The Rundown: Top headlines today: Nov. 19, 2020

Stay up to date on the developing stories making headlines.
3:44 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for The Rundown: Top headlines today: Nov. 19, 2020
From from. The. The exhibit Leo weeks from Thanksgiving this CDC Allen winning new advisory urging people to avoid traveling for the holidays and miss all fifty states seeing increasingly in nineteen cases airlines say they are seeing a significant increase in cancellations for the Thanksgiving holiday united American and Southwest Airlines are all experiencing egg drop and looking. They say the uptake and cancellations as a result of the recent spike in coming nineteen cases. The number of travelers flying in the US is down more than 60%. From just a year ago. For Lorillard Clinton's husband possibly can only has reported to prison for his role in the varsity blues college admissions scandal and the the 67 year old. Fashion designer behind a popular mosques and a loathing brand. He was sentenced to five months behind bars and ordered to pay a quarter million dollar fine. After pleading guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit crimes the couple accused of paying half a million dollars to varsity blues alleged mastermind Rick singer to get their two daughters Olivia Jae and Isabella in India USC. Upstaging him millions growers to recruit them for the team and note neither ever participated in the sport block plan best known for playing the whole summit next young people. How else you must be Rebecca. No it's probably best has been behind bars since October 30. On Tuesday two days before reporting to jail -- only was spotted in Beverly Hills and sporting a new look. She is heading growing a beard a far cry from his previously clean cut image. As the investigation begins into whether Princess Diana was content in just sitting down for her infamous 1995. Interview with the BBC and Prince William is now weighing in. Saying he tentatively welcomed the television network's decision to launch an official probe. Calling it a step in the right direction and saying it should help establish the truth behind the actions that led to the panorama in her field. 120 three million people watched as Princess Diana sat down in a mountain Michigan they continue to show the world about the royal family. Over two decades ago when you think this is par couples was a factor into. In the breakdown of the I was afraid of us and smash of those hesitate I just. Bloody towel machine called the princess and told him and he is now under investigation will be. Brother Earl Spencer and it is understandable hagel flies just fans and analysts are convinced Diana to speak exclusively we remove what she has yet to respond to complaints from the BBC saying he's too little in common are. Tragedy continuing first singer Bobby brown and his son Bobby Brown junior was found dead end in the Encino California Condo Wednesday afternoon. No foul play is suspected in the death the only zero to five years earlier Bobby junior's half sister a lot of crazy man dies when she was just when he was doing her discovery and I'm baptized into eerily similar to that of her mother Whitney Houston when he was found that twenty. Well yeah flares. Sold in the month of November but talked about Christmas miracle is already blowing up my social media and the buzz around 875. Foot tall Norway spruce. Detonated in June day 170. Miles you racked from upstate New York get a ride this past Saturday at Rockefeller Center. We'll crews are decorating and Freddie annual tree lighting ceremony did. Turns out my tiny now. Also made that driven hiding on a branch deep inside that tree the burden. Point three days and up through the waters are now recovering at a lot like Senator Edwards staffers say it's on a steady diet and blew it was and mice not surprisingly they remained at Rockefeller. And.

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