Rubio Says Disappointment is 'On Me'

The presidential hopeful is now looking toward South Carolina.
7:19 | 02/10/16

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Transcript for Rubio Says Disappointment is 'On Me'
So about out. About forty minutes ago I called Donald trumped by congratulated him on on a great big win for him he deserves Bradley. Part in the very well. And and I know. I worked very aren't here victory. And and I and I congratulated him on that and I want to thank all of you worked very hard our team here in New Hampshire phenomenal job. Worked incredibly hard for. Now we don't we're still watching these. One but I can just I know many people that the point I'm disappointed tonight. I want to understand how I want to understand something our disappointment tonight not on. It's on me. Thank. Did not I did not do well on Saturday night so listen to this. Not long never happen again. Okay. And. Let me tell you why it let me tell you why will never happen again. It's not about me it's not about being this campaign it is about the selection. It is about this election. Is about what's at stake in this election. You sheep of the last seven years we have a president that's been doing tremendous damage to this country. We have a president Lewis trying to redefine the relationship between government and our economy. Taking over our health care's this. There every solution every problem at the tax increase. We have a president doing damage and undermining the. Waging war on the second and undermining religious liberties we have a president. That is doing damage to America's standing in the world. President be an arrogant. That I've so we got our military and betrays our allies. And in this election but we have to decide that we gimmicky. Because we keep doing it that if Hillary Clinton elected. It's open to happen Bernie Sanders like it. If they win all of the damage Barack Obama than Americans. It. That's why they cannot. That's why they cannot win this election that's why we must when this election and we will. Okay. Okay. Win this election. And we must win this election. And we have what we must win this election because that we don't win this election. We may lose our country. If we don't win this election my children and yours will not inherit the greatest nation in the history of the world which is what our parents or grandparents left for a. So tonight. We did not wind up where we want it to be but that does not change what we're gonna wind up at the end of this product. Is on nights like tonight. It is on nights like tonight. And I moments such as these I'm reminded. That my family has faced great challenges their entire lives I remember one story in particular when I was young must have been seven going on eight. And my father off the job as a manager. Apartment. Some new people bought the building and within 48 hours it changed the locks that talk with at the move out on never forget with the young child but I remember. My parents scrambling yet. Moving truck all operatives are no load as quickly as possible. Because on Monday when it upon any house. My father he's a fine job. And it was heart because most of us like you and a bartender here in the US. He had been an apartment manager for about a year and and many couldn't fine art and work on Miami Beach. And so my father in January of 1979. Left the Las Vegas by himself leaving his children wife and Miami to go look for job. Network for twenty years apart and when he got to Las Vegas the only job ticket fine about. After twenty years of working as a bartender this gentleman already well into its fifties. With carrying buckets of ice. And the clinking glasses. For bartender half his age and not even attend the experience it was a very humbling experience it was hard. But he was not frightful. He understood that it wasn't about him that was about us. My father more than halfway into its life. Was willing to do whatever it took. Our future could be bad. Well that's the challenges or our country. Not all the days are going to be great days were always gonna get things the way we want but in the end I am confident. That's on him well with this campaign is successful but America will be successful as well. I am confident that when this process has done this nation will rediscover and re embrace the principles that made her great. I am not. I am confident. Because for over two century. For over two centuries Americans in the end have always gotten it right. In each generation. Any generation in the fourth Americans have always done what needed to be done and I now with all my heart that we will do what needs to be done in this generation. To leave for our children what they deserve to inherit. A new American century the greatest nation honors that is what we will do in this election. New Hampshire. I thank you for welcoming. I thank you for this now my kids at a great time. I thank you for your votes I thank you for the hours you gave us on the phone in the door that you not I think you. You'll see us again because we're coming back in November to win. Okay. New England. Maine Vermont messages. We'll see you in a few weeks we're gonna. And South Carolina. Thank you and god bless you.

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{"duration":"7:19","description":"The presidential hopeful is now looking toward South Carolina.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36826123","title":"Rubio Says Disappointment is 'On Me'","url":"/Politics/video/rubio-disappointment-36826123"}