Russia investigation heats up as questions surround Trump's meeting with McCabe

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed the special counsel's probe as a hoax in the daily briefing.
13:28 | 01/24/18

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Transcript for Russia investigation heats up as questions surround Trump's meeting with McCabe
Happy Wednesday welcomed the briefing room coming due to the Washington bureau BBC news on jobs and Tucci alongside Devin Dwyer he came back for more I didn't hear that a big day my bombshells today surrogate a little hot and of the power there are questioning. But what the president is due to an end gun policy. Hope you Lloyd policy another one of those areas that he promised to do a lot hasn't got a lot a lot done. But the big sort it is of course the Mueller about the and we are red hot and focus on the rusher pro from Capitol Hill all the way to what's going on the Department of Justice we learned overnight then more key members of the president's cabinet inner circle met with Bob Mueller. And his investigators a year ago. And now we're learning that Jeff Sessions that last couple days this is all revving up. 21 happened in the Oval Office just a couple months ago when president from allegedly asked. FBI deputy director Andrew MacKay who he voted for our senior White House correspondent Cecilia Vega asked the White House that question today meticulous. Thanks to supposedly have been asking for a government officials are voting office. I'm not that I'm aware of now did he asked McCain how he. Look the president and injured McCabe and had limited and pretty non substantive conversations. I can't get into the details of what was discussed I wasn't there their widespread reports of his retirement while making sure that we're focused. On FBI and DOJ is serving all Americans fairly and efficiently and removal from there that's of senate yesterday class. He did or didn't pass I was I don't know what what was discussed Adam Eaton asked me so I can tell you that. Well while we million US Arab but it doesn't meaning that it wasn't denied fact sources have told ABC news that he did ask the deputy director. Who he voted for just another chipped in this piece of this puzzle. This picture we're getting out of president constantly assessed about loyalty but also fixated on the politics at the FBI and of course McCabe at the center of that his wife. Was running a big figure in democratic politics in Virginia took some campaign contributions from Hillary Clinton associates and certainly a fixation of his. And part of the White House messaging today that there are bad actors at the FBI yeah and. Also trying to figure out what Jeff Sessions is right we know that. Sessions was allegedly putting pressure. On the new FBI director mr. -- to clean house actually take some people that we're loyal Jim Komi this has been circling for months we know that's been all over. Bob Mueller targets but also. Over on Capitol Hill want to bring in our senior congressional correspondent Mary Bruce on this and Mary we know that members of congress whether it be that house or Senate Intelligence Committees. The Senate Judiciary Committee. Their probes had not evening gotten to a midway point there's still going still calling witnesses many wondering though what is happening behind closed doors in an example like his McCabe meeting with the president. It adding members of congress have the same questions that you tolerate thing there are some of the same questions that grass by journalists. In the briefing today but they want to get to the bottom of this. As much as as the rest of the public does but but all of the investigations here on the hill obviously are completely separate from what the special counsel is looking into. And our sources tell us that they want to make sure that it while they are. Looking into many of similar things similar aspects here. That they give the Mahler investigation of course plenty of room which is why you may see you know a lot of the same witnesses coming up people your on the hill speaking to some of the same. Players that they that the special counsel is that these are very different. Investigations even if it may seem to bear running on parallel tracks here. And you the questions always been when his is that. Going to wrap up easy getting I'm going to put somebody on the spot. Who's joining us for another topic I think he can do it our chief foreign affairs correspondent Terry Moran. Also covers the supreme court for us also cover the White House and it aft flight. Terry yeah I know you're watching us from afar mainly because your emailing all of us all day about it what's your take on you know this is not seem like. It's wrapping up she lies it certainly seems like the heat is only intensifying around the White House. One. As far as this investigation is he actually you'd think that a going into an interview with Bob dollars investigators. Well I'm sure that most investigators want to interview him John and what I see is mother doing. A very diligent and careful job is talking to absolutely everyone who might be involved in the issues. He was assigned to investigate what I cannot read is whether he's got anything or not. This could just be due diligence. He's talking to the people he needs to talk to I think every time the interview somebody close to trump there's this assisted erupts that maybe. Maybe he's got something maybe just doing his job. And Anez for McKay about a play devil's advocate here a little bit. The president is the chief executive every executive has a right to hire and fire pretty much everybody works for him. And in this instance with the caves wife being politically involved. While that may be unseemly. You can understand where trip this coming from so I do think that until. We actually get a sense that Muller's hit pay dirt. In the way that this investigation has been built up what we might have is to smoke smoke smoke smoke smoke and the no fire. And one of the next big moments of course terriers win this president will meet with Muller the circumstances that remain to be negotiated but. I got imagine and engage your experts are legal mind can perhaps at some light on this that the president's legal team is trying to limit. His ex legal exposure for any interview. You know if you ever read a Donald Trump. Deposition you do not want him getting in front eight in experienced prosecutor like Bob moment because he just. He just goats like he does. Pretty much naturally what you see is what you get with that would front that's the source of some of his political popularity but you know criminal. Legal proceeding that's dangerous so there's no question I want to hammer out agreement that limited his exposure limit the kinds of questions. That he can be asked to they can trap him and try and keep them discipline. To stay on message he's got a lot at stake in any kind of encounter there are you know precedence obviously for presidents to answer questions underwrote people prosecutors. It is a very dangerous thing it's not something we really want to make up. Practice in some ways. But. This looks like it will come off at some point in the I think pretty near future. Yeah I was wrapping up. No not at all I think we have a long way to go this investigation. We have to wait and see