Rust belt representative on his 2020 campaign for presidency

Democratic presidential candidate, Rep. Tim Ryan, responds to Joe Biden's most recent controversy and responds to ongoing trade wars with China.
5:19 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for Rust belt representative on his 2020 campaign for presidency
We asked one of former vice president Joseph Biden's rivals about this controversy short short time ago congressman Tim Ryan. Of Ohio stopped by the briefing room we asked him what he thinks about with the vice president had to say. Clearly he's not a racist if but he said something that he shouldn't have said my concern really is that. He needs to Knoll that using that example and 2019. Is not the example you used to communicate to people that you'll know. Work across the aisle seem to see an insensitivity there. Yet I mean it's ST EU shouldn't say that stuff Armenia's that he used in no that that's an issue why would you use that as an example you probably have a lot of other examples you could have used and I think that. Little bit of a tenure on some of the stuff. That the US an apology. The I think so yeah himself. You end and the former president sure a lot in common actually you are both Catholic your growth probably your Irish ancestry around football players. You both had slightly different positions on abortion over the years how do you differentiate. Yourself from Joseph Biden the front runner. Well with the blame where I come from first and foremost and I've been living in the epicenter of the industrialization. For the last forty years and when these factories close I know who's in them. I could tell you stories of my cousins my father in law like when he's on the General Motors plant close a few weeks ago. Those are family members those were our friends and I think the next president has the deeply understand what they're going through today. And I think there are issues to I mean I I voted against every trade agreement the vice president has supported a lot of the trade agreements that really decimated communities. Like mine on lot of the big banking issues of Glass-Steagall on those kind of things. There is a few days away from the first debate now yeah your sharing the stage congresswoman Elizabeth Warren. Cory Booker earned federal work what's your strategy going in that he's sizing up these guys and you read up on their positions at the game films banner. I mean it's more about me getting my message out I think there's going to be small window. Periodically throughout that the two hours. And I'm and try to get the message out about lamb and where I come from I really think this election's going to be about the democrats' nominating someone who can. Really prosecute the economic argument against trumpet and coming from northeast Ohio we need to win those states somehow try to communicate to people that. Democrats shifting the center of gravity. Of the Democratic Party really from the coasts. In the Ivy League switches the perception for the rest of the country about about the Democrats to place like Youngstown Ohio and I think that opens up. A real opportunity for us to reclaim the industrial midwest abortion another big topic the campaign until a few years ago Morgan Omaha where there are gonna grab or ground here you were for a pro life Democrat yeah sort of over every you change your mind. And now support for abortion rights to tell us about that decision how did you arrive at that changing. You think there's still room in a party for pro life Democrats so when I came to congress has 29 years old line and the politics of 27 I grew up and it Catholic family in a Catholic community in my position was I was a pro life Democrat. And when I got the congress I started meeting. Women who had abortions and then that I've probably met women who had abortions before but I never knew it and knew when I met him and I never talked to them about it. It was really those stories of women and the circumstances that they were in that really. Help me realize that the government has no place between the woman and her doctor. And that is a decision that should be left to the to the woman. And so right you know over time slowly change my position around that. And you know again this is this is a really important issue because of the attacks that are happening in many of these states. Crude in Ohio now it is summertime and unfortunately a lot of hot car deaths. Are an issue in this country eleven already so far this year I know this has been an issue. That's came close to you as a dad yeah from personal to you produce some legislation. Two to push auto makers some of which. I have ties year community to do more to help all of us that drive cars avoid those deaths Tulsa where legislation. Don't tell me forty kids this year that will die. From being left in the car. And parents state they get out of a routine or drivers get out of the routine of dropping off kids something changes it never happened Hewitt Brady now fortunately not but I think about the probably has some work on this issue I think about it all the time. We get notices for. He hit all kinds of notices or bill mandates that the car companies have to provide notice. On the dashboard. Where somewhere bells whistles something. To notify you that you have something in the back seat. And you can send you introduced this last year you've made a big push for it. It unfortunately failed yeah what what you see is being different this year how do you combat the industry which says listen anymore public awareness we don't need more regulation you have well you know to that mean we we need this technology in the car and we this year we have bipartisan support both in the senate and then how also bicameral bipartisan I think we're going to be able to get it done this year our thanks again congressman Tim Ryan of Ohio one of the 23 democratic candidates for president. This year he'll be on stage Tuesday night next week with Elizabeth Warren federal work and Cory Booker.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"Democratic presidential candidate, Rep. Tim Ryan, responds to Joe Biden's most recent controversy and responds to ongoing trade wars with China.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63847969","title":"Rust belt representative on his 2020 campaign for presidency ","url":"/Politics/video/rust-belt-representative-2020-campaign-presidency-63847969"}