I think there's been a lot I'd forgotten about what the original intent was of the constitution had forgotten. What a true republic is all about. That is our goal is to restore the American public to the American people. -- states in this campaign that yes. We're still winning a lot of delegates and that's what. Every once and while Atlantic my name in the polling. That is not. Well it just recently it was a pretty good poll out just yesterday in an -- floor. It does -- says that we do the best against. -- Now winning the primary of course is very very important. Not winning the general election also is very very important it is. Our message that appeals to the independence to the Democrats and to the Republican base. Okay. Because very simply it's the passage of labor and the message of liberty is what we all up. That means we have individual liberty. As -- choose. You know that we haven't liked -- but he says Jefferson argued -- we agree with. Shouldn't we have. -- been natural right to keep fruits -- violate our. Others as a cup. That they -- take the fruits of our labor from -- -- one is direct taxation. In of course the understand -- that waiting and listening -- tax that's why we have to start thinking about 1913 again that's why we need to repeal the sixteenth amendment. Let's. Big government they they tax they had to have the income tax. Then they had had the barring unfortunately Jefferson lost that argument and the federal government was able to borrow. But there's a limit on -- they keep borrowing and congressman's too much money interest rates go up and they have to quit. That they had this little give -- it was also introduced in 1913. That is well there's a limit on taxing. Because the people to act and there's a limit to -- -- interest rates go up. -- it will have this new gimmick. What we're going to do just print the money when we need it. And -- Lawrence. I of course they -- Of course. If you want big government that's what you have high taxes hand. And the the bar and -- eventually ending up to print the money. And of course -- he's been -- understood it. And -- conscience. -- -- -- -- -- They understood that because they had inflation with the continent -- that is why they put in the constitution. Calling voters over -- -- legal tender there is no. -- -- -- It is no authority to have a reserve system a central. How. -- that that's been around. For 99 years -- guess what they've lost nine. 9% of the value -- dollar from 93 -- Three record in. It lets you know little secret that chairman. Will be worth banking committee -- -- just like -- out. And ask him why -- And I can assure you that we probably won't get. -- -- -- -- Now top. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Liberty is undermined. And since that time since the progress of the area era. We have undermined our liberties whether it's through the in the encouragement the entitlement system in the system was set up for those who work we're gonna fall through Pratt. But I think the best demonstration that failure that was -- Well -- -- housing bubble which was created by the that was -- -- and the affirmative action to protect programs by the congress. I guess what made a lot of money going to stop the banks and brokers and the remains in the -- accident. They made all the money. Into the gambling of derivatives and I got into big trouble and Allenby holed they predict. Temple crimes -- in a predictable bursting of the bubble came in when he came they yellow and screen they said we're giving that they -- -- too big failure. You have to build us up there's going to be a depression. -- -- So yes well fan in the congress bailed them out against those very people that these -- Time warp again everybody else gets what they lost their jobs and they lost their houses and it's not resolved yet because the entitlement system. He hands to help the wealthy and much more so than the poor the urgency into believing the big government can produce -- -- ever -- distributed. But I tell you -- there's a transfer of wealth in the middle class the wealthy. That occurred just with the destruction of the currency the middle class it's like that out and wealthy get wealthier and this is what has happened well so. Hey if people make money honestly and they don't make it by ripping -- give him the images from the government. If they give us a brought -- -- -- -- -- Good product and we vote confidence in him and make money as a lot different than -- there in the military industrial complex are think pieces. And they get the money person they get the contracts and they get -- -- That's not there is not there to dump the wasteful products and all the debt on the American people. It. I can't -- should -- liquidate but the it printed money meaning -- wasteful spending it certainly is true with overseas -- Just look at that -- that the war. On for the past eight years have added -- dollars national debt and what have we. We are less safe and we're -- So they're very sample -- It's very simple solution to over expansion overseas. He's -- the who followed the advice of the founders follow the constitution have a strong national defense defend this country. -- -- other business -- policing the world and get -- the. It. We'll. You know all my lines and. Which means. We bring our troops -- solved that problem. Okay. Fortune. It would be stronger. And think we have to do this because we're an exceptional nation. We didn't have an exceptionally nation at one time we had an exceptional constitution -- exceptionally wealthy exceptional with our freedoms. But this idea that we're so exceptional that we can use force and intimidation and bombs. And sprint are so called Clinton. -- it eliminates all -- goodness if we believe. That we have the authority to go overseas and tell people hot -- it doesn't work. Very very simple solution to ask -- the entitlement system and the war mongering goes on. He's always send people to Washington. Who do you honestly believe they really didn't read the constitution. And that they understood. And that they loved. -- A but. -- Or what we have been fighting since world war -- not have been a player were necessary to many -- Lost -- -- eight dollars spent too many batters suffering without getting medical care it. Doesn't solve our problems like we're safer and necessary yes we should do it but it doesn't work that way. -- what we need is a -- foreign policy based on -- intervention mining hub is is obeying the constitution. And take advice the founders it's much better to talk to people in initiate war against him you know. They -- -- and the previous administration this administration. Take knock -- off the table and hands to dealing with our. Well. What about. What about why should we take god negotiations. -- diplomacy. I remember. I remember very very well after being drafted in 1960 do during the Cuban crisis -- prices was dissipated rather rapidly. Precisely because John Kennedy called up fresh evidence that you guys we have a problem here. And an increase of what we have a problem here you have this -- -- Turkey. So that they made a deal. We took the missiles -- -- -- he took the missiles on Cuba. And we didn't have to fight a nuclear war why can't we talk to people who have. Of course they're talking about attacking another country a -- they're far from. And. There's no evidence that even let him even -- that's the guy doesn't even print Russert was that they are doing a lot. And yet the war after beating