Ryan Talks Budget and GOP Presidential Candidates

ABC's Jon Karl talks with GOP House Budget Chairman, Rep. Paul Ryan
3:00 | 03/20/12

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Transcript for Ryan Talks Budget and GOP Presidential Candidates
Do you feel that this budget could have a detrimental effect it GOP presidential nominee in November I really don't I think. All all of them are -- -- campaign on these various ideas. Our nominee. Owes it to the country to give them a choice of two futures were helping him do that. Look the president is giving us a path of -- declined the president just it was his fourth budget. But -- -- trillion dollar deficit. With 84 time of kicking -- -- in ignoring the drivers of our debt and actually it's worse that because the president's making it worse. He's putting more taxes on the back of taxpayers on the back of hard working Americans -- the back of small businesses. And he's increasing spending. So we -- the country. In alternative path if we don't like the pat the president's taking -- on whoever our nominee is going to be. O.'s -- country that choice of -- futures were helping them put this together and each of these people running for president. Have all given their various ideas reforms with perfectly jive are consistent with -- opposing Tehran just just two. Follow up on Luke's question. Do you see this do you see this budget the issues in -- -- as. The central issue in the coming campaign in do you expect the Republican nominee for president to be campaigning on the spot. I expect the Republican nominee whoever this person -- is to offer the country. The legitimate choice that they deserve. The president in his party are ignoring this problem. And if we have a debt crisis -- the people get hurt the first in the worst or deport the elder. We will be cutting indiscriminately just like to -- an increase. We have a moral any legal obligation. To budget to show how we will prevent this debt crisis this most predictable crisis from coming. And so yes I expect our nominee whoever he -- is talk about how he proposed a fix this problem. We have an obligation -- house because we're in the majority were still the minority party in America but in the house where the majority so we're putting out our path to prosperity we're gonna show the country. Here is an alternative path to one that the president has assigned. This is a path that we believe reignite soon -- the American idea. It reclaimed the opportunity society with the safety net which we do believe must exist for people who cannot help themselves. For people -- diamond -- to get back on their feet. But we don't want to turn the safety net into -- that lulls able bodied people relies a dependency complacency. But drains them of their will in their -- -- the make the most of their lives so yes we are sharpening the contrast between the path that we're proposing. In the past the debt declined the president has -- upon and yes we do believe that our nominee whoever that's this person's going to be. Is going to be perfectly consistent with -- I've spoken all of these guys. And they believe that we are heading in the right direction.

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{"id":15963267,"title":"Ryan Talks Budget and GOP Presidential Candidates","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Jon Karl talks with GOP House Budget Chairman, Rep. Paul Ryan ","url":"/Politics/video/ryan-talks-budget-gop-presidential-candidates-15963267","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}