when that formal request for an interview. For the president coming bowlers actually giving commentary. Stay there are no your cold and doubtless bring it back T and a quick second but I. It's going to be a big day for all of us and EU EU according all the coverage cheers and got help you Reynolds I don't really. The White House and the hill shut down madness immigration madness and now let's go back to merry Bruce you know. After a shut down over immigration lasted about three days it does seem like we're back at square one. The clock is ticking and they've only extending government funding for a couple more weeks Mary. And it sounds like this wall the wall deal that was there is no off the table and. Yet that deal we know that it previous deal that went on the table is now off the table but the big news that there is banners made in the briefing with. Announcing that come Monday the White House is going to release which she's it was a legislative framework for immigration. There essentially giving some more deet on what the president is really looking for here in terms of an immigration deal to protect. Dreamers and that we may satisfy. A lot of lawmakers appear but we've seen monitors on both sides of the aisle saying. As much as lawmakers can can spew around different ideas that you can try to come together to make the progress on this. Until they know what the president is willing to sign what he actually support it's really hard. To figure making progress here on the hill the big question then becomes what does this framework really look like how. Will this beat because you over a call. The president art out of outlined the general specific areas where he wants to see some progress they wanted to summoned to protect dreamers the president very keen to see some boosted border security something that they can qualify as that wall. That he promised his supporters he also wants to end. Family reunification with the white house calls chain migration and also the visa lottery program but Willie be more specific. In a way that actually gives lawmakers some kind of roadmap because let's remind everyone sort of the state of play here. They feel now has less than three weeks adding sixteen days for those who are counting. To come up with some kind of plan in the senate to protect dreamers before up against another. Shut down deadline guys we've we've we've got even dirtier and or and look at the map that that month even more specifically about that's only six working days. We when the senate and the house are in session to get something done here and that's another big X-Factor it's not just the president. But it's also the house because even if senate Republicans are promising to act on dreamers the house. Over there Republicans have made no such similar promise and over there you have these concerns from the hard line. Immigration hardline are hardline conservatives who wanted to do something that that it takes things weren't the right and what will satisfy them. And whether that can pass like I have to tell you it's entirely possible that come February. At beginning of February we could be right back where this all started we could be up against another shot lot shutdown deadline. More concerns about dreamers at the center of this debate it's entirely possible. That that that this is just beginning at us I hate it at him and I grabbed they appeared at all. Always back the beginning Mary purse on Capitol Hill thank you let's go down the block to the White House parlance signs. Was also watching the briefings they are elected we know the White House is getting armed and ready for job those we're gonna bring carried this conversation to. Pizarro at this. This is the first time a sitting president will go to the summit since Bill Clinton. That's right and you'll also no that. Donald Trump the when he was a businessman was not invited to go to Davos and now he is going to be going there as president of the United States. And folks will have to listen to it there's actually an interesting moment earlier today. Where the secretary of transportation Elaine Chao said that if you don't want to listen to the president you don't have to be he's going to be going over there are touting his America first. A policies and also. That's the White House has been in this state over the past few days saying that America is open for business assistant itching to see at what his interactions. In recent months and will be meeting with people like that the UK's Teresa may and also the president. I ever wanted was a had the African Union so a lot to look towards not only with economic policy but also. I just on the general foreign policy front. And Terry Moran what's at stake for Donald Trump on the world stage right now especially at this type of meeting at this moment. Well I think that European leaders have framed this as. An opportunity to have a great debate in front of the world Donald Trump is a disrupt or of the system. Really this place Davos the conference's happened every year helped build that globalizing system that integrated excuse me economies around the world. And both Angela Merkel and the mental micron and Teresa make. Are all coming here tonight I bet they've coordinated their messages. A bit what are the other things that I have to tell you. Is that the first year Donald Trump presidency. Officials and government. Here in Europe and in the Middle East. All were studying in order over every sentence he spoke every speech she gave turned to look at what this is America first the what is the vision what's what's his strategy. And as we enter your two I think it decided. You know the strategies is not a policy that we need to respond to what it's it's a personality that we need to manage. There were there isn't a lot. For them to go on and I think what they're looking to awards is to see what move Donald Trump is in. And how to manage that I think what you've seen capitals around the world. He is that this is a presidency were personality. Not political vision. Is really what's driving his instincts and that is exactly like him as a strategic vision he can as he himself said it changed his mind on that god. And I think that makes it very tricky for people to deal. Reading and that from citizens carry real quick trilogy go nine feet of snow in dog both how are you guys getting around race directors history and it's an undue Vinatieri. You know I I grew up in the midwest so until I did that cross country he had them acted on that hill that but it's it's actually really nice we walked here so it's it's cool but very beautifully. Answered me here Terry they're much appreciate Terry Moran in Davos thank you. Thanks so much for joining us the briefing herbs they don't forget to download the ABC unions app for all the latest for Devin Dwyer. I'm John San Tucci and we'll be back. Texas is everything. Have a Great Neck.

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{"duration":"13:28","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders dismissed the special counsel's probe as a hoax in the daily briefing.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"52586861","title":"Russia investigation heats up as questions surround Trump's meeting with McCabe","url":"/Politics/video/russia-investigation-heats-questions-surround-trumps-meeting-mccabe-52586861"}