and -- so we have to be heard about this. This country does not need another. -- -- -- These conditions were governing grows too much violates her civil liberties -- and and we didn't know about the TSA I think it's certain senator -- that's. The TSA and our liberties undermined under the conditions too often even in earlier wars violations have occurred but they're being violated -- album ever and we're really not you know a war like World War II -- I'm declared. But it's used as a issues because we're in perpetual. A war against terrorism terrorism it. Should be dealt with but to say that we are in a war against terrorism wherever they are at least where against the war against the war -- little. -- because we have a lot of bombs and missiles. That we sand -- and we -- our ground missiles anyplace in the world we please that is not the way to win friends I'll tell you that. That's the way to -- up -- that the our liberties should be one of our greatest concerns when you think of that. Patriot Act of patriotism. Shortly after 9/11 and I'm convinced that they had been told that. -- when it really is the repeal the Fourth Amendment act it would get past. -- we go ahead. The Patriot Act we won't -- -- Patriot Act we're calling restore the fourth a man. Okay. The -- with their experience of the McCain meant the Fourth Amendment was to be -- and very important we were to have our privacy. Protected our papers and our privacy. But today there is -- -- -- at the airports are our Internet -- telephone around records or what ever they don't even need search warrants anymore. And that the way. The way -- come busting into a house and the excuse it's not body might be using an illegal drug they're busting their houses. Just this block -- -- -- and they don't have proper search warrants. -- -- -- and you believe that they go into the wrong house is frequently an issue and kill innocent people is way out of. Of course the president just a year ago announced that it is a position he now holds. That because he's the commander in chief. And he explains that anything that is not prohibited by the constitution he can do. -- A president. The authority did it and that thing that he is explicitly all the crimes that do -- times. Okay. Here I can guarantee it. If -- to be elected president. I will never go to war and pursue a war without proper direction from the congress a -- a declaration. Coming from the people I will not do it. And I. -- Could prove his point about the assassination he scared three just to prove that he has and that sort. By the happening -- nothing says that we can't reverse it. If this republic is to survive those -- -- -- regard the patriot. Panda and the authority to. He assassinate and also the national defense authorization act anybody here that. This is uninteresting subject because. No matter where I go Democrats know about it and they're concerned about it yet I am convinced you -- here on the evening news. In your concern about it. And yet here's how many how many times where we -- in 22 debates -- ever -- about our position on national defense authorization act. This atrocious piece of legislation. Says that the military can -- American citizens without charges without it probably. An attorney morning the president in. -- must trust. Believe it or not there was one provision and it was even worse than that there was one provision in the -- almost got past. It is said that if you are arrested in the proper manner you are try and you go to war and you have a trial in your -- and you have a jury -- found innocent. They claim that they would have the right to keep that person indefinitely in -- secret prison. That provision was -- fortunately. I can't remember his name but was a senator from Kentucky that -- that -- You know the problems are the problems are big economic problems -- B and we've got we spent too much given the egg prices we have a monetary crisis its worldwide the world expects us via Rosa. With the regulator -- overtaxed we fight to -- any worse he's just on on the you know what. The solutions aren't all that complicated we -- this mess because we have been -- we have not as strict and adheres to the constitution if we send only people who will adhere to the constitution if we can -- these problems. In a short period of time and that's what we on -- -- Clearly -- such a wonderful message we've had this wonderful experiment of liberty. It produced the largest in the richest middle class ever now we're getting poorer smaller we are now I didn't the biggest debtor nation in the history of the world. In the trends of the same way because keynesian economist they preach and teach that we you're in trouble you're supposed to spend more money. Can you -- Can you imagine individuals that that they're back. I'm thinking -- -- -- -- living under means they can't depart now you have to cut back to work harder figured out. The to have today. A. Really at my understanding what personal liberties all about. We have a natural right to our lives and our liberty and liberty should bring us altogether. It's not so much that we would use our liberties saying. And. Let him forget my speech when an innovative. But liberty liberty should bring us together not because we would use our liberty or our money the same way precisely because we well. But when the government does it when the government tells us what our -- will be what we what we are going to read what religion we have it would be a disaster. And this notion that government can protect us against ourselves. Is it fiction the government can't do that and they only take away more liberty once they embarked on that possession. Okay. For this -- Should bring people together. -- -- All walks of life. -- -- -- -- -- It's not because we do things that we might approve upheaval might spend their money and -- wasteful they have a private -- this month. But the whole thing is is everybody should join in the cause of liberty and let people be responsible but. We -- This country. If we were not -- people willing to accept that responsibility in October. And we drifted too long we had so much prosperity we concentrated on wealth and we speaking consumers. And too often what we did we we generated. The -- collective Washington media the news that they take from the people and as long as that happens. This society is immoral and he walked like that it doesn't work so it has to come from the people the type of government we have as a reflection of the people so. Has -- -- is the number of people grow and it it just think of how many young people have joined. -- -- I. It's great to see them young people. Leading the charge but we also see others a different age group ones have been frustrated the ones who have been independents that want to have dropped. And even the frustrated Democrats have come -- if you know this understanding of liberty is good. And I think that is the reason this -- Win this revolution is successful it will not be a Republican monopoly -- -- it will be bipartisan it will be endorsed by all. And we'll. By thanking you for coming thanking you for your excitement thanking you for giving -- my. And we all have a responsibility individual responsibility. You make up your mind what you need to do everybody has a different job but the most important thing is -- Understand what this is all about in -- liberty is the answer to that mess that we're in today thank you very much.

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